"Turn" Pro Android Learning Note (69): HTTP Service (3): HTTP POST MultiPart

Directory (?) [-] Setting up a test environment Development environment Import third-party jar HTTP Post Multipart Small example HTTP post not only passes parameters through key-value pairs, but also carries more complex

Android--apache HttpClient

The previous article describes the use of HttpURLConnection to complete support for the HTTP protocol. Now introduce a new way to access the Web site, that is httpclient.HttpClient is an open source project provided by the Apache Open source

Mobile Application Performance Test white Paper

PrefaceThe range of mobile phone tests described below does not include SMS and phone functions, but rather refers to applications other than the communication function. Nowadays, mobile phones have become the daily necessities of most people. The

Android Power Management-Hibernation brief analysis

First, the outset1.Linux Description of power state-On (s0-working)-Standby (Standby) S1-cpu and RAM is powered but not executed-Suspend to RAM (MEM) S3-ram is powered and the running content are saved to ram-Suspend to Disk,hibernation (Disk)

My Android Advanced tour------>java String Formatting method String.Format () format float type when the decimal point becomes a comma problem

Today, a customer from Poland said that there was an app in the English state that everything worked fine, but when the system language switched to Polish language, the program ran out. Well, I'm here to maintain it again.Okay, first switch the

ios-data Persistence base-json and XML data parsing

Basic concepts of parsing"Parsing": extracting data from pre-defined format stringsThe premise of the resolution: in advance to agree on a good format, data providers to provide data in a format, data acquisition by the format of data

How to implement a friend circle function in the app a brief analysis of the principle of the realization of the circle of friends--arrow Buckle technology Arrownock

How to implement a friend circle function in the app analysis of the principle of the circle of friendsFriends Circle, Sina Weibo, know well-known friends circle type function, have you ever thought about the logic of its realization?This article

How to implement the IM function in the app four create a robust message sending module-arrow Buckle technology Arrownock

How to implement the IM feature in the app four create a robust message sending moduleAnim Chat is a heartbeat to keep the device and the server connection between the online, and sometimes because of network or other reasons cause the connection is

Correct use of IOS macros (define) and constants (const)

Correct use of IOS macros (define) and constants (const)In iOS development, macro definitions are often used, or some data types are modified with const, and often developers do not know how to use them correctly, resulting in the confusion of

Turn----detailed iOS development app concurrency dispatch Queues


a detailed description of the concurrency of iOS development applications dispatch queues is the content of this article, we can almost dispatch the queue to complete all the tasks with the thread . Scheduling queues are simpler, easier to use, and

Android app design guidelines and app design (GO)

As Android smartphones continue to update. Android phone system is becoming more and more perfect, screen size is getting bigger! such as the recent release of Millet MIUI 6 and Meizu mobile phone system updates and so on.To Xiaomi MIUI6 's Android

Curses Library not found. Please install the appropriate package

Today, when installing MYSQL-5.5.3-M3, the following error is reported:--Could not find OpenSSL (missing:openssl_libraries openssl_include_dir)--Could not find Curses (missing:curses_library curses_include_path) CMake Error at cmake/readline.cmake:83

Android gets signature public key and public key private key plus decryption

public class Getpublickey {/** * Gets the signature key * @param mcontext * @return * */protected static String Getsigninfo (Context mcontext) {String signcode = ""; try {packageinfo packageinfo = Mcontext.getpackagemanager (). Getpackageinfo

iOS Development--app integrated SMS Verification Code

Whether on the Web page or on the client, whenever we register, often will be SMS or email verification, this is a good security mechanism. For the user experience, if it is on the PC Web page, the mailbox or SMS verification is more convenient, if

The difference between the getactivity (), Getbroadcast (), GetService () Methods of Android Pendingintent

Pendingintent is a special kind of intent. The main difference is that the execution of the intent is immediate, and the execution of the pendingintent is not immediate. The action performed by Pendingintent is essentially the intent operation that

iOS nsstring format retains the decimal point float double

self. Ordercost. Text = [nsstringstringwithformat:@ "%.1f yuan ",self. Order. Cost. Floatvalue]; %.1F represents a decimal point,%.2f represents a decimal point 2 bits, and so on.Format definitionThe format specifiers supported

Yun da Software: Tongda OA leading the new era of mobile office

With the growing demand for OA products in the past two years, the requirements of OA products are more and more accurate. The traditional OA model can not meet the needs of enterprises. Tongda will be committed to the cloud OA products one-stop

GitHub Ios-top 100 Introduction

GitHub's Top 100 iOS third-party summary profiles make it easy for developers to choose the right third-party framework. Project Name Project Information 1. afnetworking The author is the blogger of

Android Install Linux, play turn Android

The first one or two days, looking at Samsung updated Android6.0 list, but their phone is Xiaomi 3, also want to try Android native, went to brush the Android6.0 to adapt to millet version, from the big God @ Autumn leaves with the wind of the

The difference and analysis of Android activity life cycle and fragment life cycle

Android Fragment life cycle diagram:Activity Life Cycle Graph:Contrast chart:Fragment Life cycle Analysis:1. When a fragment is created, it goes through the following States. Onattach () OnCreate () Oncreateview ()

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