Jenkins executes SSH remote Linux execution command

1. Remote machine scripting:The script name is:/app/jboss/jboss-as/logs/all_service_stop.shFunction: Stop all apps under a directory of a server#!/bin/bashpath=/app/jboss/jboss-as/logs for in 'ls $path | grep " . *.sh "| grep -v all_service_stop. sh|

Kali-linux Basic Settings

1.6.1 Start the default serviceKali Linux comes with several network services, which are very useful. However, it is disabled by default. Here, you'll find ways to set up and start each service using various methods.1. Launch Apache ServiceStart the


Tar commandThe first thing to understand is two concepts: packaging and compression. Packaging refers to a large number of files or directories into a total file, compression is a large file through some compression algorithm into a small file.Why

"Linux Device Drivers", chapter 15th, Memory Mapping and Dma--note

Simple Introduction Many types of driver programming require knowledge of how some virtual memory subsystems work When it comes to more complex, performance-demanding subsystems, the content discussed in this chapter will sooner or

Linux Chown command unlocks the root permission limit for a folder

This command can unlock the Linux file's super-privilege limitExtract:Chown the owner of the specified file to the specified user or group, the user can be either a user name or a user ID; a group can be a group name or a group ID; a file is a space-

The use of the Man handbook in Linux

The use of Man Handbook in Linux--taking CentOS6.8 as an exampleThis article is intended to show you how to quickly start a new command in Linux, after all, in a Linux system, you can do everything by command.Related commands: Help mans Whatis

How the "translate" TCP backlog works in Linux


Original how TCP backlog works in LinuxThe level is limited, inevitably mistake, welcome to point out!The following are translations:When an application listen a socket (socket) to the listen state through a system call, a backlog parameter is

The difference between a soft link and a hard link under Linux

In a Linux system, there are two kinds of links: one is called hard link (hardlink), the other is called symbolic link or soft link (symbolic).1 ) How to create :a ) By default without parameters, LN The command creates a hard link, and the ln

Linux Network Basic configuration commands

Modification Method: Most of the order forms are effective immediately and temporary; GUI Graphical Way, Modify the configuration file, restart the service is valid 1. Modify Host Nameset-/etc//etc/sysconfig/network2. Network

Linux Network device driver (i) _ Drive model

Linux has always been known for its strong network capabilities, while equipment ' > network equipment is also one of the three major devices that are essential for Linux-driven learning, and because of historical reasons, Linux does not enforce its

Linux kernel version uname command GNU Project Linux distribution

1, kernel version by the Linux kernel Community Unified encoding and publishing, format such as:Major.minor.patch-build.descThe major version number. Minor version number. Number of revisions to the minor version number-number of compilations.

Installation of JDK under Linux and Settings for JDK environment variables

When we install the system software under Linux, we often encounter some problems in the configuration of the system environment variables. What is an environment variable? How do I customize environment variables? I'll do some introductions

Linux Package management tool (Rpm/dpkg,yum/apt,alien)

Summarized:Rpm/yum RedhatDpkg/apt DebianAlien ConversionIn the Gnu/linux (Linux) operating system, RPM and DPKG are the two most common types of package management tools that are applied to Linux distributions based on the RPM package and the DEB

Linux Basics Command Practice DAY7-NGINX,NFS

A. NginxNginx ("Engine X") is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server as well as a IMAP/POP3/SMTP server. Nginx was developed by Igor Sysoev for the second site of Russian traffic, and the first public version 0.1.0 was released

Linux TR Command detailed

Linux TR Command detailed      by using TR, you can easily implement many of the most basic functions of sed. You can see TR as a (extremely) simplified variant of sed : It can replace another character with one character, or it can completely

How to learn Linux system experience

Linux is an open source, efficient command-line operating system, mainly used in the field of server operating systems. For Linux operating system more detailed and accurate explanation you can find the "Linux on this study" in the No. 0 chapter of

Linux Installation LoadRunner load machine

1. loadrunner: or other resources2, first use rpm-qa|grep-i C + + command to confirm whether the server has installed compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-61.i386.rpm, if not downloaded installation:

The compiled ImageMagick on the Linux system do the migration

How to move the compiled tools to another machine, sometimes we encounter such a problem, how to solve the library file dependency problem we need to follow the error prompt to solve the problem, I take imagemagick as an example to explain.How to

Linux install and set up Samba server

1. InstallationTurn off iptables and SELinux before installing.CentOS Enter the following command:Yum Install Samba Samba-clientUbuntu enter the following command:Apt-get Install Sambaapt-get Install samba-client2. SettingsCreate a folder:Mkdir/home/

Windows 2008 uses Linux LDAP authentication

The company puts Linux servers in the subnet for data security needs, but Linux is not too convenient to view documents. Then the leader says toss a Windows dedicated to viewing documents.The online search for the next Pgina can be used for Windows

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