Analysis of Linux varnish cache configuration Optimization _php skills

Varnish is a high-performance open source HTTP accelerator, Norway's largest online newspaper Verdens Gang use 3 units varnish replaced the original 12 squid, better performance than before. But compared with the old squid, each has its own

Build FTP server with VSFTPD under Linux

How to use VSFTPD to build FTP server under Linux, what are the characteristics of the FTP server after construction? This article will be described in detail. VSFTPD is the abbreviation for "very secure FTP daemon", and security is one of its

A Concise installation guide for Informix databases under Linux

The version used in this article is Informix Dynamic Server 2000. Informix is not an advantage compared to databases such as Oracle, but the reliability is excellent. Let's look at the installation process for the Informix database in the Linux

Set up network router under Linux

For network interconnection engineers, it is very important to establish an Internet dynamic routing. Not only do you need to understand the concept of routing, but you must also know how to put it into practice. For now, network equipment is mainly

Linux Common commands

Linux Getting Started Baidu Library: on a USB stick Http:// VY9RM4WMUM0ZOOELVQZLZPXWMATEBPQV_Z1FACTRL + Z

Linux awk Command

the best use of the history of the free turn Qiang weaponIntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put

Detailed watch command in linux command (monitor command run result)

Watch is a very useful command, basically all Linux distributions with this gadget, like the name, watch can help you monitor the results of a command, save you to manually run over and over again. Under Linux, watch is the periodic execution of the

Two examples to solve the Linux terminal garbled

Description of the phenomenonLet's start with the reason for garbled characters.ExampleTo give a practical example, we generally use SSH remote to the server to operate. When you perform some output tasks on the terminal, you will encounter garbled

"Summary" of Connect timeout processing under Linux

1. PrefaceRecently, a test tool has been written that requires fast and efficient scanning of which ports are open to each server. At that time, Ping can only detect IP, determine the server network is connected, but not to determine whether the

Bash configuration file (Linux learning eight)

First, what is the shellThe generalized shell means that the interface that can manipulate the application becomes the shell, including the GUI of Linux and Windows.The narrow shell refers to the command-line aspect of the program, including

Make an OpenStack Linux image-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (151)

This is the 1th chapter in the OpenStack implementation experience sharing series.The instance of OpenStack is deployed through a Glance mirror, so preparing the mirror is a must-do job. This section describes how to make a Linux image, and also

Network-based programming of Linux application design

1, TCP/IP Protocol Overview 1.1, OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Reference Model the OSI protocol reference model is developed based on the recommendations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), from top to developmet into 7

The Linux command summary kill command detailed

2. UseThe KILL command is used to abort a process.2. Format3. Parameters-S: Specifies the signal to send. -P: Analog send signal. -L: Specifies a list of names for the signal. PID: The ID number of the process to abort. Signal: Indicates a signal.4.

Linux common important directory and the role of each directory

The following are some of the most important directories and the various functions of Linux systems:/root directory.Contains almost all of the file directories. Equivalent to a central system. The simplest way to enter is: CD/./bootDirectories such

linux-the difference between single quotes, double quotes, and anti-quotes.

One, single and double quotation marksBoth single and double quotes are meant to solve the problem of having spaces in the middle.Because the space in Linux as a very typical delimiter, such as String1=this is astring, so execution will be error. To

Linux NC Command Usage Collection

The Ps.ubuntu comes with a NETCAT-OPENBSD version with no-c/-e parameters.PSS. Online markdown Editor Bug What's going on ... the "#" sign still shows# #参数Want to connect to a place:nc [-options] hostname port[s] [ports] …Bind port waits for

Learning and using Linux commands 2

1.ctrl+a: Skip to command line ctrl+e: Skip to command End ctrl+l: Clear Screen2. Switch User Su-user name3. Replace the Yum image source1. Go to/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D backup Centos-base.repo2. CentOS Download Centos6-base-163.

View the size of each folder in Linux (Scan disk)

DF -H/du -hs./dugrep [[:d igit:]+]gdu [-ABCDHHKLMSSX] [-l ][-x ][--block-size][--exclude=][--help][--version][directory or file]Common parameters:-A or-all displays disk usage for each specified file, or displays the respective disk usage for each

Linux wget Download the entire FTP directory (including subdirectories)--Reproduced

[Plain]View PlainCopy Wget-nh-m--ftp-user=your_username--ftp-password=your_password ftp://your_ftp_host/* Explain:-NH: Do not create a directory named after the host name.–cut-dirs: Want to remove the original directory layer, starting

Implementing queues on Linux platforms

Reprint: are two kinds of event notification methods on Linux, one is thread condition variable, one is implementing event notification with EVENTFD, and the method of implementing asynchronous queue by

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