Read and Write app. config file

Items often need to be recorded on the app. config file, which is referenced from the Web. 1. reading the config file string color = configurationmanager.appsettings["color"]; string fontSize = configurationmanager.appsettings["fontSize"]; string

Go Android Perfect Exit App (exit)

This article transferred from: last two days in order to solve the Android top exit program problem toss half dead, in Google & Baidu above looked for a long time, a very long time out of the

iOS development--Kinky skills Summary of various sexual techniques in the development of &ios (iii)

Summary of various kinky techniques in iOS development (III.)one: Send and awk explanations Sed-n P filenamesed----------------------------is a stream editor awk ' BEGIN {print ' Hellow '} ' awk--------is a programming

Android Custom View Draw Alarm

Android Custom View Draw AlarmThis article simply implements an alarm clock, extending the View,canvas drawingThe effect is as follows:The code is as follows:

Android & iOS Video recording technology Solutions

Repeatedly want to run a technical blog, always for a variety of reasons to evade. This time determined to write, not for self-marketing, not to expand social, just to urge themselves to learn. In recent months, regular update of two lines, one is a

I summarize the Android programming specification

Naming rules1). class name, Interface name:Starting with uppercase, if the class name of a class consists of multiple words, the first letter of all the words must be capitalized, the word should be written as full as possible, not abbreviated,

Prepare the article-Liu Bei, from weaving sandals to coding the 1th back Oh, what is Android?

This is a sunny afternoon, Liu Bei Liu Xuande sitting at home while humming a tune while knitting sandals. On the sandals in a cheerful, stoned, he suddenly on the life of a hint of doubt, I was the king of Zhongshan Jing Wang, think of my ancestral

Combine Uiimageview to move and zoom pictures

iphone ipad Development: Combined with Uiimageview to achieve image movement and zoom for various reasons, the need to implement image viewing in the iphone application, because the iphone screen support multi-touch, so it is to use "gestures" to

IOS: How to draw a 1-pixel line correctly

First, point Vs PixelIn iOS, when we use frames such as quartz,uikit,coreanimation, all coordinate systems are measured by point. The system will help us deal with point-to-pixel conversions when actually rendering to settings.The benefits of doing

Ios_ Timestamp and date conversion (a few minutes ago)

Mark for myself.When the time stamp turns, it often encounters the type to be converted to a few minutes ago. For example, the latest product theory was published "one minute Ago" or "10 minutes ago".The following method encapsulates the time stamp

Melt Cloud Android SDK photo, image selector scheme analysis

A photoThere are two options for photo-melting and cloud1 The camera key class that comes with the SDK Kit package: CamerainputproviderThis type of click is to evoke the takingpicturesactivity feature is to take a photo after the tick is completed

Android Animation Animation (i): When a ListView slide is introduced from the layout animation, the display animation of each item item

Preface:Before, I have written two blog posts, to show you how the basic Android animation is implemented, if not clear, you can click to view: Android Animation animation in detail (a): Motion tweens and Android animation animation (ii): Combo

Android HTTP Session && Cookie

Http:// protocol and status hold The HTTP protocol itself is stateless, which is consistent with the HTTP protocol's original purpose, the client simply needs to request to the server to download some files,

Interpreting Android's tasks and back stacks

This document is translated from Android official documentation, combined with your own tests, organized as follows.OverviewAn application usually includes multiple activities, each activity needs to specify a specific function, and sometimes it

Getting Started with OpenGL ES 3.0 programming in iOS (ii): Draw a simple triangle

We've explained how to build a Hello World development environment, so we'll draw a simple triangle out of this one. First of all, I would like to introduce the OpenGL ES rendering process, before 2.0, ES rendering using fixed pipeline, what is

Appium for MAC Environment Preparation Chapter

1 Appium for MAC Environment Preparation article "original Address:"1.1 Javaguowenxie-macbookair:~ guowenxie$ java-versionJava Version "1.8.0_05"Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_05-b13)Java

"JavaScript" [bind,call,apply] (function cal () {} ()); declaring the function to execute immediately

---restore content starts---1. js function calls have 4 modes: Method invocation, normal function call, constructor function call, Apply/call call.At the same time, no matter what function call except for the formal parameters that you define when

iOS Infinite loop scrolling ScrollView

Often have the park friend will ask "Bo Master, there is no picture infinite scrolling demo ah?" ", Serious's picture scrolling demo I really don't have it here today. Encapsulates a picture carousel that you can use directly in your project. No

Android Message Processing

Basic Concepts:Message: messages that contain the message id, the message processing object, and the processed data are queued by MessageQueue and processed by Handler.Handler: handler, responsible for sending and processing the Message. When using

Android uses timer to write countdown program

Let's start by looking at the basic usage of the timer and the simple Principle. Java Timer Used. What I'm saying here is that Android uses a timer to write a countdown Program.Requirements: implement a

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