Linux Find command usage under find

The Linux Find command searches the directory structure for files and performs the specified actions. The Linux Find command provides quite a lot of search criteria and is powerful. Because find has powerful features, it has a lot of options, most

Linux command finishing-basic operations

Linux has been used for some time, to tidy up the common Linux commandsRELATED links:Linux command finishing-basic operationsLinux Command collation-user Directory Enumeration (dir)Generally we write this:Linux Code Ls

Linux FTP command

What is the difference between anftp get command and a mget command ?get Download only one file at a time, mget can download more than one file at a time, and support wildcard characters, it is necessary to note that in mget, you need to choose y/n

The clear of the Linux command I used-clear the terminal screen, not the CLS

Original link: of UseThe clear command is used to clear the terminal screen (clear the terminal screens), people who have used DOS or Windows cmd know that there is a CLS command that can be

Linux Screen Command detailed

System administrators often require SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server and often run tasks that take a long time to complete, such as system backups, FTP transfers, and so on. Usually we open a remote terminal window for each of these tasks

Network security Series 14 setting umask values in Linux

The Umask value is used to set the user's default permissions when creating a file, and when we create a directory or file in the system, the default permissions for the directory or file are determined by the Umask value.For the root user, the

Process Analysis of Linux system call

Reference:"Linux kernel design and implementation"0 SummarySystem call process for Linux:The hierarchy is as follows:User program------>C library (i.e. API): INT 0x80----->system_call-------> System invoke Service Routines--------> Kernel

20 commands that are useful to intermediate Linux users

1. Command: FindSearches for files under the specified directory, starting at the parent directory, and then searching subdirectories.Note: -name‘选项是搜索大小写敏感。可以使用 -iname ' option so that the case can be ignored in the search. (* is a wildcard, you

Linux Server Programming: Chown () function, Chown command

1. Dependent header Files#include 2. Function definition:Change the ownership relationship of the file by passing in path, and if he is a symbolic link, track itint chown (const char *path, uid_t owner, gid_t Group);Modification of all user groups,

Linux View machine configuration, and cpu/memory/hard disk usage

How to view machine configuration under Linux? cpu/Memory/HDDDmesgDisplays the boot information. The kernel will store the boot information in the ring buffer. If you are too late to view the information, you can use DMESG to view it. The boot

Mail-SMTP protocol for Linux Services

Yum Install NC NC to replace TelnetHere we want to let you know one of the experiences in the network protocol: The more parameters, the faster the death, the less the parameter, the longer it lasts. Too many parameters, it is not conducive to use,


CHOWN (1) User Commands CHOWN (1)NAMEChown-change file owner and groupSynopsischown [OPTION] ... [OWNER] [: [GROUP]] FILE ...chown [OPTION] ...--reference=rfile FILE ...DESCRIPTIONThis manual page documents the GNU version of Chown.  Chown changes

The fork () function in Linux is detailed (original!!) Example) fork () call will copy a new process that is almost identical to the current process (except for the fork's return value), each of which has its own space, each with its own local variables,

Different directory recovery for Rman backup set under Linux

Yesterday at the customer did an Rman recovery, the production library to get a copy to the test library, the total library of about 80G, a total of 2 hours, when the customer's environment is Windows, this morning under Linux re-test a bit,

Linux Programming Learning notes----file type and attribute management under Linux

Reprint Please specify source: of the content is organized from the network, here thank you to the great God.Linux file types and permissions Data RepresentationThe file property stores the

Linux Kill Zombie Process method

1) Check current zombie process information# Ps-ef | grep defunct | Grep-v grep | Wc-l175# Top | Head-2top-15:05:54 up $ days, 23:49, 4 users, load average:0.66, 0.45, 0.39tasks:829 Total, 1 running, 479 sleeping, 174 stopped, 175 zombie# Ps-ef |

Linux Lake 07: The trap of hard disk partitioning and its response

The reason why I think of writing this, because I am tossing Linux system, there are many times fell into the hard disk partition trap experience. In recent days, once again fell into the pit, tossing two geniuses to climb out of the pit. After the

Learning notes-2014-07-07 Linux common commands

2014-07-07 Linux Common commandsRead some articles on collect some common commands==================First, PS, kill use for referenceSecond, the Ubuntu tips threeThird, minimize the installation of UbuntuFour, Linux Mint set timeOne to

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Linux Programming Learning notes----thread synchronization condition variables for multithreaded programming

Reprint Please specify source: concepts and principlesMutexes can resolve mutually exclusive access to resources, but in some cases, mutual exclusion does not solve the problem, such as two

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