iOS remove whitespace from string, line break symbol

The essence of removing the space and newline symbol is to replace the corresponding character.nsstring* STR=~~~~~~;//1. Remove the trailing white space character and newline character str = [str stringbytrimmingcharactersinset:[nscharacterset

Android--webview Nested Web pages

WebView Nested Web pagesFor some reason, we always need to show some complex text, html.fromhtml () can not meet our needs, such as the background editable text in front of the display is more difficult, so in order to solve some complex text

About DES encryption (encryption and decryption between Android and iOS and the background Java server)

About DES encryption (encryption and decryption between Android and iOS and the background Java server)Http:// (2013-04-17 11:47:23) Category: iphone development Recently

s how to solve Android DK can't download package issue

after installing some users of the Android SDK. Open the Android SDK manager download API when the "Done loading packages" is always displayed but is slow to move forward. There is a situation like this. Share your success in solving this problem.

Android Learning Note WebService implementation of Remote Call + internal principle analysis ...

PS: Finally can take time to write blog, busy School of the three-week break practical training plus for the test ... Three weeks, not how to learn ... Hey...Learning content:1.WebService implementation of remote method invocationWhat is WebService .

This class defines static constants and functions that are created and converted to a color of type int. The color is represented by the number of int, consisting of 4 bytes, which is a R G B, the value of the int is determined, the value of the

Array prototype method call and function apply call when class array parameter under IE8 problem

When a function is called by apply, the method of argument is an array or array of classes (an object with a length property) consisting of various parameters, and the number of arguments passed depends on the value of length, for example, an object

Linux under CentOS install Android SDK latest comprehensive tutorial "feasible"

1. This tutorial resolves the possibility of entering ADB in the command or prompting for errors after you have configured the environment variables for the Android SDK. Now provide you with the latest solution, this method can also solve the latest

New ITC Submission App FAQs and workarounds (Icon alpha,build version,appicon120x120) (2014-11-17)

1) ICON Unable to upload, prompt picture transparent (with alpha channel)Apple now does not accept the alpha in PNG, the submitted icon with an alpha channel will prompt:Simple processing: Open with your own preview, do not check the alpha when

Distribution and description of basic statistical indicators used in mobile terminals

Basic Indicators Dimension of Statistical Cycle explain New User No hours, days, weeks, two weeks, months, real-time number of users who first used the product during the specified period

IOS: Sandbox, preferences, archive, archive

one, sandbox and application packagesThe iOS application can only read files in the file system created for the program and cannot be accessed anywhere else, this area is called a sandboxiOS Common

An app that's all about the process from design drafts to cutting diagrams. Mark

Pure Dry Goods! An app that's all about the process from design drafts to cutting diagrams@BAT_LCK: I am a GUI designer, so I just stand on the GUI designer's point of view to write the app from the start of the project to the output of the slice,

Android Project Refactoring path: interface Chapter

In the previous article, "The Path of Android Project refactoring: Architecture", the project's architecture has been briefly explained, and the project is divided into four levels: Model layer, Interface layer, core layer, interface layer. Among

Some thoughts on handler in Android

This article includes the following issues related to handler:(1) The role of handler(2) Why is Android designed to update the UI only in the UI thread?(3) Two exceptions to Handler(4) The relationship between Handler and Looper MessageQueue (source

IOS Learning Notes for loop method exercises--Lan Yi Education

Today I learned the For loop and the method, the content is somewhat complex, but original aim in the later study easy to grasp, because the scope is broad, the use rate is high. So you'll get it when you practice.———————— for Loop ——————————For

JQ use append to add HTML text and then delete the HTML text

Because the code in the project is too much in the way, it simplifies the code, only the description, not the code, but the method works.Omit HTML code ... Figure 1:JQ use append to add HTML text and then delete the HTML text

Localstorage under Safari under iOS doesn't work

One of our small applications, using the Baidu Map API to obtain the user's coordinates after using Localstorage to do the next cache, test on-line after the operation of the student Feedback page data pull,The test did not find the problem, and 2

Latest Android Sdk_api_ Development Package _ Offline Package _ Download

[reprint] "resources" latest Android SDK_API_ Development Kit _ Offline Package _ Download Android SDK Development is not the same, due to Google server, the download of Android SDK in China is very slow, if you want to download all of the Android

IOS Image Caching. Libraries Benchmark (sdwebimage vs Fastimagecache)

Http:// IntroductioniOS apps have become more visually appealing in the past few Years. Image presentation is a key part of this, as most image displays need to be downloaded and Rendered. Most developers

Android--using Volley+fastjson to read the network interface in a new thread get weather information

one, about Volleyin fact, initially for the network data access, I did not expect to use the framework, using HttpURLConnection or HttpGet or httppost can be achieved. But why? Why I has to use volley?before Volley:Class Httpurlconnection_post

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