Ways to encrypt files in a Linux system

1. Oppnssl MD5 method of encrypting string A. Manual input commands and procedures are as follows: The code is as follows: #openssl//Enter OpenSSL in the terminal and return. openssl> MD5//input MD5 rear carriage 123456//Then enter 123456, do

Linux to build a nginx Web server tutorial

below to introduce you to a Linux build Nginx Web server tutorial, if you do not want to use the Apache environment, want to use nginx environment can and small set together to see. 1, download Nginx Command: wget http://nginx.org/download/nginx-0.

Linux hard disk GPT partitions and MBR partitions

  thought to write this, because I am in the process of tossing Linux system, there are many times to fall into the trap of the hard disk partition experience. In the last few days, once again fell into the pit, tossing two geniuses from the pit to

11 Cool Linux Terminal command Encyclopedia

Today to share with you 10 years of Linux summed up the 11 Cool Linux Terminal Command Encyclopedia, through this article I'm going to show you a series of Linux commands, tools, and techniques that I'd like someone to tell me from the start, rather

tutorial on the use of Httpie tools under Linux

If you often need to access a Web server via a terminal in non-interactive mode (for example, downloading files from a network, or testing a RESTful Network Service interface), you might choose a tool that is wget or curl. With a lot of command-line

The difference between Nanosleep () & Sleep () under Linux

Sleep () and Nanosleep () are awakened after a process sleeps for a period of time, but the two implementations are completely different   Sleep in user programs: Sleep ()Usleep ()Nanosleep () Sleep () and Nanosleep () are awakened after a

A summary of Linux disk formatting and management knowledge points

The format of the disk is to create a file system, then how to implement the format? Here's a description of the commands and usage to format the disk   First, let's get to know the file system on Linux.   /: root directory    /bin: binary,

Linux uses SVN times error can ' t convert string from Solution

When Linux used SVN, there was an error, that is, can ' t convert string from ' UTF-8 ' to native encoding, which is mainly caused by the coding format, the following small series to introduce the solution to the problem. In Linux, SVN

A tutorial on using the Tar tool to archive files under Linux

Tar is derived from the ' Tape Archiver (tape archive) ', which was originally used to archive and store files on tape. Tar is a GNU software that compresses a set of files (archives), extracts them, and operates on an existing archive file. It is

Ways to remotely detect memory usage in a Linux server

The scripts we use to monitor memory are found in the Nagios market, in the GitHub warehouse of the creator. Assuming we have Nrpe installed, we first download the script on the server we want to monitor. Preparing a remote server In the

Server Maintenance Little Common sense (win+linux)

In order to better use and prolong the service life of the server, regular maintenance of the server is very necessary. However, in the maintenance of the server must be careful to handle the maintenance of the work, otherwise the error will have a

How to encrypt files and directories on a Linux system

Encryption type We have two main methods of encrypting files and directories. One is file system level encryption, in which you can selectively encrypt certain files or directories (e.g.,/home/alice). This is a very good way for me, and you don't

tutorial on limiting CPU usage in Linux systems

The Linux kernel is a great circus performer who plays juggling carefully between process and system resources and keeps the system running properly. At the same time, the kernel is fair: it allocates resources equitably to processes. But what if

Linux Memory File system TMPFS (/DEV/SHM) Detailed introduction

First,/dev/shm theory The kernel configuration in the default Linux distribution will open Tmpfs and map to the SHM directory under/dev/. You can view the results through the DF command. /dev/shm/is the next most useful directory for Linux because

Introduction to the application and fabrication method of patch under Linux

Introduction to the application and fabrication method of patch under Linux Because there are several common files to be modified during the u-boot transplant, it is too cumbersome to manually modify them every time. Making patches can solve

Tutorial on using Dupeguru to find and remove duplicate files in a Linux system

Brief Introduction For us, disk loading is one of the thorny issues. No matter how cautious we may be, we can always copy the same files to many different places or, without knowing it, repeatedly download the same file. As a result, sooner or

Scripts for Linux bulk backup server configuration files and directories

This article mainly introduces the Linux batch backup server configuration file and directory methods, the need for friends can refer to the next Function:1. Only in the backup machine, the remote server only need to allow the backup machine with

Linux Date command View and set time detailed

Date command The function of the date command is to display and set the system date and time. The general format for this command is: date [options] Displays the time format (beginning with +, followed by formatting) Date set time format The

A detailed tutorial on Linux multithreaded programming

  This article mainly introduces the Linux multithread programming detailed tutorial, provides the code which the thread realizes the communication through the signal quantity, everybody reference uses the bar Thread classification threads can be

Introduction to the Linux process Communication (IPC) approach

Several main modes of interprocess communication in Linux: Pipelines (pipe) and well-known pipelines (FIFO), signal (signal), Message Queuing, shared memory (shared memory), semaphores (semaphore), sockets (socket), This article makes a brief

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