Deploying Yii 2.0\yii-advanced-app-2.0.6 with Nginx


#user Nobody;Worker_processes 1;#error_log Logs/error.log;#error_log Logs/error.log Notice;#error_log Logs/error.log Info;#pid logs/;Events {Worker_connections1024;} http {include Mime.types;Default_type Application/octet-stream;#log_format

Multi-line read-write text iOS9 text view for IOS 9 app development Tutorials

Multi-line read-write text iOS9 text view for IOS 9 app development Tutorialsmulti-line read and write text--ios9text Viewtext view is also an input control, unlike a text box, where the text view allows the user to enter multiple lines, 2.23 is

Android 4.4 js Call WebView Activity method record

The first few days of the project encountered the whole problem, run on the android2.2, OK, wood has problems. Got 4.4 on the test, no response in WebView.This is because Google has made a bug fix to WebView after android4.2.x. Only JS is allowed to

Android in the design interface Drawable,canvas, and bitmap

Drawable graphical objects, you can reprint images in a common format, which may be (bitmaps) bitmapdrawable, or shapedrawable (graphics), or many other picture formats GIF,PNG,JEPGTwo. Bitmap is a bitmap for image processingThree. Canvas, which is

Android--commonly used mobile phone number function

Reprint Please specify source: Android phones will have a number of commonly used features, such as ordering telephone, public telephone, air tickets, and so on, and so on, click on the

iOS development--uibutton set rounded border color Click callback method

1UIButton *signbtn =[UIButton Buttonwithtype:uibuttontypecustom];2Signbtn.frame = CGRectMake (0,0, the, +);3 [Signbtn.layer Setmaskstobounds:yes];4[Signbtn.layer Setcornerradius:10.0];//set four fillet radii for a rectangle5[Signbtn.layer

IOS download Web image method with GCD


Downloading a network picture with multithreading can cause repeated downloads of wasted traffic.In order to avoid the above situation, using multi-threaded download image method can be used the following methods.1. Create a dictionary, if

The Android program uses SOAP to invoke the remote WebService service

In today's applications, it is impossible not to use the network, and the backend must be supported by the server. Today, the most common way to invoke HTTP is get, post, and return JSON or XML data. But there is also a common form of calling

Maven command to create an Android project

1. Create a project with the Android tool.Android Create project \--target \--name \--path path/to/your/project \--activity \--package Target is the ' build target ' for your application. It corresponds to a Android platform library (including

Android Studio shortcut key Daquan and Eclipse control

Ctrl + Space Code hints ( with Eclipse in alt+/ )Find files within the Ctrl+shjft+n project (Ctrl+shift+r with Eclipse)Doubleshift Global LookupsCTRL+F12 showing the structure of the current file (ctrl+0 with Eclipse)ctrl+alt+lFormatting            

Mobile front-end phone input method comes with emoji expression character processing

Today, the test gave me a bug, said the mobile input emoji expression can not be submitted. Long ago has thought, the cell phone input method comes with the emoji expression, should be some special characters. Since it is a character, it should all

IOS Get current time

First-you can build a category://Nsstring+datestr.mget current time Demo//Created by Yons on 15/7/16.Copyright (c) year yons. All rights reserved.//#import "Nsstring+datestr.h"#import @implementation NSString (DATESTR)----- weeks ---+ (nsstring*)

In-depth analysis of the Android build and run process

Android compiles and runs in-depth analysis of fonts: [Increase decrease] Type: Reprint first look at the Android application written in the Java language from the source to the installation package of the entire process, this process to understand

iOS development----Sdwebimage supports images in WEBP format

What is WEBP? How does iOS support images in WEBP format? What is WEBP? Click here to see what is WEBP. How does iOS support images in WEBP format? in the development of iOS, we will basically use the Open Source Library sdwebimage to

High imitation Baidu lesson iOS version, version number

High imitation Baidu Biography course iOS version: Environment: xcode6.3 ios8.3 (no further system test)GitHub Source Link: Https:// please specify the source, not for commercial use and illegal

iOS Developer Benefits Boutique Source Summary! Free download

Summary some look good source code, have the need of friends come to download it! {: 4_102:}1. The color Dazzle progress bar made with Swift-kdcircularprogressKdcircularprogress is a color-dazzle progress bar made with Swift, which allows you to add

[ASP] state management (Session, Application, Cache, Cookie, Viewstate, hidden field, query string)

Original: [ASP] state management (Session, Application, Cache, Cookie, Viewstate, hidden field, query string) Session:1. The session begins when the customer opens the ASP. NET page for the first time on the server. When the client does not

colors and their corresponding color values used in iOS development

R G B Value R G B Value R G B Value Black 0 0 0 #000000 Yellow 255 255 0 #FFFF00 Light gray Blue 176 224

[iOS] get current system time (current time Zone)

1. Get accurate events for the current system (+ 8 Hours)NSDate *date = [nsdatedate]; // Get Time Object nstimezone *zone = [nstimezonesystemtimezone ]; // Get the time zone of the system nstimeinterval Time = [zonesecondsfromgmtfordate:d ate]; /

The difference between declaring a variable in a "go" ios,objective_c with a @interface and @property way

Original: In the parentheses of @interface: nsobject{}, of course nsobject refers to a parent class, which can be other.The form is as Follows:@interfaceGcturnbasedmatchhelper:nsobject {&

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