LINUX Kernel Note series: IO block parameter diagram

Under Linux, the level of I/O processing can be divided into 4 tiers: System call layer, the application uses system calls to specify which file to read and write, and what the file offset is The file system layer, which copies buffer

Linux modified IP address, network management, hostname, DNS

[[Email protected]~]# Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0Device=eth0 # NIC nameBootproto=static # Static IP Address Acquisition Status such as: DHCP indicates auto get IP Addressipaddr= #IP Addressnetmask= #

Linux---TCPdump tools


First, TCPdumpTCPdump "dump the traffic on anetwork", based on the user's definition of the packet interception of packets on the Web analysis tool. Tcpdump can intercept the "head" of the packets that are transmitted in the network to provide

Install lamp under Unbuntu server (Linux system)

1.sudo apt-get Update2.sudo Apt-get Install Apache23. Check if the installation was successful: Apache2-v4.sudo apt-get Update php5Error occurred: Package PHP5 has no installation candidateSolve:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/phpsudo apt-get

One Linux command per day--linux file type and extension

The Linux file type and the name of the Linux file represent the meanings of two different concepts. We created it through generic applications such as File.txt file.tar.gz. Although these files are to be opened in different programs, they are

Linux Common Commands--uniq

1. Function: Output or delete duplicate rows, but the same row will be in the adjacent row2. Syntax:uniq [OPTION] ... [INPUT [OUTPUT]]3. Parameters:-C,--count shows the number of occurrences of recurrence next to each column-D,--repeated show only

Linux Novice Literacy

I. Linux Features 1. Free/open source; 2. Support multi-threaded/multiuser; 3. Good security; 4. Superior in memory and file management. Linux minimum requires 4m--> embedded developmentTwo. File directoryLinux system all

One Linux command per day (--linux) directory structure (i)

For every Linux learner, understanding the directory structure of a Linux file system is a crucial step in learning Linux, and getting to know the standard of the Linux file directory structure and the detailed functionality of each directory is

"Reading Notes", "Linux kernel design and implementation" process management and scheduling

The university and the teacher do the embedded project, write the device driver of I²c, but the knowledge of the Linux kernel is limited to this. Many of the vulnerabilities in the Android system that lead to root are in the kernel, and it's

Oops of the Linux kernel

What is oops? From a linguistic point of view, oops should be a quasi-sound word. When a little accident, or do a more embarrassing thing, you can say "Oops", translated into Chinese words is called "Ah Yo." "Oh, sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to

Linux Novice Literacy (reprint)

1. Free/open source; 2. Support multi-threaded/multiuser; 3. Good security; 4. Superior in memory and file management. Linux minimum requires 4m--> embedded developmentTwo. File directoryLinux system all hardware and software are in

The N method of viewing the City (PS) and killing process (kill) under Linux

PS Viewing processThe Inux process has 5 states:1. Running (running or waiting in the running queue)2. Interrupt (dormant, blocked, waiting for a condition to form or receive a signal)3. Non-interruptible (receive signal does not wake up and not run,

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection case

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection casein the Unix/linux System Forensics, the timely collection of hard disk information is very important, "Unix/linux Network log analysis and traffic monitoring" in the book, will be discussed in

Structure and related functions representing "Time" in Linux

Reproduced in: architecture and related functions representing "Time" in Linux 2011-09-13 17:01:13Category: C/In the Linux system, there are many structures representing the concept of "time",

Vmware:linux start hint memory for Crashkernel (0*0 to 0*0) not within permissible

(virtualbox/vmware) linux start hint Memoryforcrashkernel (0*0 to 0*0) notwithinpermissible Linux-unix/477672.htmlOne. Virtual machines are created on VMware and the operating system is red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Linux basic commands

CD commandThe CD is used to change the user's directory after the same as nothing will go directly to the currentThe user's root directory can only be followed by a directory name, not a file namecd– indicates the last directory in which it was

Comparison of common DOS and Linux commands

Comparison of common DOS and Linux commandsMany of the Linux commands you type at the shell prompt are similar to the commands you type under DOS. In fact, some commands are exactly the same.This appendix provides common commands for Windows with

Configuring a Kerberos-authenticated server for NFS on a Linux client

in this article we will cover the entire process of configuring an NFS share based on Kerberos authentication. Suppose you have configured an NFS server and a client. If not, you can refer to installing and configuring server for NFS [2]-it lists

Linux mutexes, condition variables, and semaphores

Linux mutexes, condition variables, and semaphores from Category: Linux Sem_init: Initializes the semaphore sem_t, the initial value of the semaphore can be specified when initializing, and

Linux Shell series tutorials and linuxshell tutorials

Linux Shell series tutorials and linuxshell tutorials To learn about Linux Shell, go to the Linux Emy Network ( )! This series is suitable for Linux beginners. It is an entry-level tutorial for Linux. It mainly introduces Shell

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