Linux DNS Service

Dns service Install first Samba   look at its configuration file and working directory. rpm -qc bind Where you can see:/etc/named.conf master configuration file /etc/named.rfc1912.zones zone configuration file /var/named/ Locations

Linux kernel support for floating-point arithmetic

most CPUs currently support floating-point unit FPU,FPU as a separate coprocessor placed outside the processor core, but for embedded processors, floating-point operations are inherently less used, and some embedded processors remove the

Linux Common Commands-2

It's a bit useful to have all sorts of information from the Internet down a long time before the night is over. Here is not know where to get the TXT document, to see that it is very good, the following is the original text.How to use the common

The BackTrace of Linux

BackTrace for printing function call stacks/******************************************************************************** File name:backtrace.c* Author : zjw* Email: [Email protected]* Create time:2015 March 30 Monday 09:44 15 seconds ************

/etc/hosts file configuration method under Linux operating system

1, about/etc/host, hostname and IP configuration file Hosts-the static table lookup for host name (host-Name query-still tables) Hosts file is a Linux system responsible for the rapid resolution of IP address and domain name files, in ASCII format

Linux Basics: Linux (BASH) command execution and search mechanism

How is the program executed? when the operating system starts, it waits for user action. So how does the user communicate with the operating system? How do you trigger program execution? Typically, interacting with the operating system, there

Owner and user group of modified files under Linux

First, usechown CommandChange file ownerin the shell, you can use thechown Commandto change the file owner. chown Commandis the abbreviation for change owner (changing owner). It is important to note thatThe user must be in an existing system, which

Linux command tip: How to rename multiple files under Linux

I know I can rename the file with the MV command. But what if I want to rename a lot of files? It would be tedious to do this for every file. Is there a way to rename multiple files at once?In Linux, when you want to change a file name, use the MV

10 days the second day of learning the Linux kernel---process

All say this theme is good, even I feel a little too big, but I think I still have to persist, efforts in a limited time to learn the secret of the Linux kernel, but also hope that we have more guidance, let me more progress. Today is all about the

Linux under Nginx Server domain name specified directory

In general, after the domain name designated IP, the IP is located in the machine to specify the corresponding site directory, otherwise the domain name will not work;The following is the details of the NGINX server specified directory under

Linux SSH Usage depth resolution (key login details)

Linux SSH Usage depth resolution (key login details)The SSH full name Secure Shell, as the name implies, is a very secure shell, and the SSH protocol is a protocol developed by the network Working Group of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task force).

LINUX Common Command Set

LINUX Common Command SetThis is my study of Linux online search information, basically from the online resources or other people's blog, now can not find the source, if anyone found its source, please notify me,I must attach the link.SuThe SU

Synchronous processing mode of asynchronous signal in Linux

With regard to the reentrant nature of code, design developers generally consider thread safety only, and the security of asynchronous signal processing functions is often ignored. This article first describes how to write a secure asynchronous

Tools for editing PDF files under Linux (PDF Editor under Linux) (reproduced)


Transferred from: file is a cross-platform file format, but adobe only provides free Adobe Reader to see PDF files without problems, but often we need to do some simple editing of PDF files, just rely

20 commands that are useful to intermediate Linux users

20 commands that are useful to intermediate Linux users1. Command: FindSearches for files under the specified directory, starting at the parent directory, and then searching subdirectories. Note: The-name ' option is search case sensitive. You can

About Linux IPC (10): System V Message Queuing

"Copyright Notice: respect for the original, reproduced please retain the source: or .../gentleliu, the article is for learning communication only, do not use for commercial purposes"System V Message Queuing is similar to

Linux Signal Processing Three

First, signal and signal sourceSignal EssenceThe signal is a simulation of the interrupt mechanism at the software level, in principle, a process receives a signal that the processor receives an interrupt request can be said to be the same. The

Linux Multithreading (three) (synchronous mutex)

1. Synchronization of threads with mutex 1.1. Mutex for threadsA set of mutex functions specifically for thread mutexes is defined in the POSIX thread. A mutex is a simple locking method to control access to a shared resource, which has only two

Linux Multithreading Practice (8)--posix condition variables to solve the problem of producer consumers

POSIX condition Variables int Pthread_cond_init (pthread_cond_t *cond, pthread_condattr_t *cond_attr); int Pthread_cond_destroy (pthread_cond_t * cond); int pthread_cond_wait (pthread_cond_t *cond, pthread_mutex_t *mutex); int

Installation and Application of Mac OS X Server

Installation and Application of Mac OS X Server Mac OS X Server is the new generation Server software of Apple Computer. Designed for OS x, iOS devices, and Mac OS X, Mavericks is now supported to easily share files, schedule meetings, synchronize

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