How to set the service to start from Linux

To avoid the hassle of manually booting a service every time the system starts up, we need to set the service to start from boot. 1, first of all, check whether there is a required service under the/ETC/INIT.D, and then add: #

Linux Novice Introduction (i) Loading system

First we use the virtual machine to simulate the Linux system, and then the next step, and then finish, edit some settings, put the mirror on the top of the Select the first item, install the system, see whether the mirror can be run, skip directly,

Actual user ID in Unix/linux, valid user ID and save settings User ID

Real User id: Actual username, refers to who the process performer is Effective User ID: Valid user ID, which is the access to the file when the process executes Saved Set-user-id: Save the Set User ID as a copy of the effective user ID, which

Clock interrupt mechanism of Linux OS kernel

Summary: This paper mainly analyses the clock interrupt of Linux 2.4.0 kernel and the representation of kernel time from the point of kernel implementation. This article is written for readers and Linux driver developers who want to understand the

Kernel structure and msgget, msgctl functions of Linux System V message queues

First, Message Queuing 1. Message Queuing provides a way to send a piece of data from one process to another 2. Each block of data is considered to have a type, and the receiver process receives a data block that can have a different type value 3.

Linux Network Programming System V Semaphore (iii)

Realization of advanced first out shared memory segment based on producer-consumer model Producer consumer issues: This problem describes the two processes that share fixed-size buffers-so-called "producers" and "consumers"-that can occur when they

Using CMake to build applications under Linux

Introduction: This paper introduces a cross-platform automated building system CMake on Linux. CMake is a tool that is easier to use than Automake, which frees programmers from the complexities of compiling connections. This article introduces some

Use of Linux monitoring platform Nagios (iii) Environment deployment on the monitored side

There are 2 main types of surveillance this time: 1.web Server 2.mysql Server So first of all to ensure that Nginx/apache or MySQL service startup; The following is the function Installmysql () script for the MySQL Monitor-side deployment:

Linux using flock file lock crontab conflict resolution

Linux's crontab command, which can be performed on a regular basis, and the minimum cycle is executed once per minute. About Crontab implementation per second can refer to my previous article "Linux Crontab implementation per second" Now there is a

FTP clients in the Linux operating system

First, Introduction: Packaged in most distributions, please go to the FTP list for each major release, or you can get it on the installation disk of the distribution. Lftp is a command-line-style FTP client. Good support for Chinese. If you are in

Install the Configure DNS server under Linux

This article takes red Hat Enterprise Linux as v4 as the platform I. Data reference and Preparation: DNS refers to: domain Name server. In the Internet domain name and IP address is one by one corresponding, although the domain name is convenient

Linux:openssl to implement HTTPS verification

There is no doubt that it is important to compile and install Apache to support OpenSSL, so that you can achieve HTTPS, and here we go one step at a time. Open source implementation of OPENSSL:SSL Libcrypto: A universal cryptographic library that

Linux under grep command using method

1. grep Introduction Grep (Global search Regular expression (RE) and print out of the line, a comprehensive search for regular expressions and print out rows) is a powerful text search tool that uses regular expressions to search for text. and

Easy browsing of PDF documents in Linux

Electronic documents and e-books that are stored in PDF format are popular both on the internet and in daily use. PDF format of electronic documents can not only completely save the entire picture of the original document, more security, ease of use

How to install Linux systems in SPARC (2)

Related article: How to install Linux systems in SPARC (1) Next, is to format the partition MKE2FS/DEV/SDA1//Format the first partition (boot partition) into ext2 format, which is also the Linux default format Mke2fs-j/DEV/SDA4//format the fourth

Communication learning between Linux processes: how to use semaphores

This article will describe the mechanism of communication between processes-semaphores. Please do not confuse it with the signal previously mentioned, signal and signal volume are two different things. For more information about the signal, you can

Suid Sgid parsing of Linux

The representation method and parsing of file permissions under Unix SUID is the set User ID, SGID is the meaning of the set Group ID. You can use the Ls-l command to see permissions for files under UNIX. The format of the notation obtained with

Linux interprocess communication Learning: How to use anonymous pipes

In front, we introduce a way of communication between processes: Using a signal, we create a notification event and generate a response through it, but the information passed is only a signal value. Here is an introduction to another way of

Summary of compression and decompression of common file formats under Linux

Roughly summed up the Linux under the various formats of compression package compression, decompression methods. But part of the method I did not use, also not all, I hope you help me to add, we will modify the perfect, thank you! . tar Unpack:

Linux Timer Task tool crontab detailed and system time synchronization

How to perform tasks regularly under LinuxIn Linux you should first enter CRONTAB-E, then there will be a VI editing interface, and then enter 0 3 * * 1/clearigame2 content into the inside: Wq save exit.In Linux, the tasks performed by the cycle are

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