iOS program execution sequence appdelegate and Uiviewcontroller life cycle

Boot execution sequence for iOS programs appdelegate and Uiviewcontroller life cycleThe status switch for iOS apps is important, and uiviewcontroler is especially important for the MVC model of iOS, which is basically inherited from him.First, the

iOS development UI Chapter-use the Picker view control to complete a simple meal selection application

First, the realization effect  Description: Click the Random button, can be automatically selected, the data is automatically refreshed below.  Second, the realization of ideas1.picker view has a default height of 162 and cannot be modified.2.

Mobile phone-side code sharing section

HTML code section:DOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8" /> Metaname= "Viewport"content= "Width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0"> Metaname= "Author"content= ""> Metaname=

Date-time picker for mobile apps

This is a date and time picker for mobile device Web applications, in the desktop version of the date picker we generally use the jquery UI of the DatePicker plugin, and the mobile phone version of the date picker can be selected according to the

Android animation effect Frame Animation (frame-wise Animation) (ii) (

Objective:The previous article introduced the Android tween Animation (tweened animation) Android animation effect tween Animation (tweened animation), today to summarize under Android's other animation frame Animation (frame-wise animation).Frame

Mobile app development technology too much, how to choose

With the continuous rise of internet entrepreneurship, the market for mobile application development of the demand for developers, as well as a variety of mobile development tool technology, roughly divided into three categories, the first is pure

Develop a WEB App family article catalog using JQuery Mobile and HTML5

Developing Web App Articles with JQuery Mobile and HTML5 directory Date: September 20, 2012Category: JavaScript Tags: HTML5 ' jQuery Mobile ' Web App The number of articles using the JQuery Mobile and HTML5 development Web APP series has accumulated

Android Development Framework Summary

Android Development Framework SummaryTime flies really fast, blink of an eye will enter into 16 August, now should be dog period, a word "hot". The front-end time to organize a "JS front-end Frame summary", and then take the time to learn a bit of

Unit Tests for iOS development

Before you beginThis article focuses on how to use unit tests during the development of an iOS program. Use the ocunit that comes with Xcode as the test framework.I. Overview of UNIT TestingUnit testing, as one of the components of Agile development

Android Apache Common FTP Open Source Library and HTTP differential analysis

1. Preface:FTP Open Source Library: Apache Common FTP open Source Library upload files to the local area network FTP. The Open Source Library is Commons-net-2.2.jar. The package name is this:; This framework can

A junior developer who has a more than 10-person team, here's the secret!

Today's headlines are hot, as a developer who likes to delve into their apps and find themselves developing an RPC framework that developers should understand how difficult the framework is to build. If there is a well-developed framework in front

android-Custom View implementation ImageView play GIF general idea is thisPowerimageview class Inherits ImageView classAdd a custom attribute to the Powerimageview class Auto_playRelativelayoutxmlns:android=

The ultimate guide: How to make preview videos for iOS8 apps

In the last two months, there have been many new things in Apple's world, such as the bigger iphone 6, the wearable Apple Watch,ios8, and the App Store, which is designed to help users find apps better.When it comes to the App Store makeover, the

Summary of the knowledge points of the app development record

Original link:"App development Record" This book is written by Baojianchang, it is also clever, read the book before reading Chi Jianqiang "MAC life meta Programming", so read this book, the two build strong mix.

Java (Android) callback functions in a detailed

First, prefaceThis week, a friend who was in the early days of the development asked me what the callback was, and read a lot of the callback function on the Internet, but the more I looked at it, the more messy. Although the stem of the callback

Android Development Learning Note (ii)--compilation and Operation Principles (1)

Http:// the previous article to continue to understand Android from the global context. With the understanding of Android's platform architecture (which can be seen as a static principle),

How to play GIF dynamic graph on IOS

Original link: is no ready-made interface in iOS to show GIF animated images, but there are other ways to handle the display of GIF images.Discussion on how to play GIF dynamic graph in

Android Development Technology Weekly ISSUE#27

Tutorial Android Development Technology Frontline fifth (@MrSimp1e)Deep into the Android graphics pipeline, Romain Guy's performance optimization case, the picture loading frame glide, and the fuzzy view that mimics iOS, are all good articles.

Android skills-create JSON text and JSON parsing

Abstract: JSON data is very common in the Android development process, when requesting Server-side data, the Server-side returns is nothing more than three types: Html,xml,json. So learning JSON is very important for Android Programmers.What is

10 surprise raids developed by iOS

1. About keyword volatileA variable that is defined as volatile means that the variable may be unexpectedly changed so that the compiler does not assume the value of the Variable. precisely, the optimizer must carefully re-read the value of the

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