Linux Learning Notes--CD command (toggle directory) __linux

CD: English name change directory, changing the meaning of your directory. 1. Command format: CD [Directory name] 2. Simplify the operation: CD ~ Enter the home directory of the current user the CD is the same as the CD ~ command, which is

LINUX arbitrary precision Calculator BC usage __linux

"Purpose description" Bash has built-in support for integer arithmetic, but does not support floating-point operations, and the BC Command makes it easy to do floating-point operations, and of course integer operations are no longer spoken. The man

Linux Bash script 15-minute advanced tutorial __linux

The technical skills here were originally from Google's "testing on the Toilet" (Tott). Here is a revised and amplified version. Script Security All of my bash scripts start with the following lines: #!/bin/bash set-o nounset set-o

Get process ID and process name under Linux __linux

2011-02-26 23:02 4422 People read comments (2) Collection report Recently learning to communicate between processes, but I have not found a Linux from the process name can be used to get the process ID of the function, so I wrote one. Can get the

20 commands that are very useful to intermediate Linux users __linux

20 commands that are very useful to intermediate Linux users Source: Tecmit Translation: Oschina Perhaps you've found the first article very useful, and this article is an extension of the 20 commands that are very useful for primary Linux users.

The causes and debugging methods of segment Error (segmentation fault) under Linux (classic) __linux

The reason and debugging method of segment error (segmentation fault) under Linux (Classic) In short, generating a segment error is access to the wrong memory segment, generally you do not have permissions,

Original Linux under the Rename command __linux

Original paste: Http://[Rename command under the original]linuxLinuxing, 16:28, Web services» Virtual machines, Comments (0), quotes (0), read (%), Via site OriginalBig |in |SmallReference Address: Note:This address is

getopt_long_only function usage in Linux programming __mysql

In the process of inevitable need to use command-line options, you can choose to parse the command-line options, but there are ready-made, why rebuild the wheel. The following describes the use of getopt_long_only and Getopt_long (roughly the same)

Linux Uncompressed tar command __linux

Ext: This article cites two parts of Tar, the first part is an example of using tar. The second part is a detailed parameter description. The first part: Tar command tar [-cxtzjvfppn]

Linux system () function error, errno is echild__oracle

Reproduced from: Today, a program that has been running for nearly a year has suddenly hung up, the problem is located to the system () function of the problem, the simple use of this function in my previous

Linux system call Running Process __linux

In Linux, system calls are the only means by which user space accesses the kernel, which are the only legitimate portals of the kernel. In general, applications are programmed by applying programming interfaces (APIs) rather than directly through

Linux chmod,chown Command Detailed __linux

Directive Name: chmod Use Rights: All users How to use: chmod [-CFVR] [--help] [--version] Mode file ... Description: Linux/unix file access rights are divided into three levels: file owners, groups, others. Using chmod can To control how the file

The text-processing string in Linux replaces the--TR command __linux

By using TR, you can easily implement many of the most basic features of SED. You can see TR as a (extremely) simplified variant of sed: it can replace one character with another, or you can completely remove some characters. You can also use it to

Linux command chmod (modify file permissions) __linux

chmod Command Use Change the file mode. Grammar to change the file mode with a symbol chmod [-R] [-H] [f] [[u] [g] [o] | [A]] {{-| + | =} [r] [w] [x] [x] [s] [t]} {File ... | Directory ...} to change the file mode with numbers chmod [-R] [-H] [F]

The use of SCP commands in Linux systems __linux

The usage of SCP command in Inux system Note: If-bash:scp:command not found appears during use, perform yum install openssh-clients The SCP is a secure copy abbreviation, and the SCP is a secure remote file Copy command under the Linux system

Make a little progress every day __linux of time processing in--linux system

Reprint please explain source: In the process of time processing is often a problem, the Linux system provides a lot of time processing functions, we can use these functions to complete the

Reproduced Analysis of Linux kernel vulnerabilities __linux

Analysis of Linux kernel vulnerabilitiesArticle Properties: Reprint ( Linux is considered to have better security and other extended performance than Windows. These features make Linux become more

INotify Monitor directory changes under Linux systems __linux

Recently, there is a project to delete the Nginx service generated cache files, because it is not very understanding of the Nginx cache generation strategy, on the internet did not look closely, after discussion, eventually want to introduce the

The reason analysis of "Arg list too long" in Linux execution command error __linux

Http:// The reason analysis of "Arg list too long" in Linux execution command error Tuna Hand Scroll was published 3 years ago in operation and maintenance experience in 2012-09-15 Recently, a problem has been

Freebsd/linux's Chinese font beautification __linux

There are too many of these articles on the web, and write down your own methods for future reference. The first thing to do is to dig out the TrueType fonts that are used in Windows, as shown in the following list:

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