Linux Administrator's Manual (2)--Directory tree Overview _unix Linux

This chapter describes an important part of the standard Linux directory tree, based on FSSTND file system standards. Outlines a general approach to dividing a directory tree into several separate file systems for different purposes and given

Linux Basics 99 Q (iii) _unix Linux

Three, into the Linux temple: 35 questions20. Install Linux, what are the requirements for hardware? Linux is very low on hardware and can run on IBM PCs with more than 386 cpu,8m memory. However, due to the lack of support from equipment

Linux Learning Basics _unix Linux

1, what is Linux? To be exact, the Linux kernel (the core program of the system), whose kernel copyright belongs to Linus Torvalds, is issued under the GPL (GNU general public License) Copyright Agreement, and anyone can copy (copy) and modify (

Linux System Command master Guide _unix Linux

In the Linux File Command Master Guide, we discussed the basic information needed to leverage the most basic and most common Linux file commands. In this article, I will discuss the Linux system commands in the same way.As we learned in the previous

Make commands in Linux/unix environment _unix Linux

Make is a very important compilation command, both in Linux and in UNIX environments. Whether you are developing your own projects or installing applications, we often use make or make install. With make tools, we can break down large development

Linux character Device driver Framework detailed introduction _linux

Linux character device driver framework Character device is one of the three major Linux devices (the other two are block equipment, network equipment), character equipment is the form of byte-stream communication of I/O devices, the vast majority

Linux Command Learning Summary: detailed shutdown command _linux

This article tells the Linux command learning Summary: Shutdown command, specific as follows: Introduction to Commands: This command can safely shut down or reboot the system. You're not mistaken, shutdown command not only shuts down the system,

Deep understanding of Linux modification hostname (recommended) _linux

When I think of the Linux system modified hostname already very familiar with the time, today encountered a few problems, these several questions for me a good lesson, a lot of knowledge points, when you think you have mastered the time, in fact,

Linux under the Yum command detailed _linux

Yum (full name Yellow Dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat as well as SuSE. Based on the RPM package management, can automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

Analysis of the LINUX environment variable export order detailed _linux

Problems caused by the host $ export dvsdk= "${home}/ti-dvsdk_dm368-evm_xx_xx_xx_xx" 1, ${home}: First, home is a variable, it represents your home directory, the variable must precede the $ symbol, otherwise it will be an error USR/LOCAL/DVSDK

Detailed Linux soft connection and Hard link _linux

This article details the Linux soft connection and hard links, nonsense not to say, and then look down. A linked file There are two kinds of Linux links, one is called hard link (Hard link), the other is called Symbolic link (symbolic link). By

How Linux compiles and installs the new kernel supports the NTFS file system (for example, redhat7.2x64) _linux

Kernel, is the core of an operating system. It is responsible for managing the system's process, memory, device driver, file and network system, which determines the performance and stability of the system. Linux as a free software, with the support

Linux Server Basic Security Configuration manual _linux

If you want to build a Linux server, and want to be able to maintain long-term, you need to consider security performance and speed, and many other factors. A proper Linux basic Security Configuration manual is particularly important. In my article

Linux SSH Usage depth resolution (key login details) _linux

The SSH full name Secure Shell, as its name implies, is the meaning of a very secure shell, an agreement developed by the network Working Group of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). SSH's main purpose is to replace the traditional Telnet

Linux Curl command detailed and instance sharing _linux

Linux curl is a file transfer tool that uses URL rules to work at the command line. It supports the uploading and downloading of files, so it is a comprehensive transmission tool, but traditionally, the URL is used as the download tool. One, Curl

Performance measurement and Commissioning diagnostic Tool SYSTEMTAP under Linux

First, IntroductionSystemtap is an open source software that troubleshoots performance or functionality issues with Linux systems. It makes it easier and easier to diagnose the Linux system at runtime. With it, developers or debuggers no longer need

Exit command--linux command to apply a large dictionary 729 commands interpretation

The content originates from the people's post and Telecommunications press "Linux command Application big dictionary"tell 729 commands, 1935 examplesLearn about the Linux system's reference books, desk book, encountered the command or command not

The difference between a soft link and a hard link under Linux

Linux The difference between a soft link and a hard linklinux linux The above is divided into two parts: metadata and data. User data, which is the file data block ( data block linux inode # ( inode is part of the file's metadata, but it does not

Linux Trap (SNAP) command

The Trap command is used to specify the action to be taken after the signal is received;The parameters of the Trap command are divided into two parts, the first part is the action to be taken when the specified signal is received, and the latter

Linux kernel lts Long-term support edition life cycle

Longterm release Kernels Version Maintainer released Projected EOL 4.9 Greg Kroah-hartman 2016-12-11 Jan, 2019 4.4 Greg Kroah-hartman 20

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