Linux Base command (i) grep command

The grep command in a Linux system is a powerful text search tool that uses regular expressions to search for text and print matching rows. The grep full name is global Regular Expression Print, which represents the global regular expression version,

Linux kernel latest continuous memory allocator (CMA): Avoid reserving large chunks of memory

When we use the embedded Linux system such as arm, a headache problem is gpu,camera,hdmi and so on need to reserve a large number of contiguous memory, this part of the memory is not usually used, but the general practice must be reserved first. At

File time attributes and Touch commands for Linux systems

The Linux file has three time attributes: 1) Mtime: file content Last modified time 2) CTime: File state changed time, such as permissions, properties were changed 3) Atime: File content is accessed time, such as cat,less, etc. By default, LS

Socket options for Linux socket programming

The socket mechanism provides two socket option interfaces to control the behavior of sockets. An interface is used to set options, and another interface is used to allow us to request the status of the option. We can get and set three kinds of

Introduction to Reentrant functions and non-reentrant functions in Linux

reentrant functions Reentrant functions (that is, functions that can be interrupted) can be invoked by more than one task without worrying about data destruction. Reentrant functions can be interrupted at any time, and after a period of time can

Linux System Programming Basics (vii) The concept of read/write function and (non) blocking I/O

First, Read/write function The read function reads data from an open device or file. #include ssize_t Read (int fd, void *buf, size_t count); Return value: Successfully returns the number of bytes read, error returns-1 and sets errno, if the

Linux System Programming Basics (iii) Document descriptor file descriptor and Inode related knowledge

Each process has a TASK_STRUCT structure in the Linux kernel that maintains process-related information, known as a process descriptor, and in the operating system theory, the Process Control block (pcb,process). There is a pointer in the

Linux errno Error Matrix

errno defined in , the error Exx macros are defined in the errno-base.h and errno.h below the/usr/include/asm-generic folder, respectively, defining the 1-34, 35-132 error definition. The strerror () function returns an error description string

Linux+informix Background Database system programming settings

One: Download informix-online database server Linux trial system Address:, register as a user of the Informix trial system and tell the correct email address, Then Intraware will send you an email telling you the

Build an Informix development environment based on Linux platform

The Informix relational database management system is a cross-platform, full-featured RDBMS, transformed into Ordbms, has a variety of features, and can be easily connected to a variety of GUI front-end tools. At present, Informix database products

How to implement Yum in Linux

RHEL5 to meet the requirements of the various services "Make Yum local Source:" Yum Introduction: Yum is the abbreviation of Yellow Dogupdater Modified, Yum is the repository of software, it can be an HTTP or FTP site, or it can be a local

Linux System Services Detailed

1.NetworaManager: Fast switching between wireless and wired networks. Generally used for mobile terminals. 2.NetworkManagerDispatcher: Switch back and forth between multiple network environments, same as NetworkManager. 3.acpid: (no preset port)

The problem of Linux signal processing method

This week a new colleague asked me to look at a signal processing problem, the program wants to exit after receiving a signal, and he does a lot of things in the signal processing, including freeing up some global memory. So the problem arises, the

File transfer tools under Linux Systems: Usage of RZSZ

Linux system under the transmission of a lot of ways, such as: Through the FTP SFTP ... Wait a minute. Linux server is mostly through the SSH client remote landing and management, using SSH landing Linux host, how to quickly and the local machine

Top command usage for Linux

Top command: The top command and the PS command have the same basic role of displaying the current process and other conditions of the system, but top is a dynamic display process that refreshes the current state with the user key. Such as? The

Getting Linux commands to accelerate

Most of the commands in Linux do only one thing, so complex tasks can be accomplished by gluing various programs together using the Shell scripting language. This paper makes full use of powerful, but simple and easy to learn gadgets, to give some

The network configuration method of Linux

From the day Linux was born, it was destined for its network function is unprecedented powerful. So how to configure the network in the Linux system, so that it is efficient, safe work is very important. Below we will install from the network device,

Analysis of time programming and realization principle in Linux (i) time programming for Linux application layer

Introduction We all live in time, but we can't think about it. What is time? It seems to be a question that can never be answered. As a programmer, however, there are always times when I have to think about what time is. For example, you need to

One of the Three Musketeers of Linux-->grep

========================================================================================*######------Linux Regular Expressions------######*######------Three Musketeers grep text filter------######*/====================================================

Using the Linux environment variables

Bash Shell uses a feature called environment variables to store information about shell sessions and the work environment.Global environment variablesThis is visible to both the shell session and all the spawned child shells. Local variables are

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