The du command implements a Linux folder in which files are sorted by size __linux

1. Df-lh 2. Du-s/usr/* | Sort-rn This is sorted by byte 3. du-sh/usr/* | Sort-rn This is sorted by megabytes (M) 4. Select 10 of the preceding Du-s/usr/* | Sort-rn | Head 5. Select the following 10 Du-s/usr/* | Sort-rn | Tail

Linux Network Services--FTP full Raiders (VSFTPD) __linux

/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf document detailed, divided into good categories, convenient for everyone to find and learn ################ #匿名权限控制 ############### Anonymous_enable=yes #是否启用匿名用户No_anon_password=yes #匿名用户login时不询问口令 The following four main

[Linux] To view the performance of the command (top and glance) of the detailed __linux

Liunx view the commands for performance (top and glance) Top command for Linux The top command is a commonly used performance analysis tool under Linux to display the resource consumption status of each process in real time, similar to the Task

The usage of ECHO in Linux __linux

The echo command of Linux, which is very commonly used in shell programming, is often used when printing variable value under a terminal, so it is necessary to understand the use of the following Echo The function of the echo command is to display a

The files in a Linux directory are sorted by size __linux

1. Df-lh 2. Du-s/usr/* | Sort-rn This is sorted by byte 3. du-sh/usr/* | Sort-rn This is sorted by megabytes (M) 4. Select 10 of the preceding Du-s/usr/* | Sort-rn | Head 5. Select the following 10 Du-s/usr/* | Sort-rn | Tail Du-h–-max-depth=0

Linux Remote Sync Tool rsync__linux

Rsync usually use a lot of places, find a detailed version, have various configuration instructions as well as several examples posted on the memo and reference Rsync is a data mirroring Backup tool under Unix-like systems, and--remote sync can be

"Linux" Zlib installation

zlib IntroductionZlib is a library of functions for data compression, developed by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler, and published on May 1, 1995 in the first edition of version 0.9. Zlib uses the DEFLATE algorithm, originally written for the Libpng

01. Introduction to Linux

I. INTRODUCTION of LinuxLinux is a free-to-use and free-to-propagate Unix-like operating system, a POSIX and Unix-based multiuser, multitasking, multi-threaded and multi-CPU operating system. It can run major UNIX tools software, applications, and

Cleanup rules for the/tmp directory under Linux

This article describes the cleanup rules for the Linux/tmp directory, and the RHEL6 and RHEL7 will be cleaned up in two completely different ways. RHEL6Tmpwatch commandTmpwatch is a command specifically designed to address the need to "delete

Linux text Contrast diff command detail (collation)

diff command explanation1. OverviewThere are good text comparison tools available under the Windows system, such as the common beyond Compare,winmerge is a comparison tool for graphical interfaces and very handy, and if you just work under Windows,

Linux View each folder size command du-h--max-depth=1

Tag:code   inux   number   linu    Connection      Options    ota    system     newline     du [-ABCDHHKLMSSX] [-l ][-x ][--block-size][--exclude=][--help][--version][directory or file] Common parameters:-A or-all displays disk usage for each

Linux from getting started to running-rpm, yum, DNF (package management three brothers)

Linux from getting started to running-rpm, yum, DNF(Package management three brothers)Understanding Package ManagementPackage management refers to a method of installing and maintaining software in a system. Today, with packages installed from Linux

QEMU simulation vexpress-a9 and U-boot boot Linux

ObjectiveThis article describes using qemu to emulate vexpress-a9 the Development Board, and also introduces u-boot linux the process of using the bootstrap. The whole sitting down on the qemu and u-boot as well as the embedded linux working methods

Linux file deleted, but disk space is not released after DF

Transfer from disk space always alarm, found to large files, after deletion, DF saw disk space is not released.The following discovery system has been found to alias RM, because Linux does not

Linux Unzip and zip

NOTE: * Compress into limited. zip format filesCommon decompression:[Email protected] test]# Unzip-o tmp/Unzip the compressed file under the specified directory TMP , and require the unzip command to overwrite the original file

Linux--CENTOS6 Yum installation related issues and handling

CENTOS6 Yum installation related problems and handling To use Yum to download files, suddenly yum can not download the desired files, want to change the Yum source, the result is to reinstall Yum From my github address

Dedicated to beginners: How to learn Linux operating system

First, choose the appropriate Linux distributionWhen it comes to Linux distributions, too many, probably no one can give an accurate number, but one thing is to be sure, Linux is becoming more and more prevalent, faced with so many Linux

The difference between Linux soft and hard links

Summary of Hard Links Multiple files with the same Inode node number are hard-linked files;Delete a hard-link file or delete any of the source files, the file entity is not deleted;The file entity is deleted only if the source file and all

Automated deployment of Microsoft private Cloud Sharing (R2) 6-linux

Windows Server R2 support for Linux is becoming more and more SCVMM2012 R2 deploying Linux (such as CentOS) is more valuable, such as supporting dynamic memory, running more efficiently, and so on. There's a big difference between deploying Linux

How to bulk convert GBK files to UTF-8 encoding in Linux

How to bulk convert GBK files to UTF-8 encoding in Linux View File Encoding File-I filename 1. Recursive conversion (including subfolders) Find default-type d-exec mkdir-p utf /{}\; Find default-type f-exec iconv-f GBK-t UTF-8 {}-o utf /{}\;

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