Android quit activity

Exiting an activity in a process or a processing thread can be exited with the context as follows:(Activity) (context). Finish ();The Android program has a lot of activity, such as the main window A, called sub-window B, if the direct finish () in B,

"Dark Horse Android" (WebService) concept/Call/WSDL interface

The concept of WebServiceWebService is an application that provides a Web -accessible API.Resolve remote calls between two systems or (applications) ... ..Calls are cross-lingual, cross-platform ...WebService the most basic component is the

HTTP Live Streaming Live (iOS live) technical analysis and implementation

Spent some time studying HTTP Live streaming (HLS) technology and implementing a HLS encoder Hlsliveencoder, of course, written in C + +. Its function is to capture the camera and microphone, real-time video coding and AAC audio encoding, and

DOM manipulation and jquery implementation options move operations

Dom:12345dom option Move Operation 6 - - +argentinabrazilCanadaChileChina CubaDenmarkEgyptfrancegreecespain - +>> A> at - - - - - the -Jquery:12345 Options Move Operations 67 - + - +Argentina ABrazil atCanada -Chile -China -Cuba -Denmark

IOS---different nslog printing (location printing)

In iOS development process, debugging is very important process, but in addition to various breakpoint debugging (ordinary breakpoint, conditional breakpoint, global breakpoint), it seems that nslog is our most common method of debugging, of course,

[Angularjs] 5. Two async methods in scope-$applyAsync and $evalasync

The backbone of the digest cycle in angular is a number of traversal of the Watchers, which is described in detail in this article, until the data in the entire scope is "stabilized". Some of the details of the optimization are also analyzed in this

Unity3d for iOS Beginner Tutorial: Part 2/3

Transferred from: textbook is from the Tutorial team member Christine Abernathy, who is an engineer on Facebook's development support team.Welcome to the second part of the Unity3d

App overseas Quality Promotion channel (II): Overseas Advertising Alliance/platform Summary

Overseas mobile app promotion platformThe app promotion Network is also a mobile ad network or ad buying platform that places ads in other mobile apps. They are usually priced in CPL (per installation fee), CPD (per download fee) based on, in some

iOS Development Database Chapter-sqlite Brief Introduction

Transferred from:, offline cachingIn project development, it is usually necessary to deal with the offline cache of data, such as offline caching of news data. Description: Offline caching is

Android Explorer image cache <glide advanced > (iv)

Objective:Before learning the simple use of glide (, today to learn glide a little more complex use.Glidemodule using:Glidemodule is an abstract method that globally alters the behavior of Glide in a

Apple books continue in-depth study

CanLinks: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.It's basically a foundation,

is iOS training worth it?

Article structure1 Training InstitutionsAll aspects of the evaluationTraining arrangementsHarvest2 MarketEmploymentWhether saturated3 PostureA good thingiOS has been a hot topic in the it world for several years, and the technology flow of people

Android Explorer Image Cache < Glide> (iii)

Objective:Before summing up the use of pictures and the LRU algorithm, today to learn a better picture cache open source framework. Technology itself will continue to change, from the original use of softreference to achieve their own picture cache,

How to make Android fonts self-adapting to screen resolution

How does the Android font size adapt to the change in resolution at different resolutions?Suppose you need to adapt to 320x240,480x320 resolution. Create a new folder under the Res directory values-320x240, values-480x320. Then in the folder values,

The difference between the call, apply, and bind methods in JavaScript

In JavaScript, this direction is dynamic, it is possible to write a program, inadvertently destroy the point of this, so we need a technology that can be fixed the meaning of this, so there are call,apply and bind these three methods, To change the

Android Product Development (i)--Practical development specification

From the beginning of this article we pause the analysis of the Android source code, began to talk about the Android product development in some commonly used techniques, techniques, methods, practices and other posture. What we need to emphasize

[Lecture Notes] Stanford University Open class: IOS 7 App Development Lecture7

1.One is ' s a floating point number. All floating point numbers that has the to does with drawing on the screen or getting touch events or whatever is Cgfloats.thi s might be a double. It might is just a regular floating point number.

iOS development UI Chapter-use the Picker view control to complete a simple meal selection application

iOS development UI Chapter-use the Picker view control to complete a simple meal selection applicationFirst, the realization effect  Description: Click the Random button, can be automatically selected, the data is automatically refreshed

Android 2D Graphics Parsing canvas,paint

Original articles, reproduced please specify (from: Li Zizhou blog)The "Android 2D drawing resolution" series will cover Android drawing in a nutshell, this article explains how to use the

Android13_fragment_view Animation _ Property Animation

1,fragment: fragments , fragmentsApplication Scenario : the navigation bar of Weibo1.1 The controls introduced from the system after 3.0 , representing the part of the screen , Because the previous draw control on the phone is not a problem , But

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