Linux Mail Configuration

1, configure the Linux client mail sending function[[Email protected] script] Vim/etc/mail.rcAdd the following in the file:Set From=1665***[email protected]Set smtp=smtp.qq.comSet Smtp-auth-user=1665***[email protected]Set

WiFi Wireless speaker based on Orangpi Zero and Linux ALSA (iii)

Work has been completed, first on the source:Https:// full text contains three articles, this is the third chapter, mainly on the receiving end program principles and procedures.First article:

Build lamp environment and install Swoole extensions under Linux

First, CentOS 6.5/CentOS 6.9 use Yum to quickly build the lamp environmentPreparation: Update First Yum source I installed the environment is: apache2.2.15+mysql5.5.60+php5.6.36Enter the following command: Yum-y update1. Installing Apache[Email

Linux command--chmod/chown

Change file ownershipchownFor examplesudo chown username myfile 1 myfileOwnership of the file becomes username .chown -R username /files/work 1 Add Parameters -R , work folders, and all the files and subdirectories in the

Linux kernel 0.11 makefile file description

## If you want the Ram-disk device, define the# Size in blocks.# If you want to use RAM to define the size of the block (commented out), this is a compile-time parameter, if defined below will be used. RAMDISK=#-dramdisk=512AS86=as86-0-a

Linux Base Statement Summary

Watch the video is Bilibili's URL as follows: a summary is made, there may be errors or omissions, and reference to other people's information.System InformationThe processor architecture of the

Linux kernel Parameters Arp_ignore & arp_announce Detailed

Arp_ignore defines the different response modes for ARP queries that target addresses to native IP.Arp_announce the source IP address in the ARP Request packet sent on the network interface (NIC), the host chooses the IP address of the source IP or

Linux process and job management knowledge (top)

This chapter introduces some basic Linux process management basics and some common toolsThe concept of Linux process, this must be distinguished from the program:Process: A copy of a running program that is a collection of instructions that is

Linux Monitoring Platform

1. Installing ZabbixOfficial website zabbix-release-3.2-1.el7.noarch.rpmYum install-y zabbix-agent zabbix-get zabbix-server-mysql

2018-04-18 the meaning of the English abbreviation for Linux commands (easy to remember)

Enter Gedit in the terminal to open the file editor in the attachment, enter GED before you can tab out all.In the terminal, enter Firefox to open the attachment in Firefox, enter firef before you can tab out all.Enter "Nautilus directory" in

Deep source analysis of Linux process models

1. Preface (Experimental content) How the operating system organizes processes How process state is transformed (gives process state transition diagram) How the process is scheduled Talk about your view of the operating system

linux--File Packaging and decompression

Before you talk about the compression tools on Linux, it's important to look at the commonly used compressed package file formats first. The most common on Windows is nothing more than these three kinds, the *.zip *.rar *.7z suffix of the compressed

Linux common commands: at command

In Windows systems, Windows provides the ability to schedule tasks, such as task scheduling in Control Panel, performance and maintenance, and its function is to schedule tasks to run automatically. You can set up a scheduled task by stepping

Linux common commands: ls command

The LS command is the most commonly used command under Linux. The LS command is the abbreviation of list, the lack of saving LS is used to print out the current directory of the list, if LS specifies a different directory then will be displayed in

First knowledge of Linux system---Ubuntu

Ubuntu Operating SystemI. Linux system compositionThe Linux kernel software program is used to implement core operations such as CPU and memory allocation process scheduling device drivers, which are oriented to hardware-basedThe peripheral program

Linux Notes 5.0

CommandHexdump Viewing binary files-n the number of bytes before the output file is formatted-C Output Specification 16 binary and ASCII codeLSBLK Viewing block devicesFdisk creating an MBR partitionGdisk creating a GPT partitionParted advanced

"Linux learning is not difficult" file/directory Management (7): rmdir command to delete empty directories

7.7 "Linux learning is not difficult" file/directory Management (7): rmdir command to delete empty directoriesUse the rmdir command to remove an empty directory from a Linux system.Command syntax:rmdir [Options] [contents]The meanings of the options

Initial Linux system--ubuntu

Ubuntu Operating System 1. Linux System compositionThe Linux kernel software program is used to implement core operations such as CPU and memory allocation process scheduling device drivers, which are oriented to hardware-basedThe peripheral

Create and delete soft and hard links under Linux

Reference: and delete soft and hard links under LinuxIn a Linux system, the kernel allocates an Inode (index node) for each newly created file, each with a unique inode

Package and compress files or directories under Linux

One, compression command [COMPRESS/GZIP/BZIP2]:Compression can only be done on files, not directories, directories to be packaged first, and then compressed.(1) Compress(2) Gzip1. Compress files[CPP]View PlainCopy Gzip hosts #将hosts压缩成hosts.

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