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      when we develop a good app will send it to the application market, but there is a very good application market (such as Pea pod, app Bao, Android Market, etc.) so the problem, if we want to count the number of downloads of the applications we

Go Ways to get directory paths for various files in iOS

The iphone sandbox model has four folders, what is it, where is the permanent data store, and what is the simple way to get the path to the emulator. Documents,tmp,app,library. (Nshomedirectory ()), manually saved files in the documents file

Turn Android screen suitable recipe method

Android picture adaptation is a tricky thing, this article detailed introduction screen display principle, why the resource file will existDRAWABLE-LDPI, drawable-mdpi, drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi and other folders, why use DP as a unit and so

HTTP interface Encryption "one": in mobile apps, protect the data on the server by encrypting the URL accessed by the client

Source: think there are a few key points to securing server-side data: Cannot have an impact on the experience, which excludes practices such as requiring the user to

iOS Development SQLite3

SQLite3 is an open-source, embedded relational database with good portability, ease of use, and low memory overheadSQLite3 is untyped, meaning that you can save any type of data to any field in any table. For example, the following statement of the

Android JNI cannot find a solution for a third-party library cannot load library

In a recent JNI project, the so library was given a layer of JNI encapsulation, equal to the method of invoking a third-party library in the JNI C + + code, and the entire project ran on Android.The third-party library that uses for its own

Android WebView (iv) interacting with HTML

WebView How to interact with HTMLMany times webview need to interact with HTML, either through Java code to control the page activity, or through JS trigger Java code, WebView provides the medium mechanism.First, let's look at the HTML code we need

[Android] Google IAP unmaneged Items Server Checksum

Android IAP unmaneged Items Server ChecksumWhen the IAP is successful, the status of this purchase is recorded on Google server. You can request this status via the Google Play Android Developer API to complete the checksum and send the player the

Sharedpreferences Storage of Android data storage

The Android system provides a system-level Configuration Storage scheme for applications, which is implemented by the Sharedpreferences interface, where all the information stored in the interface is saved in the form of a name-value pair, but its

Android Sqlite3 time Comparison syntax introduction

Data types supported by Sqlite3:NULL, INTEGER, REAL, TEXT, BLOBHowever, Sqlite3 also supports the following data typessmallint16-bit integerInteger 32-bit integerDecimal (P,s)P is the exact value, S is the number of decimal digitsFloat 32-bit real

Appserv Upgrading PHP

Thinkphp must be php5.3 and above when installing theThe local test server is using the APPSERV integrated environmentSo to upgrade PHP separatelyFirst download the Windows version of PHP above 5.3The C:\AppServ\php5\

Introduction to deep copy, shallow copy, custom object copy of IOS

The purpose of copy syntax: When changing a copy, it does not affect the source object;Deep copy: A copy of the content that produces a new object. The new object counter is set to 1, and the source object counter is unchanged. Shallow copy: Pointer

Quartz 2D usage in iOS two: creating a canvas

When using quartz paint in iOS, the first step is to get the canvas (the graphics context) and then do the various things on the canvas. you can see how many context types you can create by looking at the CoreGraphics.h header file first. #include #

The feeling of childhood-Xiaomi Bluetooth handle evaluation

After 2 nights of "Thunder and lightning" torture, I also slightly began to the full screen of bullets a little hand, can say I feel the MI bluetooth handle. (Thanks to the overweight cubs love to eat ice cream to provide test samples)The game

Android development, URI such as: texting, sending MMS, calling contacts, etc.

One, direct calls, and three different is that this direct call, rather than open the dial-up interface Uri uri = uri.parse ("tel:10086"); Intent Intent = new Intent (Intent.action_call, URI); Second, open the dial-up interface, type is

Android Custom Implementation Flip Card view

generally a view is only one side, but you can customize a view to achieve the flip effect like flipping a book. Rotate view:/** * Two ways to construct a flip card * 1: Directly provides a specific naming format for view * 2: provides two linear

Reason analysis and solutions for accessing resource IDs in the Android library without using the Switch-case statement

Ext.: analysisWhen we use the Switch-case statement to access the resource ID in the Android dependency library, we report the error as shown in the error that the argument followed by the case branch must

Android development uses shape to draw lines with some attention points

Note: Android3.0 above system starts to support hardware acceleration feature hardwareaccelerated, which is enabled by default. When one of your activity uses the "dashed" effect, you must set the hardware acceleration property of the activity in

The same cool but failed Google glasses, can give Apple Watch a few lessons?

While Apple is poised to enter the new product market for wearables, another Silicon Valley technology giant, Google, 10 miles north of Apple, has quietly halted the production of its most watched wearable device, the smart eyewear. Google glasses

"We all love Paul Hegarty." Stanford IOS8 public class personal note 6 init

This is the first thing to say about Init.Initialization is not often used, because most of the properties in the class and struct are initialized by assignment, or some properties are optional, so even nil does not matter, you can assign them later,

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