"Linux Network Programming" makefile file

"Linux Network Programming" (Second Edition) 2nd chapter of some reading notes ↓Makefile: In a project with more files, define a series of rules that specify the order in which the files are compiled and can be used to manage the project.

Fork,vfork and Clone in Linux (Difference and contact)

Fork,vfork,cloneUNIX standard replication process system calls fork (that is, fork), but Linux,bsd and other operating systems do not only implement this one, specifically, the Linux implementation of three, Fork,vfork,clone (specifically Vfork

Linux (CentOS6.5) under the compiler installation Nginx official latest stable version (nginx-1.10.0)

This article address http://comexchan.cnblogs.com/, author Comex Chan, respect intellectual property rights, reproduced Please indicate the source, thank you!Download related components source code Component Name Component

DNS server hosting via Docker, Alpine Linux, and Unbound

Imagine if we were going to build a mobile app , and not enough budget to buy hardware and software resources, what to do? For example, if we are going to run this appon our existing infrastructure, but we have only a few old low-performance

Three time of the Find command and file under Linux

Tag:command   linux    root directory         linux the Find command searches the directory structure for the file and performs the specified action. The Linux Find command provides quite a lot of search criteria and is powerful. Because find has

Linux Learning-mail Send mail (mail cannot send email)

Host: CentOS 7,Install SendMail, start the sendmail, generally can, but some classmates why not, is the start does not move the following situation! So now how to solve.Yum Install SendMailSystemctl start sendmail.servicesystemctl status

Linux Desktop Environment GNOME,KDE,XFCE,LXDE usage comparison

Linus Torvalds in a few days ago on Google + said that GNOME 3 "no tolerance of clutter", change to the XFCE desktop environment. Here's a little comparison of Gnome, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE. Finally comes down, no good or bad, suitable for their own is

Linux NIC advanced commands, IP aliases, and multi-NIC bindings

This essay will explain in detail the Linux network Card Advanced command, IP alias and Linux under the multi-NIC binding knowledgeFirst, the Network card Advanced commandIn a previous essay, the Linux Learning CentOS (ix)--LINUX System network

Linux Find command

IntroductionThe Find command is one of the most important commands in Linux and can be used to find files and perform specific operations on the files that are found, using a very frequent command, followed by a look at some of its main

Linux command (*): chgrp command

In the LUnix system, the control of the permissions of a file or directory is managed by the owner and the group being sued. You can use the CHGRP command to change the file and directory to belong to the group, this way with the group name or group

Using the system () function under Linux must be cautious

Reprinted from: http://my.oschina.net/renhc/blog/53580LinuxTry to avoid using system. Once, it was tortured by the system () function, because the system () function was not well understood. Simply knowing that using this function to execute a

Linux command (*): Date command

1. Command format:Date [parameter] ... [+ format]2. Command function:Date can be used to display or set the day and time of the system.3. Command parameters:Necessary parameters:%H hours (expressed in 00-23).%I Hours (expressed in 01-12).%K hours

Linux mount command mount usage and parameter details

Linux mount command mount usage and parameter details Guide Mount is a command under Linux that can attach a partition to a folder in Linux, thereby linking the partition to that directory, so that we access the partition as

"Linux Command" ps-aux detailed explanation

This article is reproduced from http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-21516619-id-1824945.htmlShow other user-initiated processes (a) View the processes that are part of your system (x) the user who started the process and the time it Started (U)   Use the "

The monotone time function under Linux system

Welcome reprint, Reprint please indicate source: http://forever.blog.chinaunix.netWhen writing applications under Linux, sometimes the concept of high-precision relative time is used, such as interval 100ms. So which time function should be used

Arch Linux Installation Little Note

Arch Linux Installation Little NoteThis is just an essay to record the process of starting from a new installation of Arch Linux to a variety of software configurations during use.In fact, for Linux with rolling updates like Arch Linux, there is

Linux Learning Notes (i)

2015/12/12/DEV/HDA1 (IDE hard drive Interface)/DEV/SDA1 (SCSI hard drive interface, SATA hard drive interface) is now basically the SDA hard drive mount allocation partition must partition/root partition swap partition (swap partition, memory twice

Linux ID command-displays user ID and group ID information

To log in to a computer, we need a username. A user name is an identity that can be recognized by a computer. Based on this, the computer applies a series of rules to people who log on with this user name. Under the Linux system, we can use the ID

Deep understanding of the Linux kernel day02--process

Look at the next day, or to learn the operating system related, for the behind write driver preparation.Process process is the basic concept in any multi-channel program designed operating system. A process is typically defined as an instance of

View file size and directory size under Linux and the size of files in the directory

In Linux, you will often see the file size, which is usually used by the command du:The command is explained in detail below:[Email protected] logs]$ du--helpUsage: du [options] ... [File] ...Or: du [options] ...--files0-from=fCalculate the disk

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