Encrypting files in a Linux system environment __linux

Referenced from: http://blog.chinaunix.net/u/19895/showart_232861.html Linux on file encryption two ways and detailed: First, use GnuPG to encrypt files. GnuPG software package (Gnu privacy Guard,gnu privacy bodyguard), the name of the package is

Facebook/infer-linux under the source environment to build __linux

Using Docker technology under ubuntu14.04 to try Linux environment installation infer download source code root@4c4ab5d66584:/home# git clone https://github.com/facebook/infer.git cloning into ' infer ' ... Remote:counting objects:2443,

Directory structure __linux for Ubuntu Linux Systems

Ubuntu System directory structure The following are the main directory structures for the Ubuntu directory, and you'll know a little bit about what files they all contain and don't need memory. /root directory│├boot/startup file. All

Where is the Linux default include? __linux

What directory is the default module.h in #include ? I didn't find the file under the/usr/include/linux. Also want to ask, different kernel version of Linux header file is not the same. For example: I am on the 2.6.20 kernel system, use 2.6.10

POSIX semaphore __linux of Linux process synchronization

POSIX semaphores are real-time extensions that are part of the POSIX standard system interface definition. The XSI IPC defined in the SUS (Single UNIX specification) specification also defines the system interface that people commonly refer to as

Linux account and group: effective and initial group, groups, Newgrp__linux

About groups: Effective vs. initial group, groups, NEWGRP After you know the two files associated with your account/etc/passwd and/etc/shadow, you may still find it strange that the group's settings are there. Also, the fourth column in/etc/passwd

Linux kernel Debugging Technology __linux

Linux Debugging directory [-] pre-debug two-kernel BUG three-kernel Debug configuration option 1 Kernel configuration 2 debug atomic operation four raise bugs and print information 1 bugs () and bug_on () 2 dump_stack () five PRINTK () 1 PR

The cuda--translation of the Deep learning CUDA installation Guide for Linux (1) __linux

NVIDIA CUDA installation Guide for Linux the Nvidia CUDA installation Guide under Linux systems 1. Introduction Cuda®is a parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance

Linux user space and kernel space __linux

a.introduction (32-bit system) Linux simplifies the segmentation mechanism so that virtual addresses (logical addresses) are always consistent with linear addresses, so Linux's virtual address space is also 0~4g (2^32). The Linux kernel divides

Linux Date command usage __linux

The function of the date command is to display and set the system date and time. The general format for this command is: date [options] Displays the time format (beginning with +, followed by formatting) Date set time format The meanings of the

Linux Work queue and concurrent manageable work queues __linux

slow working mechanism for concurrent manageable work queues The reason for this is that "there has been a brief slow working mechanism in the kernel (slow work mechanism)" because in the mainline kernel, there have been slow working mechanisms

Linux Learning Notes--CD command (toggle directory) __linux

CD: English name change directory, changing the meaning of your directory. 1. Command format: CD [Directory name] 2. Simplify the operation: CD ~ Enter the home directory of the current user the CD is the same as the CD ~ command, which is

LINUX arbitrary precision Calculator BC usage __linux

"Purpose description" Bash has built-in support for integer arithmetic, but does not support floating-point operations, and the BC Command makes it easy to do floating-point operations, and of course integer operations are no longer spoken. The man

Hard links and soft links for Linux--Learn about Linux file systems from the Inode __linux

1 files and directories of Linux Modern operating systems introduce files for long-term storage of information that can be stored independently of the process, and the logical units of the files that create information as processes can be used

Linux Bash script 15-minute advanced tutorial __linux

The technical skills here were originally from Google's "testing on the Toilet" (Tott). Here is a revised and amplified version. Script Security All of my bash scripts start with the following lines: #!/bin/bash set-o nounset set-o

Get process ID and process name under Linux __linux

2011-02-26 23:02 4422 People read comments (2) Collection report Recently learning to communicate between processes, but I have not found a Linux from the process name can be used to get the process ID of the function, so I wrote one. Can get the

20 commands that are very useful to intermediate Linux users __linux

20 commands that are very useful to intermediate Linux users Source: Tecmit Translation: Oschina Perhaps you've found the first article very useful, and this article is an extension of the 20 commands that are very useful for primary Linux users.

Original Linux under the Rename command __linux

Original paste: Http://www.linuxfly.org/post/300/5[Rename command under the original]linuxLinuxing, 16:28, Web services» Virtual machines, Comments (0), quotes (0), read (%), Via site OriginalBig |in |SmallReference Address: Note:This address is

Linux Step---mkdir command

1 command function (brief description):Used to create a directory that requires the user who needs to create the directory to have write permissions in the current directory, and that the new directory cannot be a directory that already exists for

The grep for Linux text processing

the grep for Linux text processing We often encounter only a few words in a file, such as getting a string of characters from a file or a style, you can use a cat + file one-to-one, so not only inefficient, and a huge amount of characters will let

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