Mobile app Design Foreign resources

At present, for the new mobile app vision or interactive design of the learning of you, some good design aids, some material download, excellent website design site, data capture and analysis of small assistants are essential. Today the main

Difference between python:extend (extension) and append (append)

1>>> Li = ['a','b','C'] 2>>> Li.extend (['D','e','F']) 3>>>Li4['a','b','C','D','e','F'] 5>>>Len (LI)667>>> li[-1] 8 'F' 9>>> Li = ['a','b','C'] Ten>>> Li.append (['D','e','F']) One>>>Li A['a','b','C', ['D','e','F']] ->>>Len (LI) -4 the>>>

Appcan three steps to teach you to play the app development-October National free Training

October National Free Mobile development training:Since its launch, AppCan3.2.1 has had a new improvement in its functionality and experience compared to the previous version, and is loved by developers. Today, a growing number of third-party

Android: Dynamic acquisition of resource ID and resource ID

We usually obtain resources through the Findviewbyid method, for example, we often use such statements in the OnCreate method: Btnchecked= (ImageView) Findviewbyid ( Imgcheck); Findviewbyid is a convenient way for us to get the various view

IOS remote message push

IOS Push BasicsApple uses a public key digital certificate to authenticate push requests from IOS applications, so you first need to create an authentication key and register them with Apple. I'll spend quite a bit of time in the next section to

RSA in Android, VC, Java encryption and decryption to achieve interoperability.

Recently, the company's project needs to upload/download data to AES+RSA encryption and decryption requirements, the client has the VC RSA encryption interface, and said to be compatible with their system, that is, VC to use their module to

Skype for Business iOS edition officially released

Today, Skype for Business iOS edition is officially released.You can download it from the Apple Store or update it to Skype for business via the Lync 2013 app.Skype for business IOS is primarily a feature of mobile enterprise internal communication

Mobile-Touch Module

When you write the touch event, there will always be a variety of bugs, just found Zepto touch module, very useful, and because of Zepto and jquery syntax similarity, this module can be directly referenced to jquery,It takes time to digest it so

[]android JSON string returned in the parse background

In the ordinary form:The JSON data format returned by the server side is as follows:{"Userbean": {"Uid": "100196", "ShowName": "\u75af\u72c2\u7684\u7334\u5b50", "Avtar": null, "state": 1}}The analysis code is as follows:? 123456789101112

Mobile development: A simple tutorial for Android software development Beginners

If you want to learn Android software development, or a beginner, you can find a lot of Android tutorials and learning materials online, dazzling beginner tutorials and advanced tutorials, if you see this article do not miss, is simply a beginner's

About the types of files that are stored in the main folder in Android engineering

The types of files in Android engineering include the following:A. Jar Package: is to solve the software compatibility problem. If you are developing an application on a low-version Android platform, and the application wants to use a feature that

Android Naming conventions

Android Naming ConventionsJust touch Android, the name is in accordance with pinyin, so sometimes want to understand the name of the control what is the use of, it is necessary to read and even several times to know, so that in the code review and

IOS background Run implementation--backup

Wen YiI learned from the Apple documentation that the general application can get a certain amount of time to run the task in the background, that is, it can run in the background for a short period of time.There are also three kinds of types that

IOS: Third-party open source framework for well-known apps


The design and technology of well-known applications has always been what developers need to learn, and the open source framework used by these applications is also an important part of the process. Previouslyslot and Memo for iOS third-party open

Get a physical unique ID on your Android phone

Recently in the process of doing the project need to uniquely identify the user's device, background in the push notification need to use this unique identification number.The first thing I'll think about is the device ID of the appliance, which can

Nagios Monitoring Installation

One, what is Nagios1.nagios IntroductionNagios is a monitoring system that monitors the system's operational status and network information. Nagios can monitor the specified local or remote host and service, as well as provide exception notification

iOS data Persistence ii-archive and design a data model base class that can be stored

iOS data Persistence ii-archive and design a data model base class that can be storedfirst, Introductionin the previous blog, we introduced the method of data persistence using plist Files. It's easy to use, but with the development in-depth, you'll

How iOS correctly draws 1-pixel lines

first, Point Vs PixelIn ios, when we use frames such as quartz,uikit,coreanimation, all coordinate systems are measured by point. The system will help us handle the conversion of point to pixel when actually rendering to the Device.The benefits of

Learn about Android 4.1, third: butter project--operating mechanism and fresh stuff

Welcome back to gtka, everyone's favorite investigative series where we learn all about the newest version of Androi D (with a heavy emphasis on "all"). The previous-episodes, if you didn ' t catch them, is here and Here. Welcome back to the

Parse build mobile app backend service (i)

At present, the product being developed is over, there is time to summarize the experience, also in the way to share our main use of the Platform-parse.What is parse?The parse is a cloud computing platform developed by Americans for mobile app

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