The N method of viewing the City (PS) and killing process (kill) under Linux

PS Viewing processThe Inux process has 5 states:1. Running (running or waiting in the running queue)2. Interrupt (dormant, blocked, waiting for a condition to form or receive a signal)3. Non-interruptible (receive signal does not wake up and not run,

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection case

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection casein the Unix/linux System Forensics, the timely collection of hard disk information is very important, "Unix/linux Network log analysis and traffic monitoring" in the book, will be discussed in

Structure and related functions representing "Time" in Linux

Reproduced in: architecture and related functions representing "Time" in Linux 2011-09-13 17:01:13Category: C/In the Linux system, there are many structures representing the concept of "time",

Vmware:linux start hint memory for Crashkernel (0*0 to 0*0) not within permissible

(virtualbox/vmware) linux start hint Memoryforcrashkernel (0*0 to 0*0) notwithinpermissible Linux-unix/477672.htmlOne. Virtual machines are created on VMware and the operating system is red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Linux basic commands

CD commandThe CD is used to change the user's directory after the same as nothing will go directly to the currentThe user's root directory can only be followed by a directory name, not a file namecd– indicates the last directory in which it was

Comparison of common DOS and Linux commands

Comparison of common DOS and Linux commandsMany of the Linux commands you type at the shell prompt are similar to the commands you type under DOS. In fact, some commands are exactly the same.This appendix provides common commands for Windows with

Configuring a Kerberos-authenticated server for NFS on a Linux client

in this article we will cover the entire process of configuring an NFS share based on Kerberos authentication. Suppose you have configured an NFS server and a client. If not, you can refer to installing and configuring server for NFS [2]-it lists

Linux sed command performs text substitution on files

Let's take a look at one of the most useful commands for SED, replacing the command. You can use this command to replace a specific string or a matching rule expression with another string. The following is an example of the most basic usage of the

Linux ssh telnet/scp remote copy file/rsync Remote synchronization command automatic login

Recently need to write a script to backup each server on the program to a designated server, originally thought to check the use of the rsync command 321 can be done, the results of the rsync command to support automatic login or to configure the

File Lookup command in Linux environment--find

Familiar with the Linux partners know that in the open-source Linux environment, the main idea is that everything is a file, anything in Linux can be seen as files, then we use these files when we face a problem how to find a file, Here I take

Linux mutexes, condition variables, and semaphores

Linux mutexes, condition variables, and semaphores from Category: Linux Sem_init: Initializes the semaphore sem_t, the initial value of the semaphore can be specified when initializing, and

Self-learning Linux gains a little bit every day (ongoing updates)

Command-option parametersIf the option is a word, add 2 to the front of the option-Modprobe-r PCSPKR in the terminal when there is a sound, you can use this command to screen the sound, need root permissionLS Displays the contents of the directory,

One Linux command (+) diff command per day

The diff command compares a given two files in the simplest case. If you use "-" instead of the "file" parameter, the content to be compared will come from standard input. The diff command compares the similarities and differences of text files in a

Ubuntu shortcut keys for Linux Drive series

Ubuntu shortcut keys-terminal shortcuts 1. Shortcut keys for terminals: The   tab:tab key is a more commonly used shortcut key, it is the function of the full file name or path. For example, enter "Cd/ho" in the Click Tab key, the terminal will show

Linux Driver---Access PCI bus device configuration space with I/O commands

Since the introduction of PCI bus, its unique characteristics have been favored by many vendors, which has become the mainstream of computer extension bus. At present, many domestic technical personnel have the ability to develop PCI bus interface

Summary of Common Linux commands

Query command find * Find [specify find directory] [find rule] [action executed after find]* Find ~/.m2-name "*.lastupdated"-exec grep-q "Could not transfer" {} \; -print-exec rm {} \;(find files with lastupdated suffix that contain

File compression decompression section of Linux Drive series

Go to page: most common packaging program under Linux is tar, which is often referred to as the TAR package, and the tar package file commands are usually terminated with. Tar. After the tar package is

L016-linux System file permission system actual combat in-depth explanation section

L016-linux System file permission system actual combat in-depth explanation section Do not know if I can finish the book today, I could write the issue is this week two times the summary, there is progress, oh, but L015 and L016 two lessons are

Process categories under Linux (kernel threads, lightweight processes, and user processes) and how they are created--linux process management and scheduling (iv)

This document declares Date Kernel version Architecture author GitHub CSDN 2016-05-12 Linux-4.5 X86 & Arm Gatieme Linuxdevicedrivers Linux process management

Linux Shell series tutorials and linuxshell tutorials

Linux Shell series tutorials and linuxshell tutorials To learn about Linux Shell, go to the Linux Emy Network ( )! This series is suitable for Linux beginners. It is an entry-level tutorial for Linux. It mainly introduces Shell

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