Android to determine when the app is open or closed technology research

There are only two things that can make a team united, fearful, or loyal. ---"Speed and passion 7" Original link: Problems that existInevitably, Android

Mobile application analysis of Android learning ability

1. What is mobile app analytics?Mobile application is an important carrier of mobile Internet, mobile application Analysis refers to the use of mobile users, such as the basic data, data analysis by the service side, dig into the characteristics of

The difference between parcelable and serializable in Android systems

When it comes to Android development, we all know we can't pass references to activities or fragments, we need to put them in a intent or bundle, and then pass them on.Through the Android API, we know that there are two options, that is, when

Android JNI Development Demo by NDK (native develop kit)

Finally have some free time, so think about the previous Android related projects to tidy up, a few days ago to organize the Android OCR project, today will simply tidy up the NDK JNI calls.The configuration and development of local calls via JNI in

An analysis of the technology architecture of Android in-app Community SDK

Android in-app Community SDK Technical architecture What is an in-app micro-community? Figure 1 Figure 2 Snowball finance in-app community First, take the Friend Alliance Micro-community

Application,session,cookie, can you tell me the point? --"ASP."

background:Every thing produced by the time is a reason drops, I personally think, these methods are similar to the cache, is to put some of the commonly used data into the cache to save up, than directly from memory or hard disk read more quickly,

Android API Guides web App--------------Building Web Apps in WebView (WebView binding to pages)

If you want to implement a web app on your phone or download a Web page in your app, you'll need to use the WebView control. This WebView class is an extension subclass of the view class that allows Web pages to be displayed as part of the

iOS app internationalization tutorial

It's great to develop a great iOS app, but there are more things to do than good code, gorgeous design, and intuitive interaction. Being in the forefront of the App Store leaderboard also requires a timely product marketing, the ability to expand


ExifEXIF is an image file format, its data is stored in the JPEG format is exactly the same, in fact, the EXIF format is the JPEG format header inserted digital photo information, including the shooting aperture, shutter, balance white, ISO, focal

Thinking of cross-border trade caused by le-video mobile phone

5 months , 5 days in the morning, Le Vision mobile phone open hot appointment, hit the slogan of cost price, Trying to get a slice of a market that was already competitive. Throughout China's mobile phone market, hot brands are not a minority.

About Android4.4 's picture path gets, if the format of the URI comes back in two ways

About Android4.4 's picture path gets, if the format of the URI comes back in two ways1, content://, content://media/external/images/media/3951Workaround:1),When >=4.4if

Open the specified app via the link address in iOS and pass the reference by Xuwenchang chess

Based on the needs of the project, sometimes it is necessary to directly open the client that we have developed through a link or QR code scan.Of course. The client is not just needed to be opened, but also to jump to the corresponding page, so it

Android (Android) Remove window title and program Full screen---Pro Test!

First: Implement in program codeThis.requestwindowfeature (window.feature_no_title);//Remove the title barThis.getwindow (). SetFlags (WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN, WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_ fullscreen);//Remove Information

iOS Development Web-file download using the ASI framework

Original Development Web-file download using the ASI frameworkDescription: This article describes the framework ASI often used in iOS network programming, and how to use the framework for file

Android Surfaceview (i)

First, let's take a look at the official API's introduction to Surfaceview.Surfaceview's API Introduction    provides a dedicated drawing surface embedded inside of a view hierarchy. You can control the format of this surface and, if you like, its

Android Note ADB command application Example 1 (mobile phone with PC-side socket communication)

Because I study Android also quite a long time, has kept the diary in Evernote, because just leave relatively idle plan to put Evernote in the log over and over again published to share online.This article will use the C # and Java languages,

Android Code obfuscation tool Proguard Learning

Overview of the Proguard Code obfuscation tool: code can be de-redundant compression, code optimization, code obfuscation and so on. The main application in Android is to confuse the code: the class name, method name, field name into difficult to

Android Exit Program (iii)--android event bus

OverviewWhen we move forward with the footsteps of time, we always find ourselves doing some foolish things before. But it's not always a bad thing. I wrote two ways in my previous blog about how to quit an application in Android. Recently, I found

Three ways to parse XML in Android

There are three ways to parse XML in android: SAX (simple API XML), DOM (Document objrect Model), and the recommended pull parsing method for Android. The following is a detailed description of the three parsing methods one by One.Suppose you want

Android Combat Tip 29: Canvas Canvases

Tagged with: android canvas android artboard graphicThe Android framework provides some of the 2D paint api, packages that are one of Them.To draw something, you need 4 elements (or components) to do it together:* Bitmap: bitmap to

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