Linux GCC GDB section II

Previously wanted to verify some of the problems on the stack, but there is no good way, printf is really limited, flow on the surface, only the appearance (value, scope, law) do not see the real (address, register, process), so think of gdb--a

Linux Next Step installation ODB

IntroductionThis guide presents step-by-step instructions for installing the ODB system on unix-like operating systems, such as gnu/li Nux, Solaris, etc. For Mac OS X, first see Installing ODB on Mac OS X. For MINGW/MINGW64 (either directly as past

Linux install LIBNFC, open serial PN532


Hardware preparation:USB to serial port4-Pin DuPont LinePN532 ModuleIC card (such as access card, rice card, etc.)Software Preparation:Ubuntu Physics Machine One setAccess to the Internet1, connect PN532 with USB to serial port, put an IC card close

Linux diff command

The diff command is a very important tool on Linux to compare the contents of a file, especially to compare two different versions of files to find the changes. Diff prints each line's changes on the command line. The latest version of diff also

The meaning and full name of Linux command shorthand

Su:swith User switch users, switch to root userCat:concatenate SeriesUname:unix Name Name SystemDf:disk free HDDDu:disk Usage HDD UsageChown:change owner Change OwnersChgrp:change Group change user groupsPs:process Status Process stateTar:tape

Compile the progress bar program with the Make command under Linux.

First create a new file, Touch progress_bar.c run the vim progress_bar.c command. The program that writes the progress bar.Write into a progress bar program:#include #include #include voidProgress () {inti

"Linux" Linux Rights Management and special permissions

Linux Rights ManagementRights Management This aspect, very clearly remember the beginning of the internship was carefully studied, do not know why there is no note left mark. In addition to some basic knowledge point has long been forgotten,

A hodgepodge of Linux commands

How do I change the character set? To view the current character set:[Email protected] ~]# echo $LANGZh_cn. UTF-8Modify the character set to English[Email protected] ~]# sed-i ' s#zh_cn#en_us#g '/etc/sysconfig/i18n[Email protected] ~]#

Batch file name modification under Linux (rename)

1.rename Command Batch modified file name, in fact, Linux can use other methods to batch change the file name, but rename is too convenientFor example, change all the tables to cdb1_* to cdb_*.In this directoryOnly need # rename ' cdb1 ' CDB ' *Used

Linux under Glances Server monitoring tool

ObjectiveGlances can provide Unix and Linux performance experts with the ability to monitor and analyze performance data, including: CPU usage Memory usage Kernel statistics and running queue information Disk I/O speed,

See the file size, file size, and other details (Du and DF) using commands under Linux

First, view the file as the disk size generally use the du or DF commandDF Command: used to display the available disk space on a disk partition . The default display unit is KB. You can use this command to get information about how much space the

Common ways to get local IP addresses programmed under Linux

Reproduced in: native IP address is often used when programming Linux networks. This article lists common ways to prepare for a rainy moment.Getting the native IP address is a fairly flexible

Talking about Linux file permissions, that stuff.

Full file rights Show all rights to a file Change the full rights of a file Permissions for files Permissions to change files Change with symbolic notation Change with digital notation

The use of IPC semaphores in Linux

Semaphores are an inter-process communication mechanism used to solve inter-process synchronization and mutex problems, including a variable called semaphore and a waiting queue for the resource waiting on the semaphore, and two atomic operations on

Smoker---------Linux Bash basic features arithmetic operations (5)

Arithmetic operationsArithmetic: The oldest, the most basic, and the first parts of mathematics. It studies the properties of numbers and their operations. Accumulating and collating the arithmetic of numbers and numbers in the application process,

Linux Kernel Practice Work queue

The work queue is another form of deferred work, which differs from Tasklet. The work queue can be pushed back to a kernel thread to execute, that is, the lower part can be executed in the context of the process. In this way, code executed through

"Summarize" the relationship of Makefile, Kconfig,. config in the embedded Linux kernel and add boot Hello World "turn"

This article was reproduced from: understand the structure of the kernel, let's implement the following simple example.First, increase the kernel boot Hello WorldTask:The kernel starts

#26 Linux Kernel (kernel) detailed with uname, Lsmod, Modinfo, Depmod, Insmod, Rmmod, modprobe ... Command usage

Linux kernel:Kernel design Genre:Single core design, but fully learn the advantages of micro-kernel system design, for the kernel introduced a modular mechanism, the core height of modularity;After the kernel is modularized, some of the most basic

Linux Set default language

This file/etc/sysconfig/i18n, is to set the system default language place, for my system, now its content is as follows: lang= "en_US" supported= "En_us:en" sysfont= " Latarcyrheb-sun16 "sysfontacm=" iso01 "If you want the default language of the

Mac OSX System, Linux, Windows command line tutorial

Mac OSX System, Linux, Windows command line tutorial Mac OSX System, Linux, Windows command line tutorial I. How to use each system terminal Second, the function of each system command Do something with

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