Using FreeTDS connection under Linux sqlserver2008

I mainly refer to the official articles Some points to be aware of 1, compile FreeTDS (need to download), please add--prefix= installation directory--with-tdsver=7.1//This must be over 7.0 from official documents

About Linux IPC (v): System V Shared memory

System V shared memory is similar to POSIX shared memory, and System V shared memory is called the Shmget function and the Shamat function.The Shmget function creates a shared memory area, or accesses an existing memory area, similar to the system

Common commands for the Linux command line

1. Download command wgetWget-c Http://the.url.of/incomplete/fileC support for the continuation of the breakpoint-S,--server-response print server response.--hlep View additional Help2. Load and unload Query Package commandRpm-qa | grep tomcat4 to

How Linux runs under EXE files

today I want to add some knowledge to their own reserves, download an encyclopedia of the application software but not in Linux, search for information on the web found that only the wine can be installed. I'm glad to have solved the problem and

Performance evaluation of LINUX@64 acquisition time

Listen to people say gettimeofday in 64bit cache, fast, test under, feel wrong ah.#include #include#include#includeintFoointi) { returni;}Constint64_t Max_count =100000* +;structtimereval {timereval (Const Char*module) {Start_time_=Time (NULL);

[Principle Analysis]linux The chain list principle in the kernel practice [2]

Summary:In this paper, the process of the evolution of the structure of their own list of linked lists slowly evolved to resemble the implementation of the Linux kernel chain list.Body:In this series 1, if the information in the Data_node exchange,

Yum Source configuration under Linux


1. Ensure that Yum is installed in the RHEL5[Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa |grep YumYum-metadata-parser-1.1.2-3.el5Yum-updatesd-0.9-2.el5Yum-3.2.22-26.el5Yum-security-1.1.16-13.el5Yum-rhn-plugin-0.5.4-15.el52. Modify the source configuration file #vim/

See if the Linux virtual machine SSH service is turned on

Knowledge Preparation:1. The difference between SSH and sshd:2. SSH service process default address:/etc/init.d/sshSee if the SSH service is turned onService SSH StatusOr:/ETC/INIT.D/SSH statusOn the Virtual Machine Unit test remote.c function,

Linux command English full name

Man:manual means manual, you can use this command to query the use of other commands.Pwd:print working directory means the password.Su:swith User switch users, switch to root userCd:change Directory Switch DirectoriesLs:list files list the file

Time zone and time adjustment for Linux systems

Linux Tuning system time zone:Locate the appropriate time zone file/usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghaiReplace the current/etc/localtime file with this fileIt's time for a date to be CST.If not, change the value of the TZ environment variable.Many

Linux Learning (ii) Use of the wget command

Recently, some operations under Linux, in many places have used the wget command, to record some of the usage of wget:wget is an open source software developed under Linux, the author is Hrvoje Niksic, and was later ported to various platforms,

About Linux IPC (v): System V Shared memory

"Copyright Notice: respect for the original, reproduced please retain the source: or .../gentleliu, the article is for learning communication only, do not use for commercial purposes"System V shared memory is similar to POSIX

Deployment of--RPM packages for cacti systems based on SUSE Linux systems

Bean Ding package method; Sha; 2010-12-1; change: 2011/5/16; I. Introduction to CACTI (source: network); cacti is to obtain data through snmpget, the development of using R;CACTI is based on letting RRDtool

Linux Introduction to Linux and VMware Workstation

Speaking of Linux, I had to mention the Finnish youth Linus, which is the core of his 10000 lines of code , creating a new era of open source software and systems. Linux is strictly the only kernel, it cannot be used directly, it must be combined

Linux network programming Wait () and waitpid () explanation

This article is about the difference and connection between wait and Waitpid. To avoid the creation of a zombie process, whenever we create a subprocess, the master process waits for the child process to return to clean up the subprocess.  To do

9 Linux Commands & codes that must always be vigilant

The Linux shell/terminal command is very powerful, even though a simple command can cause folders, files, or path folders to be deleted.In some cases, Linux does not even ask you to execute commands directly, causing you to lose a variety of data

Summary of common common commands for Linux

Recently in learning Linux from 0, it took 10 days to get basic commands and a realistic use of operational learning points fur. Many Linux commands are summarized here for reviewDirectory structure:/: root directory, usually under the sub-directory,

Linux command Learning (+) Linux file types and extensions

The Linux file type and the name of the Linux file represent the meanings of two different concepts. We create through general applications such as File.txt, file.tar.gz, these files, although to be opened with different programs, but in the Linux

Working system switching from Windows to Linux


For developers, there are some natural flaws in the Windows system, such as: Forced command line, filename length & directory depth limit, encoding and wrapping, after several pits, decided to switch from Windows to Linux Mint. (PS: The programmer's

Linux uses PAM_LDAP for Windows AD authentication

There are many ways to configure Linux through ad authentication, such as the Winbind method used by Samba. Here I use is PAM_LDAP way, online has a lot of such related articles, are the official online step by step, first with nsswitch.conf, and

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