One Linux command per day: crontab command

The previous day learned that the at command is for routine scheduled tasks that run only once, and that the Linux system is controlled by the cron (Crond) system service. Linux systems have a lot of planned work on them, so this system service is

Tiny4412 Linux Kernel configuration process

1. Configuring the Cross CompilerBy default, the kernel builds the same architectural image as the host. If you want to cross-compile, you need to set two variants of Arch and corss_compile.①arch: Specify the target architecture, such as x86, ARM,

Linux free command

From free command displays the idle, used physical memory and swap memory in the Linux system, and the buffer used by the kernel. In Linux system monitoring tools, the free command is

How to quickly master and improve Linux operations and maintenance skills

Previously wrote an article on how to learn Linux, got a lot of feedback, everyone is sharing their learning experience and experience, and also put forward a lot of ideas and suggestions. Learning this thing is actually easy to say, it is difficult

Introduction and comparison of commonly used file transfer methods under Linux

Reference Link: paper introduces several ways of transferring files between Linux, and tests the transmission speed between several file transfer modes through specific experiments. This

Linux command-SED,UNIQ,CUT,WC

SortThe sort command sorts the rows in the files specified by the file parameter and writes the results to standard output. If the file parameter specifies multiple files, the sort command connects the files and sorts them as a file.Sort

Linux command English full name

Su:swith user   switch users, switch to root user cat:concatenate   concatenation uname:unix name   system name Df:disk free   Spare hard drive Du:disk USA GE HDD Usage chown:change owner Change owners chgrp:change Group change user group Ps:process

ansible--bulk Linux/unix Server Management tools

Theoretical part: Common Automated operations Tools: Puppet-Ruby-based development with C/S architecture, strong extensibility, SSL-based, and relatively weak remote command executionSaltstack-Based on Python development, with C/S

Linux permissions, owner, group, other group (other people), Chmod,chown

User groupsEach user in Linux must belong to a group and cannot be independent of the group. Each file in Linux has the concept of owner, group, other group-Owner-Group-Other groups-Change the group where the user is locatedOwnerTypically the

Namespace PID namespace in Linux kernel

Before looking at the Linux PCI device initialization, see a bit dizzy, and then hand-over the notes written before, at the same time rest!! ~(@^_^@)~ This piece of article is written before, which refer to some of the blog of the Daniel!!the

A summary of the system () functions under Linux

Guide Once, it was tortured by the system () function, because the system () function was not well understood. You have to understand the system () function here, because sometimes you have to face it. Let's take a look at a brief

[Linux] Linux cracked version confluence installation

OS CentOS 6.5The required installation packages are as follows:Jre-7u67-linux-x64.rpmatlassian-confluence-5.4.4-x64.binmysql-connector-java-5.1.32-bin.jarconfluence5.1-crack.zipconflue NCE-5.4.4-LANGUAGE-PACK-ZH_CN.JAR:HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1I3D5RU1

Zip unzip compression and decompression under Linux

NOTE: * Compress into limited. zip format filesCommon decompression:[Email protected] test]# Unzip-o tmp/Unzip the compressed file under the specified directory TMP , and require the unzip command to overwrite the original file

Linux FTP Server Setup and FTP server intrusion and defense

FTP is the abbreviation for file Transfer Protocol(document Transfer Protocol), and Chinese is called "Interfax protocol". Used for Two-way transmission of control files on the Internet. with most like Internet services,FTP is also a client /

How to manage Linux memory

Linux Memory management principlesin the user state, the kernel-state logical address refers specifically to the address before the linear offset of the Linux kernel virtual 3. Partner algorithm and slab allocator 16 pages of RAM because the maximum

Linux interprocess communication-Shared memory Shmget (), Shmat (), SHMDT (), Shmctl ()

Here's another way to explain interprocess communication, using shared memory.One, what is shared memoryShared memory, as the name implies, allows two unrelated processes to access the same logical memory. Shared memory is a very efficient way to

"Reprint" Under Linux, a file also has three kinds of time, namely: Access time, modification time, state change time

under Windows, a file has: creation time, modification time, access time. and under Linux, a file also has three kinds of time, namely: access time, modification time, state change time . There is a difference between the two, there is no concept of

6 Excellent mail transfer agents under Linux

The best Linux Mail Transfer agent (MTAs)What is the message transfer agent (MTA)?An MTA is an application that routes and transmits e-mail from one node to another, using a protocol called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to perform its

Linux Beginner's Guide

1. Why should we study Linux?Why do we have to learn Linux? What value does Linux bring to us?Linux gives me the feeling is stable , free , good performance .stable , where is the embodiment? We use the PC, installed operating system is generally

Using Cat and EOF to replace and append files in Linux

This address, author Comex Chan, respecting intellectual property rights, reproduced please specify the source, thank you! =======================================================Overwrite a file content directly or

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