(GO) IOS best practices

This article turns from http://www.jianshu.com/p/b0bf2368fb95Thanks to the author and translatoriOS Best PracticesiOS Best PracticesTranslator noteThis article is translated from Futurice's iOS good practices, and the translation is maintained on

(turn) The iphone6 of the H5 page of the mobile terminal

Original address: http://www.ghugo.com/mobile-h5-fluid-layout-for-iphone6/Iphone6 and iphone 6 Plus have been out for some time. Many mobile sites, previously written dead body 320px, is now estimated to be busy with the adaptation.Big screen mobile

Cocos2d-x 3.0 Modify Android platform frame rate FPS-solve the problem of hot hair burning in game running phone

After the game was developed using Cocos2d-x 3.0, it was found that the game was very hot on Android phones, and on Meizu 2, almost worried that the phone would explode ~ ~ ~ One of the measures taken is to reduce the frame rate because the game is

R language Apply function family notes

Why use ApplyBecause I am a programmer, so when I first learn R, as "another programming language" to learn, but how to learn all feel awkward. Now I am inclined to think that R is not a general-purpose programming language, but a software tool in

HDU 1452 Happy 2004 (Fast Power + modulo multiplication inverse)

Problem Descriptionconsider A positive integer x,and let S is the sum of all positive integer divisors of 2004^x. Your job is to determine s modulo (the rest of the division of S by 29).Take X = 1 for an example. The positive integer divisors of 2004

"0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 10-functions

directory of this document First, the basic concept Second, the definition of function Iii. formal parameters and actual parameters Iv. type of return value V. Return Six, the function definition of attention Vii.

"0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 01-Overview

directory of this document First, computer knowledge Development history of programming language Iii. A brief History of C language Iv. features of the C language V. The role of C language Version issues in the six and C

The difference between handler runnable and thread in Android

Original link: http://www.codeceo.com/article/android-handler-runnable-thread.htmlHandler in Android can control runnable asynchronously, so what's the difference between this and the thread in Android? This article will explain this issue through a

Screenshot, Blur, transfer, and use of Android bitmap images

A requirement was encountered in the project:When a condition is satisfied, it intercepts the current screen and jumps to another page, while the screenshot is the background image of the next page, and the background image needs to be blurred.The

The most beautiful application-from the perspective of Android Research and development engineers [most beautiful time]

The most beautiful application-from the point of view of Android development engineers @author ASCE1885 's Github book Weibo CSDN Recently found the most beautiful application of such a website, it will regularly introduce some very

Android Hook tool Cydia substrate use

Hook Introduction: Hook is the hook, in Android, is to intercept and monitor the transmission of the event before the event is delivered to the end, like a hook on an event, and be able to handle some of their own specific events when the event is

IOS ui16_ Data Persistence

////Student.h//ui16_ data Persistence////Created by Dllo on 15/8/19.//Copyright (c) 2015 Zhozhicheng. All rights reserved.//#import #pragma mark if you want to implement archiving and anti-archive operations, you need to sign a protocol first

Android SDK Update When the change Hosts file is still unable to update, you can try this method ...

changes to the Hosts file when updating the Android SDK are still unable to update, it must be extremely painful at this time. The Hosts file replaced the various IP, still can't solve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? The first step:Open the software and wait for the

Write unit test Code (JUNIT test) under Android (Java) Learning Note 165:android

When writing Android applications, we often need to write some business logic implementation classes, but we may not be able to determine whether this business logic can be successfully implemented, especially when the logic code is very large, we

Explore the deep copy & shallow copy &copy in iOS

What is a deep copy? What is a shallow copy?Why do you often see the string attribute defined like this, the copy is God horse meaning?@property (nonatomic,copy) nsstring* name;Why is the following notation wrong?@property (nonatomic,copy)

Using the Google V8 JS engine on Android

The WebView, which is used directly in Cantk-runtime, directs the canvas's 2d context API to JNI via the Java extension interface, and the graphics acceleration through OpenGL, rendering speed is greatly improved. Later, the test found that most of

In addition to foreign teachers, now even mobile phone can know your spoken English is standard

The annual college entrance examination has been over two months, put the list also past a lot of days, in the test prep days, not only examinee hard, even comes student parents are busy.In one of the oral English test, some comes parents may be the

iOS termination function exit

1. Exit FunctionThe C,c++ function exit is used to terminate the current program, and the function is defined as follows: void exit (int status); The official notes are as follows:Terminates the process normally, performing the regular

The most beautiful application-from the perspective of Android Research and development engineers [kitchen story]

The most beautiful application-from the perspective of Android research and development Engineers kitchen story @author ASCE1885 's Github book Weibo CSDN In this article we will analyze the technology stack of this German app for the

Android does not have access to the local server (localhost) solution

When accessing the local server via localhost or in Android development, it will be reported Java.net.connectexception:localhost/ Refused Exception. Why do you report this anomaly? Because the Android emulator

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