Group and group administrators in Linux user systems

About groups: Effective vs. initial group, groups, NEWGRP The code is as follows: #/etc/group This file is where the GID corresponds to the group name ~ My/etc/group content is a bit like this: The code is as follows: Root:x:0:root

The creation and deletion of directory in Linux the instructions for using the command

mkdir command MkDir is used to create one or more directories Grammar: Grammar is mkdir [command switch] Directory Command switch: -M Text directory set operation permissions -P If the parent directory does not

The file type and file extension in Linux system

The Linux file type and the file name of the Linux file represent two different concepts. We create things like file.txt and file.tar.gz through a generic application, which, although used in a different program, is mostly a regular file (also known

The LS command in Linux is used in detail

The full name of the list means that when we learn something, we have to know what it is, and when you know what it is, your mind will think of a lot of things to learn quickly. 1. Ls-a lists all documents under the document, including the

Ten of the most popular Linux servers

As Linux continues to evolve, the types of file systems that Linux supports are rapidly expanding. Linux is running on many data center servers, which can save a lot of license fees and maintenance costs. But with the release of a new version of

Linux Server Log Management detailed

In a Linux system, there are three main log subsystems: Connection time logs--executed by multiple programs, writing records to programs such as/VAR/LOG/WTMP and/var/run/utmp,login to update wtmp and utmp files so that system administrators can

Linux Compressed file Format summary

For those who have just come in contact with Linux, it will certainly give Linux a lot of different file names to get dizzy. Let's just say, in the case of compressed files, we know that there are only two types of compressed files that are most

How to configure SNMP on a Linux system

Configure SNMP on Debian or Ubuntu To install the SNMP agent (SNMPD) on a Debian based system, run the following command: The code is as follows: root@server:~# Apt-get Install SNMPD Then, edit the configuration file as follows. The code is as

Use Unixbench in Linux to test test system performance

What is Unixbench? Unixbench is a set of UNIX system benchmark suite. Unixbench's design goal is to provide a set of basic metrics for UNIX-like systems, so there are a number of project test system performance. Each test has a score, then a

Example of installation and use of Jailkit under Linux system

Jailkit is a toolset that enables you to quickly create a limited user account in a chroot jail. It contains a security log daemon that shells users, opens and sets the tools for the Chroot jail daemon. "Action Steps" 1. Download the relevant

Method of obtaining filename of path in Linux system

This article mainly introduces the Linux system to obtain the path of the file name method, the article summed up two, the need for friends can refer to the The code is as follows: [] #basename/root/aaa/bbb/dabu.txt Show: The code

A tutorial on creating write-protected files under Linux

If you want to write-protect some of the important files in Linux so they can't be deleted or tampered with earlier versions or other things, or in other cases, you might want to avoid some of the configuration files being automatically modified by

How to use Linux compression packaging commands

Parameters: -C: Create a compressed file parameter instruction (create meaning); -x: Unlock a parameter command for a compressed file! -T: View the files inside the Tarfile! In particular, in the release of the parameters, c/x/t can only exist

The method of generating crypt encryption password under Linux

We can use the MKPASSWD command: This command is used to generate the password in the crypt format: mkpasswd When you enter a command, the program asks for a password and then generates a crypt format string. If you use the Apache Web server, you

Linux Chkconfig startup program order

1 The starting mode and execution order of Redhat are: Loading the kernel to execute the INIT program /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit # The first script executed by Init /ETC/RC.D/RC $RUNLEVEL # $RUNLEVEL is the default run mode /etc/rc.d/rc.local

Linux Packaging Compression Command encyclopedia

. tar Unpack: Tar xvf Filename.tar Packing: Tar cvf filename.tar dirname (Note: Tar is packed, not compressed!) ——————————————— . gz Decompression 1:gunzip filename.gz Decompression 2:gzip-d filename.gz Compression: gzip FileName . tar.gz

How Linux installs Nginx

Download a nginx tar.gz version from the official website. Installation using Make installation The first step: decompression TAR-ZXVF nginx-1.7.4.tar.gz Step Two: Enter nginx-1.7.4, execute./configure command -----------------------------------

Use of GREP commands in Linux

Use of GREP commands in Linux grep (Global search Regular expression (RE) and print out of the line, a comprehensive search for regular expressions and print out rows) is a powerful text search tool that uses regular expressions to search for text.

Linux View IP address, display too NIC configuration, network device

Ifconfig eth0 shows the configuration of an Ethernet card Ifup eth0 enable a ' eth0 ' network device Ifdown eth0 disables a ' eth0 ' network device Ifconfig eth0 netmask control IP Address Ifconfig eth0 promisc set '

SQUID3 (high hit Rate) cache server configuration in Linux

Quid cache (squid) is a popular free software (GNU General Public License) proxy server and Web cache server. Squid has a wide range of uses, from caching related requests as Web server cache servers to increasing the speed of Web servers, to

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