How do I configure a multilanguage environment for Linux systems?

This article mainly describes how to configure the Linux system for the basic methods of the multilingual environment, including the coding of the modification method, we take the most users of the Ubuntu and CentOS these two examples. Need a friend

Linux directory creation and deletion commands

  Linux directory creation and deletion command basics: Function: Create a directory (similar to the MD command under MSDOS). Syntax: mkdir [Options] Dir-name Description: This command creates a directory named by Dir-name. Requires the user who

The use of powerful text manipulation command TR in Linux systems

TR conversion, compression, truncation, deletion of characters tr [OPTION].....SET1 [Set2] Parameters: -D,--Delete Deletes the character in string 1 without converting. -S,--squeeze-repeats Compresses the recurring string into a string.

Linux VPS Novice Starter Tutorial: KVM Architecture installs Debian system via VNC

The KVM architecture is still quite popular, performance than OpenVZ better, and Xen architecture is full hardware virtualization, the use of a little more complex, the default open is not installed system, the default needs to install their own

Parsing the/proc virtual file system in a Linux system

The Linux kernel provides a mechanism for accessing kernel internal data structures and changing kernel settings through the/proc file system at run time. Although the basic concepts of the/proc file system for Linux systems on various hardware

Guide to the use of Ipmitool tools in Linux Systems

This article describes the use of Ipmitool tools, this command is mainly used to operate the server hardware, so the general business operations are rarely used, but it is very powerful, such as: can be hard to restart the server, reset the BMC port,

Basic configuration and usage examples for git under Linux systems

git config profile A. Git is already in your system, and you will do something to get your git environment to be customized. You only have to do these settings once; even if you upgrade, they will be bound to your environment. You can also change

Remote Linux Chinese garbled solution

Use Xshell login Chinese version centos or Redhat, under Xshell if the output is Chinese words may be displayed garbled, through the following methods can effectively solve the garbled problem Linux Chinese garbled solution method is as follows:

A detailed approach to creating partitions and file systems under Linux

Creating partitions or new file systems in Linux usually means one thing: Install the Gnome Parted Partition editor (GParted). This is the only way for most Linux users. However, have you ever considered creating these partitions and filesystems at

Linux below errno.h file error number description

In centos6.2, it is divided into two files, one in/usr/include/asm-generic/errno-base.h, the other in/usr/include/asm-generic/errno.h The contents of the/usr/include/asm-generic/errno-base.h file are as follows: #define EPERM 1/* Operation not

Linux VI Save Exit command (how to exit VI)

There are many ways: Exit VI When you are finished editing a file, you are ready to exit VI when you return to the shell, you can use one of the following methods. In command mode, even press two Capitals Z, if the currently edited file has been

The funny graphic of the Linux command line

Have you ever seen a train on the Linux command line? What about the cat and the mouse? Editing the Linux command line is not always a serious matter. You can totally entertain yourself with it. Let's talk about the nature of the Linux command line.

Detailed explanation of the daemon in Linux system

Daemon Daemon, is a long life of a process. They are often started when the system is bootstrap, and are terminated only when the system shuts down. Because they do not have control terminals, they are run in the background. UNIX systems have many

The implementation diagram of Linux kernel drive fsync mechanism

The IO model in the Linux kernel is basically divided into 4 categories: 1. Synchronous Blocking I/O 2. Synchronous non-blocking I/O 3. Asynchronous blocking I/O 4. Asynchronous non-blocking I/O Synchronization: Applies an explicit access to

Some basic Linux commands and Primary network configuration methods

Basic commands Uname-a-S Hostname Display host name To be permanently effective, edit the following file #vim/etc/sysconfig/network SSH remote Login #ssh (logged in as root) #ssh tom@ (log in as Tom) #ssh-y

Linux Common Command Usage 100

Here are 100 uses, what's wrong, and please correct me. 1,echo "AA" > Test.txt and Echo "BB" >> test.txt//> Empty the original file and write the contents to the file,>> place the content at the end of the file 2,chmod go+w-r/home/zhangy//To add

How to use Linux FTP commands

FTP Server is more common on the web, the function of the Linux FTP command is to control the transfer of files between the local machine and the remote machine in the way of the command, here is a detailed description of some of the Linux FTP

Some tips for using LFTP Tools on Linux operating systems

Lftp is a powerful download tool that supports protocol access to files: FTP, SFTP,FTPS, HTTP, https, hftp, fish. (where FTPs and HTTPS need to include the OpenSSL library at compile time). Llftp interface very want a shell: has the command

Install JDK and Environment settings under UNIX and Linux

Unix I have successfully installed JDK (JDK-1_5_0_02-LINUX-I586.RPM) on the HP Workstation Visualize C3600 UNIX system and My Computer Fedora Core 3, and the process is simple: 1. Download JDK (jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm) from the Internet,

Linux Common Operation Command Rollup

Linux Common Operation Command Rollup command LS to display the current directory file list server Tutorial by default Ls-a Show all files including hidden files LS-L displays file attributes, including size, date, symbolic connection,

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