Android Universal Adapter Base-adapter-helper Source Code Analysis

Project Address: Https:// Function Introduction 1.1. Base-adapter-helperBase-adapter-helper is an encapsulation of the traditional baseadapter viewholder pattern. The main function is to simplify the code

MIT 6.828 Jos Study Note 6. Appendix 1: Real Mode with protection (Protected mode)

When we read the boot loader code, we encountered two very important concepts, real mode and protected mode (protected modes).First of all we need to know that both modes are CPU operating mode, real mode is the operating mode of early CPU operation,

Appserv Configuring multi-site Access

These two days have been developed, but cheap rented two pit daddy space, alas, one is the version is too low, one is not created permission, is no languageThere is no way to rent a space, but Providence play people, I set up the environment took

FW compiled Android system source code and kernel source

compiling Android system source code and kernel source codeCategory: Android2014-07-21 20:58 7287 people read review (in English) Collection report For a long time did not write blog, the reason is not written, mainly work on the matter, found

ANDROIDMVP's attempt

In Android project development, as functionality continues to iterate, the amount of code often increases and maintenance costs become higher.As a developer, I am often overwhelmed by the clutter of logic, wondering: what structure simplifies

iOS development--file storage for data persistence (i)

The author thinks that the greatest sorrow of the developer is that he knows how to use it but does not understand its principle. Before the code I think it is necessary to briefly explain some of the relevant knowledge points. Because the article

Crash Collection in iOS

There are many third-party good tools for the collection of crashes, such as bugly. However, if you want to collect the crash log yourself (for example, for applications that are published internally within the intranet), there is a natural way to

Problems with the app version iteration in the eyes of testers

Problems with the app version iteration process in the eyes of testers--Remember the development test process for a new version of the app1. PrefaceSince the beginning of August into the current company, in this version of the iteration process, the

Android Pictures EXIF information related to get and modify

1 What is EXIF?EXIF is an image file format, its data is stored in the JPEG format is exactly the same, in fact, the EXIF format is the JPEG format header inserted digital photo information, including the shooting aperture, shutter, balance white,

[ASP. 5] Applicationbuilder detailed

Applicationbuilder (Iapplicationbuilder interface), is the basis of Owin, and inside are agents, agents, all kinds of lambda expression, estimated to see this part of the code, many people have dizzy brain rise. Today, we will explain the classes

IOS draws 1-pixel lines

First, point Vs PixelIn iOS, when we use frames such as quartz,uikit,coreanimation, all coordinate systems are measured by point. The system will help us deal with point-to-pixel conversions when actually rendering to settings.The benefits of doing

"Turn" Pro Android Learning Note (68): HTTP Service (2): HTTP POST

Directory (?) [-] Find a test Site HTTP Post Small example Last time you learned an HTTP GET request, learn about HTTP POST this time.Find a test SiteSmall example is good to write, but to find a test site is a bit of trouble, all

iOS Development Multithreading Chapter-GCD Introduction


iOS Development Multithreading Chapter-GCD IntroductionFirst, Brief introduction1. What is GCD?The full name is Grand Central Dispatch, which translates as "the backbone scheduler"Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functionsAdvantages of

"Turn" Pro Android Learning Note (69): HTTP Service (3): HTTP POST MultiPart

Directory (?) [-] Setting up a test environment Development environment Import third-party jar HTTP Post Multipart Small example HTTP post not only passes parameters through key-value pairs, but also carries more complex

Android--apache HttpClient

The previous article describes the use of HttpURLConnection to complete support for the HTTP protocol. Now introduce a new way to access the Web site, that is httpclient.HttpClient is an open source project provided by the Apache Open source

Mobile Application Performance Test white Paper

PrefaceThe range of mobile phone tests described below does not include SMS and phone functions, but rather refers to applications other than the communication function. Nowadays, mobile phones have become the daily necessities of most people. The

Sina App Engine (SAE) Introductory Tutorial (2)-mysql use

If you do not have an SAE account, please register a new user at Http:// For a specific registration process, see: Sina App Engine (SAE) Introductory Tutorial (1) in a regular environment, we can ref.

Callback (interface Callback) mechanism in Android

In fact, the callback mechanism is ubiquitous in android, especially at the end of the three words Handler, callback, and Listener , all implemented using the callback Mechanism. for example, Click event Onclicklistener is an already encapsulated

Linux User ' s Manual IOSTAT

IOSTAT (1) Linux User ' s Manual IOSTAT (1)NAMEIostat-report Central processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/out-Put statistics for devices, partitions and network filesystems (NFS).SynopsisIostat [-c] [-d] [-n] [-n] [-h] [-k |-m] [-t] [-v] [-x] [

iOS code encryption common encryption method

In Today's interview, was asked what iOS is the use of encryption and decryption operations, My answer is this: aes,md5,base 64, and then the encryption algorithm for a brief introduction and overview of several algorithms and the differences

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