Linux command hostname-Display or set host name

The hostname of the Linux command I used-show or set host nameThis article link: (reproduced please specify the source)Description of UseThe hostname command can be used to display or set the hostname

Reception of network packets in the Linux kernel-Part I concepts and frameworks

Unlike sending network packets, network packets are asynchronous. Because you are not sure who will suddenly send you a network package. So this network packet logic actually consists of two things: 1. Notification after the arrival of the packet2.

Process operation under Linux, creation and control of----process

---restore content starts---A process is a process that a program executes at a time and is the basic unit of dynamic execution of the operating system.The concept of the process is mainly two points: first, the process is an entity. Each process

Linux Chinese display settings

Linux Chinese display settings1.1 Viewing the currently used character set1.1.1 Viewing the current character set (language) used by the systemLangEcho $LANGen_US. UTF-81.1.2 Modifying the system's character set (language)Lang=zh_cn. UTF-8LANG PS1

Linux View file directory size

du [-ABCDHHKLMSSX] [-l ][-x ][--block-size][--exclude=][--help][--version][directory or file]Common parameters:-A or-all displays disk usage for each specified file, or displays the respective disk usage for each file in the directory.-B or-bytes

Linux awk built-in function instances

Awk built-in functions are divided into 4 main types: arithmetic function, string function, time function, General functionFirst, arithmetic functionThe following arithmetic function performs the same operation as a subroutine with the same name as

Zombie process and orphan process under Linux

Description in Unix, all processes except process 0 (that is, the pid=0 exchange process, swapper process) are created by other processes using the system call fork, where the process called fork creates a new process is the parent process, and the

The art of linked list--linux kernel chain list analysis

Introduction:A linked list is one of the important members of a data structure. Because of its simple structure, dynamic insertion, deletion of nodes, the advantages of less time, the list in the development of the application of many scenarios.

Linux modifies the file owner and the group in which the file resides

CHGRP User name File name-RChown User name File name-R-r = All files in the recursive directoryThe above section has been verifiedFirst, modify the file belongs to the group--chgrpModifying a file belongs to a group the simple-CHGRP command is the

Linux systems monitor changes to files and folders under a directory

Inotifywait is a tool that can monitor file changes in real-time, using the inotify mechanism in the Linux kernel to implement monitoring capabilities. View Kernel version [Email protected]oracle ~]# uname-r 2.6.32-220.el6.i686

The size of the folder in the Linux system statistics directory

Du-ah--max-depth=1 This is what I want. A indicates that all files and folders (without subdirectories) are displayed in the directory, and H represents the depth of the directory in a way that humans can understand, max-depth.The du command is used

Linux socket Programming (unlimited Linux)

Although the words are slightly exaggerated, but the fact is, the current network programming is almost all using the socket.--Thoughts on practical programming and open source project research.We know the value of the exchange of information, how

Linux echo Command Details

The echo command for Linux, which is very common in shell programming, is often used when printing variable value under a terminal, so it is necessary to understand the use of EchoThe function of the echo command is to display a piece of text on the

A summary of the system () functions under Linux

Let's take a look at a brief introduction to the System () function:#includeint System (const char *command)The system () function calls/bin/sh to execute the command specified by the parameter,/bin/sh is typically a soft connection, pointing to a

Linux View a description of the commands and tools related to disk partitioning, file system, and disk usage

Linux Disk partition table, file system view, statistical tools, some of the tools are multi-functional, not only to view the disk partition table, but also to do disk partitioning operations, but in this article, we only talk about the disk

Linux Programming Learning notes----file type and attribute management under Linux

Reprint Please specify source: of the content is organized from the network, here thank you to the great God.Linux file types and permissions Data RepresentationThe file property stores the

Linux installation RABBITMQ

Installing the RABBITMQ requires an early installation of Elarge.Refer to multiple blog installs, various problems, various failures. Various dependency issues.So record the installation steps.1. Install Elarge:wget

Linux IP Command Summary

First, the roleLinux IP commands are similar to ifconfig, but IP commands are more powerful, and IP is a network configuration tool in the IPROUTE2 software package that uses permissions for Superuser, which is used to display or manipulate Linux

Extending Linux hard disk space under VMware

There are many ways to extend a hard disk under Linux, before it is extended. Try to see which disks exist in your space and then expand them.If it is an extension, the disk symbol is the same as the existing symbol, such as SDA device, knowledge

Linux character set and system language settings-lang,locale,lc_all,posix commands and Parameters

The "preface" is explained in the blog post:This article will introduce the Linux character set and system language settings through a personal tone, including lang,locale,lc_all,posix commands and the relevant knowledge of the parameters, at the

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