Android Log Tool Class

Import Java.text.simpledateformat;import;import Android.util.log;public class LogUtil {private static Final Boolean DEBUG = true;public static void D (string tag, string method, String msg) {LOG.D (TAG, "[" + Method + "]" + MS g);}

IOS removes escape characters from JSON

Today to help friends to get this problem, the JSON return is all with ' \ ', so to remove the backslash, but OC inside the ' \ ' is an escape character, not directly with the "\" or the like, after a search, found the OC on the expression of the

C + + stitching string efficiency comparison (+ =, append, StringStream, sprintf)

Turn from: stitching string Efficiency comparison (+ =, append, StringStream, sprintf)Recently wrote the program with a large number of splicing strings, in order to improve the efficiency of

iOS reading notes-the meaning of key in common plist

1. uiappfonts Embedded Fonts2, uibackgroundmodes Background Runtime Services (voip,audio,location)3. Uidevicefamily array type (1 for iphone and ipod touch device , 2 for ipad)4. uifilesharingenabled open itunes shared document folder5,

Android version ZEROMQ compilation

Download ZEROMQHttp:// JZMQHttps:// system using ubuntu14.04-i386Cd/zeromqwget

iOS Development-Nsurlconnection implementation of a breakpoint to continue download

Common classesNSURL: //请求地址NSURLRequest: //一个NSURLRequest对象就代表一个请求,它包含的信息有:一个NSURL对象请求方法、请求头、请求体请求超时… …NSMutableURLRequest://NSURLRequest的子类NSURLConnection //负责发送请求,建立客户端和服务器的连接发送NSURLRequest的数据给服务器,并收集来自服务器的响应数据Nsurlconnection Steps to

Android app UI hardware accelerated rendering technology brief introduction and Learning Plan

The fluency of the Android system has been compared to iOS and is considered inferior to the latter. This aspect is related to the uneven quality of the Android device, on the other hand, and the implementation of the Android system. For example,

Android (Java) callback function classic Example

callback Function Classic Example1. Using a Java callback function to implement a tool class to test the run time of a functionpublic class Testobject { /** * A method to be tested, a time-consuming loop is performed */public static

The "Go" Android UI family-----Time, date, toasts, and progress Bar dialog

Original URL: right corner Focus Button recommended buttons to support Oh if you have any questions about the content of the article, you can contact me by comment or email: [Email

Full Rename method for iOS project tutorial

Original link: Http:// Project's complete renaming method graphic tutorialForeword: In iOS development, sometimes want to change the name of the project, will encounter a lot of trouble. Change the

Android px, DP, SP difference

Since the rise of Android, the growing number of developers, while the market is constantly growing uneven equipment, followed by the developers need to adapt to a variety of models and the trouble and complaints. And with the different

15-ios development tool Series (by function)

iOS Development Tools series (by Function)This is one of many of our iOS development Tools series, previous articles such as:The Xcode plugin that can't be missed,IOS Developer Valuable toolset ,Ios/os x development: All kinds of tools come in the

13-flurry Mobile Statistics Tool

Flurry Analytics SDK Integration steps and features introduction1.Flurry Analytics SDK Website:Http:// Integration steps1) Registered usersHttp:// Add app after login(1) To add an

Mobile application analysis of Android learning ability

1. What is mobile app analytics?Mobile application is an important carrier of mobile Internet, mobile application Analysis refers to the use of mobile users, such as the basic data, data analysis by the service side, dig into the characteristics of

Use Sina App engine to break the limits of domestic agents

ObjectiveWhen Google is still able to access, many people use Google APP engine for proxy services, but after Google was blocked this service can not be used, in the country, we have bae,sae and other motherland version of the service, at some point,

Android socket-based WHOIS domain name query, the entire project package download

Idea: first tidy up all the domain name after the WHOIS host address, put him into the XML package into the app, check the domain name to get this XML corresponding host address, and then connect to this address with the socket, send/Receive

Android JNI Development Demo by NDK (native develop kit)

Finally have some free time, so think about the previous Android related projects to tidy up, a few days ago to organize the Android OCR project, today will simply tidy up the NDK JNI calls.The configuration and development of local calls via JNI in

An analysis of the technology architecture of Android in-app Community SDK

Android in-app Community SDK Technical architecture What is an in-app micro-community? Figure 1 Figure 2 Snowball finance in-app community First, take the Friend Alliance Micro-community

Android API Guides web App--------------Building Web Apps in WebView (WebView binding to pages)

If you want to implement a web app on your phone or download a Web page in your app, you'll need to use the WebView control. This WebView class is an extension subclass of the view class that allows Web pages to be displayed as part of the

iOS video project parsing is mainly about block details if you know the definition of block, but not very familiar with the use of this article

Video project analysis from GitHubThis project can be downloaded on both 4app and github.Project:Here is the program just run interfaceThe program should have a Discover controllerFind the Discover controller, and then you can familiarize yourself

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