Configuring an FTP server in Linux

1. Use rpm-qa| First grep vsftpd Command Check whether it is installed, if FTP is not installed, use yum-y install VSFTPD installation, (Ubuntu use Apt-get install vsftpd)2. Service vsftpd start/service vsftpd RestartStart to let FTP start

Realization of Linux network protocol stack by PPPoE

Http:// title is more tangled, the previously known PPPoE as the underlying carrier of the PPP protocol, and in fact it is a complete protocol, but its implementation is relatively simple, it

Introduction to Linux Driver Development Misc class Equipment

1, what is misc equipment?Misc is the abbreviation of English, the Chinese name is generally called miscellaneous equipment/stray equipment.We know that most of the equipment has a clear classification class, some equipment to classify the not very

Linux Operating System Basics

Main contentLinux InstallationCommon commandsUse of the VI editorTelnetHost name SettingsSettings for IPSettings for the firewallUser and group account managementFile Rights ManagementRPM Package ManagementInstallation of softwareJdk,tomcat,

"Linux Programming" socket programming

Sockets are abstractions of communication endpoints. The file description descriptor is created with the open function, and the socket descriptive descriptor is created with the socket function. The socket function prototype is as follows:int socket

LDAP Authentication in Linux

Directory Services (catalog service)We know that when the size of the local area network becomes larger and bigger, in order to facilitate the host management, we use DHCP to realize the centralized management and uniform distribution of IP address,

Linux Basic Knowledge Part2

Continue to the previous section, this time mainly for users and some knowledge points of authority.Command creation User: UseraddTo create a user manually:/etc/passwd/etc/shadow/etc/gshadow/home/User name//var/spool/mailID user to view the user's

How Linux uses the Echo directive to write content to a file

0. Preface This article summarizes how to use the echo command to write to a file, such as using the ECHO directive to overwrite the contents of a file, using the Echo directive to append content to a file, and using the Echo Directive to append

Process Analysis of Linux system call

References:"Linux kernel design and implementation"0 SummarySystem call process for Linux:Levels such as the following:User program------>C library (i.e. API): INT 0x80----->system_call-------> System invoke Service Routines--------> Kernel

An explanation of the awk command for Linux

Awk is a programming language that has a strong ability to handle document data. The awk name is named after the first letter of the last name of its three original designers: Alfred v. Aho, Peter J. We i n b E rg e R, Brian W. Kernighan.Awk was

User and Rights Management for Linux

1. Linux operating system users and user groupsLinux operating system is multi-tasking (multi-tasks) multi-user (Multi-users) time-sharing operating system, the Linux operating system user is to let us log on to Linux permissions; whenever we log in

Linux Yum Command detailed

Yum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

Detailed description of special symbols used in Linux

# pound (comments)#管理员 $ normal UserIn the script#!/bin/bash #!/bin/shThe pound sign also often appears at the beginning of a line, or after the complete instruction, which indicates that the symbol is followed by the annotation text and will not be

Linux file Permissions view and modify-chmod------Some common sense of getting started

To view the permissions for a Linux file: Ls-l file nameTo view permissions for a Linux folder: Ls-ld folder name (in the same directory)To modify file and folder permissions:sudo chmod-(on behalf of type) XXX (owner) xxx (group user) xxx (other

How to run a Linux program

Guide Figuring out how Linux programs work is an important thing, and it's a solid foundation for our further development. This article will explain in detail how to run a Linux program through an example. I hope it is helpful for everyone to

Linux basic commands

Linux basic commands.Linux is strictly case-sensitiveCategories of commands:commands that the internal command shell implements in internal codeMan type view commands from bash shellcommands other than external command shellView internal or external

Linux servers fall into the tool of sending text messages to others

The reason why the Linux server has fallen for someone who sends a text messaging tool: today's work Product manager said: The company's SMS verification code remaining use of 0650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "alt =

Regular expression (Awk,sed,awk) learning under Linux

A regular expression: a regular expression (or regular expression, called re) is a text pattern consisting of ordinary characters (such as characters A through Z) and special characters (called metacharacters). This pattern describes one or more

JavaMail Send mail normally under Windows platform, send failed after deploying to Linux

Problem:Messages can be sent successfully in a native (Windows) environment, but cannot be sent successfully after deployment to a Linux server, and the foreground does not prompt for errors or prompt 502.Linux under Log hint: JavaMail isssl false ..

-posix Threading in Linux

A simple tool to support memory sharing excerpt from are interestingKnowing how to use threads correctly is an essential quality for every good programmer. Threads are similar

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