iOS downloads cache with Sdwebimage pictures

First, let's look at the use of Sdwebimage:1, import the framework, the introduction of the header file: #import "Uiimageview+webcache.h" You can also use cocoapods directly to introduce and manage(OC as follows) Platform:ios,

Android Image loading Library glide

What is glide?Glide is a library that loads pictures, and the author is Bumptech, which Google introduced to us at the Google Developer Forum in Thailand, which is widely used in Google's open source projects.What problem does glide solve?Glide is a

Android Security Development zip file directory traversal

1. zip file directory Traversal introductionBecause the ZIP archive is allowed to exist in the package file ". /"string, an attacker could take advantage of multiple". /"Change the location of a file in the ZIP package when extracting, overwriting

Go Android-style development: Shape article

Reprinted from Keegan Small SteelOriginal link: development: Shape articleAndroid-style development: SelectorAndroid-style development: Layer-listAndroid-style development: drawable

Appium Common API functions

Before you learn to apply a framework, you should look at the overall structure of the framework or the corresponding API functions. This article is not bad:, copy it over.Common API functions get

Ios-parse to read CSV file, parse Excel file

The project may encounter data exported from the database in CSV format, similar to the following:You need to import the CSV data into your program or write it to a local database file.* What is CSV?CSV, which is a comma-separated value

IOS full project collection featured cool animation demo Practical Development Tips

Dear All:A week and a weekly come again ~a lot of code friends reaction Weekly Boutique dry, very good, very much oh, suggest code friends if you do not use now, you can do the collection Oh, later check use up also convenient ha ~ no more talking

Differences between application, Session, Cookie, ViewState, Cache, hidden in ASP.

These objects are used to hold information, including user information, passing value information, global information, and so on. Here are the main differences between them:1.Application objectsApplication is used to hold public data information for

android-version control SVN & GIT

one, the installation of virtual machinesCommon virtual machine products are VMware Workstation, the VirtualBox of Oracle Corporation. Because the VMware volume phaseFor the large (and certainly the powerful), and we only need the basic functions of

Mobile Web development experience sharing, mobile version of website Development Notes, website adaptation, mobile version of the website adaptive, mobile Android app Adaptive

Transfer from front-end development is not short, used jquery Mobile Jqmobi also pure hand-written.The final summary is as follows:JQuery Mobile: Suitable for chatty, high compatibility, full functionality,

Android Lollipop new Features-Palette

Android Lollipop new Features-Palette Palette can extract colors from a single image, and we can incorporate the extracted colors into the app UI to make the UI style more aesthetically pleasing. For example, we can extract the color from

IOS Block Circular reference explaining

Preface a circular reference is when self owns a block, and the method of self is called in block. Form you have me, I have you, who can not release who the dilemma. or the solution in short, just one thing: __weak typeof (self) weakself = self;This

The complete Ios-app source code that is worth referring to on GitHub

Transferred from: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial

Androiddrawable the non-known efficient usage (reprint)

Androiddrawable those unknown and efficient usageReprint please indicate the source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang Blog" 1, overviewDrawable in our usual development, the basic will be

How to use MATLAB's neural network code in Android app

The whole process can be divided into such a few steps: First, you have to write a complete neural network in MATLAB. Get samples Sample Import Neural Network Modeling Neural network Training Neural

Android quit activity

Exiting an activity in a process or a processing thread can be exited with the context as follows:(Activity) (context). Finish ();The Android program has a lot of activity, such as the main window A, called sub-window B, if the direct finish () in B,

"Dark Horse Android" (WebService) concept/Call/WSDL interface

The concept of WebServiceWebService is an application that provides a Web -accessible API.Resolve remote calls between two systems or (applications) ... ..Calls are cross-lingual, cross-platform ...WebService the most basic component is the

Android Custom View Advanced: Bezier curve

In the basic graph of path, in the previous article, we learned about the basic use of path, this time understanding the very very very important content in path-Bezier curve.One. Path Common method tableFor compatibility (lazy) This table removes

IOS---different nslog printing (location printing)

In iOS development process, debugging is very important process, but in addition to various breakpoint debugging (ordinary breakpoint, conditional breakpoint, global breakpoint), it seems that nslog is our most common method of debugging, of course,

Android Studio Packaging full Raiders---from Getting started to mastering

How to pack manually in a fledgling manual packageOnce the project is finished, it is time to upload the application to the market, and the problem arises-how to turn the code into. apk (installable files for android).1. Create a signature file2.

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