Linux kernel Analysis

Kernel version: 2.6.34 Land from the table as the core data structure of the three-layer protocol, understanding it is essential. Previous analysis of crossings by the table, interested can refer to: Chapter One: Routing table

Between Linux and Windows-File Transfer tool Rzsz

Rzsz Introduction Generally speaking, the Linux server is mostly through the SSH client for remote landing and management, using SSH landing Linux host, how to quickly and local machine file interaction, that is, upload and download files to the

Linux kernel MD Source code read five introduction to the operation of the RAIDD5 array

If you understand the run function of the RAID1 array, it's easy to see the RAID5 array run because the two things are similar. RAID5 's run function is very long, but a large portion of it has nothing to do with creating a run, especially one that

Linux disk and file System Management 5 compression and packaging of Linux files and file systems

The use and technology of a compressed file 1 At present our computer is measured in byte, but in fact the smallest unit of measurement in the computer is bit. We know 1byte = 8bit 2 Simply put, there will be a lot of "space" in the file, not

Linux Basic Operations 9 understanding and Learning Bash

A know bash this shell 1 management of the entire computer hardware is actually the operating system's core, this kernel needs to be protected, so our average user can only through the shell to communicate with the kernel, so that the kernel to

The clock processing mechanism of Linux

In the Linux operating system, many activities are related to time, such as process scheduling and network processing, and so on. Therefore, understanding the clock processing mechanism in the Linux operating system helps to better understand how

Using Bugzilla to track bugs on Linux systems

Keeping track of issues, challenges, and revisions can be a tricky task for those responsible for support, but there is a perfect open source solution to this requirement: Bugzilla. After you install it, you can easily track bugs and be notified

Get CPU utilization and memory usage under Linux

In Linux, if you want to monitor the operation of a process, such as viewing its CPU usage and memory usage, you need to read some system information from the system's/proc directory. Then the analysis results, especially in the embedded application

Linux development environment must be ten development tools

Linux is an excellent development environment, but without good development tools as a weapon, the benefits of this environment will be greatly compromised. Fortunately, there are a lot of good Linux and open source development tools for you to

A realization method of the socket connection timeout in Linux

At present, the common platform for the set socket (socket) connection Timeout method is: Creates a socket and sets it to a non-blocking state. Call connect to the end of the host, if it fails, determine if the errno is einprogress, that is,

Linux Process Management Wait system call

VI: WAIT4 () system call In the parent process, the WAIT4 () can be used to get the exit status of the child process and prevent the child process from exiting the zombie state before the parent process exits. This is the last section of our

The use of Linux monitoring platform Nagios (i) Lamp environment

Environmental Os:centos 5.8 x86_64 This script is slightly modified than the previous one, as follows #mkdir/etc/yum.repos.d/backup #mv/etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo/etc/yum.repos.d/backup/#mv/tmp/lamp/ftp.repo/etc /yum.repos.d/#yum Clean all #yum

Methods for installing. RPM,. Tar,. tar.gz and tar.bz2 files in Linux

I take the following three packages as an example: (Three packages are under/etc/opt) A. example-1.2.3-1.rpm B. Example-1.2.3-1.tar C. example-1.2.3-1.tar.gz 1. Install RPM Package Speaking of the RPM (REDHAT Package Management) standard

Linux Desktop System font configuration details (ii)

Font configuration Combat Next, take Fedora 20 as an example and configure it to display the correct effect yourself. Currently, the tool for configuring fonts on Linux systems is fontconfig. Why the Fontconfig? Thanks to this era, once chaotic

How to implement file replication between Linux systems using the SCP command

The SCP is based on SSH logons. Copy the root folder test.tar.gz file to the remote host root directory, as follows: Scp/root/test.tar.gz Root@ You will be prompted to enter the root user login password for the host

Virtual Machine Manager Linux system boot error problem

First, in Virtual Machine Manager boot system times error: Cannot send Monitor command ' {' Execute ': ' Qmp_capabilities '} ': Connection reset by peer Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtmanager/",

Incorrect solution for installing XAMPP (LAMPP) server suite in Ubuntu Linux

How to install please refer to its installation in this blog. 1, in the terminal installation XAMPP appear/opt/lampp/lampp:line 74:arch:command not found error tips Reason: Not found Workaround: Enter sudo nano/bin/arch in the terminal Add one

Add Layer7 patch (Linux2.6.25 kernel) for iptables under Linux

System environment: RHEL5 [2.6.18-8.el5xen] Software Environment:

Basics of Linux Basics (iii) file basic operations management and common commands

File Basic Operations The command "CP" is used to copy files or directories: $ CP [-R] Source (folder) destination file (folder) -R recursively copies the entire directory, which is used by the Replication folder -V display details, cp-rv or

How to build a domain name server in Linux system

Introduction of DNS System 1.) The role of the DNS system is to maintain a host domain name and IP address of the corresponding relational database, when necessary for client network program to provide address resolution function Forward

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