Talking about the backup strategy of Linux system

Why should I back up the Linux system An application of the Linux system, affected by the internal environment, the impact of the underlying hardware, the attack of foreign hackers, the problem is unavoidable, as a system management personnel,

Linux password anti-cracking and account File Protection

Linux as a multitasking, multi-user operating system, in the same time period may be used for many users, and the user's management is directly related to the security of the entire system, users need to the password management and account file

Performance testing Tools Curl-loader (Linux)

Curl-loader Introduction Curl-loader (also known as "Omes-nik" and "Davilka") is an open source C language-written tool that simulates the application load and the behavior of thousands of hundreds of thousands of of people's Http/https and

How do I configure a multilanguage environment for Linux systems?

This article mainly describes how to configure the Linux system for the basic methods of the multilingual environment, including the coding of the modification method, we take the most users of the Ubuntu and CentOS these two examples. Need a friend

Linux directory creation and deletion commands

  Linux directory creation and deletion command basics: Function: Create a directory (similar to the MD command under MSDOS). Syntax: mkdir [Options] Dir-name Description: This command creates a directory named by Dir-name. Requires the user who

The use of powerful text manipulation command TR in Linux systems

TR conversion, compression, truncation, deletion of characters tr [OPTION].....SET1 [Set2] Parameters: -D,--Delete Deletes the character in string 1 without converting. -S,--squeeze-repeats Compresses the recurring string into a string.

FTP server configuration under Linux system

In order to achieve the Linux environment FTP server configuration, the vast majority of Linux distribution suite is the use of Washington University FTP (WU-FTPD), which is a good performance of the server software, because it has a number of

Linux LOADAVG algorithm

Algorithm Linux LOADAVG algorithm Published by: Biti_rainy Today read Linux source code on the CPU load calculation method, while Google search everywhere for reference, dizzy for half a day, finally understand the CPU load calculation method,

Linux DNS Server Installation configuration method detailed Introduction

This article takes red Hat Enterprise Linux as v4 as the platform I. Data reference and Preparation: DNS refers to: domain Name server. In the Internet domain name and IP address is one by one corresponding, although the domain name is convenient

Linux:vsftpd.conf Configuration function

No matter how I change the vsftpd.conf inside Local_umask The uploaded file attributes are always-RW------- What's going on? Using a virtual user login What parameters are used to change the file properties uploaded by the virtual user? The

Linux and Solaris build Apache virtual root environment

Absrtact: It is quite simple to install a virtual root-environment Apache tree on Linux. This example uses the red Hat 6.* and the Apache 1.3.12. It also contains the PHP4 (as an Apache module) and the installation of PERL5 on the directory tree

Some tips for using LFTP Tools on Linux operating systems

Lftp is a powerful download tool that supports protocol access to files: FTP, SFTP,FTPS, HTTP, https, hftp, fish. (where FTPs and HTTPS need to include the OpenSSL library at compile time). Llftp interface very want a shell: has the command

Install JDK and Environment settings under UNIX and Linux

Unix I have successfully installed JDK (JDK-1_5_0_02-LINUX-I586.RPM) on the HP Workstation Visualize C3600 UNIX system and My Computer Fedora Core 3, and the process is simple: 1. Download JDK (jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm) from the Internet,

Linux System Services Detailed

1.NetworaManager: Fast switching between wireless and wired networks. Generally used for mobile terminals. 2.NetworkManagerDispatcher: Switch back and forth between multiple network environments, same as NetworkManager. 3.acpid: (no preset port)

File transfer tools under Linux Systems: Usage of RZSZ

Linux system under the transmission of a lot of ways, such as: Through the FTP SFTP ... Wait a minute. Linux server is mostly through the SSH client remote landing and management, using SSH landing Linux host, how to quickly and the local machine

Top command usage for Linux

Top command: The top command and the PS command have the same basic role of displaying the current process and other conditions of the system, but top is a dynamic display process that refreshes the current state with the user key. Such as? The

The integration of Tomcat and Apache Web server under Linux

1. Introduction Internet/intranet based on web technology has been widely used in recent years, Intranet is based on TCP/IP protocol, the web as the core intranet, the user through Low-cost, An Easy-to-use client browser can access the data you

Chinese input of Linux operating system on the Three Musketeers

Chinese Three musketeers: Chinput,minichinput,magicchinput. As we all know, the Chinese mainstream of Linux in the mainland is to use Chinput, because Chinput is mainly integrated in Tubrolinux, move it to redhat, need to modify a lot of places,

How to modify the file's modification time using touch in Linux

Rsync sometimes because the server time is wrong, you need to change the time of the file modification, you can use the Touch command to modify the file's modified time: 1 touch-c-m-t 201101110000 teadme.txt Modified Readme.txt to January 11, 2011:00

Linux Common Operation Command Rollup

Linux Common Operation Command Rollup command LS to display the current directory file list server Tutorial by default Ls-a Show all files including hidden files LS-L displays file attributes, including size, date, symbolic connection,

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