63.Android question Selection (turn)

1.Android the process of DVM and the process of Linux, whether the application process is the same concept:A: DVM is a dalivk virtual machine. Each Android application runs in its own process and has a DALIVK virtual machine instance. And each DVM

Fix picture orientation problem when iOS h5 upload map

iOS uploads will take a orientation attribute in Exif, which will not take effect in windows and will take effect in iOS browser, resulting in inconsistent orientation of the picture in the iOS browser in Windows Explorer for user experience, You

Encrypt and decrypt data using RSA in iOS

RSA algorithm is an asymmetric encryption algorithm, which is often used for encrypting data transmission. If the number digest algorithm is combined, it can also be used for file signing.This article discusses how to use RSA to transfer encrypted

iOS Development-masonry

Masonry is a third-party framework that encapsulates Apple AutoLayout. Simplifies code addition constraints, and so on.:Https://github.com/SnapKit/MasonryAfter downloading the unzip, drag the masonry folder into the project.Here's a small

Analyze Android Network request time using Wireshark capture packet


Wireshark is a very accurate and stable TCP capture tool, but look at its more than 40 m of the installation package can imagine its powerful, with its powerful expression filter, can quickly filter out the messages and records we need, Recently, I

iOS play animated GIF pictures

 GoThe picture is divided into static and dynamic, there are many kinds of picture formats, In development, it is common for. png and. jpg static images, but sometimes in the app you need to play a dynamic picture, such as a. gif with a small emoji

Oracle_ operation of a DBF file on a mobile database

There are not enough disks under the DBF path for the Oracle database to move the DBF file under the original path to another disk path, with four steps.1. Offline the entire table space.2.copy the DBF file under the original path to the new path

android-various animation accelerators, various interpolator

import Android.view.animation.interpolator;public class Backinterpolator implements interpolator {private int type;private float overshot;public backinterpolator (int type, float overshot) {This.type = Type;this.overshot = overshot;} public float

IOS Add TTF Font

In the process of development, sometimes the fonts provided by Xcode do not meet our needs, so we need to add additional third-party fonts.Provide a font download address: Find the font.The first page is the SWIFT code using third-party fonts, and

IOS Timer Timer

Timer, timer, is used to time, you can bind it with the action to be processed, let the action be executed after a certain period, or periodically execute.First, how the timer worksThe work of the timer and the run loop are inseparable, as we

iOS Face question Collection 2

1. What is the difference between using the weak keyword and comparing assign?2. How do I use the Copy keyword?3. What is the problem with this notation: @property (copy) Nsmutablearray *array;4. How do I make my own class use the copy modifier? How

IOS socket Programming (Getting started)

1. C-based BSD socket (a common network interface in UNIX systems )Feel BSD sockets easiest to understand, easiest to get started with, most flexible but most difficult to use, especially for large projectsNeed to import header file#import #import

About Android's different resolution picture adaptation

Read a few related blogs, according to their own actual development, summed up a bit.First of all, the resolution of the image is pixel, that is, PX, such as 72x72 's picture, is the length of the width is 72px; the resolution of the phone screen is

Appserv Configuration Ahssl

Open the httpd.conf file and remove the line from the comment:Include conf/extra/httpd-ahssl.confLoadModule Ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.soServerName mytsbank.com:80Open the httpd-ahssl.conf and modify the following:Sslengine onServerName mytsbank.com:

Step by step teach you to learn iOS real-computer debugging, common certificate problem solution and XCODE7 after the real machine debugging

can I talk dirty? Well, in order to show that we are scholars, or not ...Recently really was this Xcode real machine debugging and certificate/configuration file problems to want to die heart all have, two days in a row encountered various problems,

Troubleshooting VMware Virtual machine Installation Apple system Mac OS X 10.10 appears "binary conversion not supported for Mac OS X" problem-Web tutorials and technology-also beauty network-proud Cloudbrowser Browser (Beta)

Troubleshooting VMware Virtual machine Installation Apple system Mac OS X 10.10 appears "binary conversion not supported for Mac OS X" Issue date: 2015-5-31Yesterday gave you a detailed description of how to install the Black Apple System on the

Android custom Controls--Company Chop Production

Do not use the picture, do a simple seal resources, with custom control to implement.: Analysis:1, draw two concentric circles, the outer circle is painted in red, the inner circle is painted with the background color of the parent

An explanation of the Android handler message processing mechanism

Objectivewe've been dealing with handler almost every day since we started learning Android. With it, we've handled the time-consuming operation in the child thread, and can use it to update the UI. It provides great convenience for our

Android handler mechanism source parsing "asynchronous callback"

Process Summary Looper.prepare (): Saves an Looper instance in this thread, and then holds a MessageQueue object in the instance, because Looper.prepare () can only be called once in a thread, So MessageQueue will only exist in one thread.

[Go] Use Xcode 5 and Interface Builder to create the Hello world App

Reprint Address: http://www.ithome.me/archives/581.htmlCreate a Hello World app with Xcode 5 and Interface Builder to post a replyWhen Xcode 5 is released, there are a number of questions you might have about the changes compared to the previous

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