Android Development Practice: The use of implicit intent in real-combat drills

This article is to master the use of implicit intent in Android development by completing a real-combat task.Task : Let's say we've implemented a video player (playeractivity), and we want to register it with the system and start the video player

Supports App mobile app (Android and iOS) interface calls, transfer verification available Shiro MD5, SHA, and other encryption

please look for this genuine code, after-sales technology is guaranteed, the code has been continuously updated. (piracy is shameful, offenders must investigate) This is the company's team development -----------------------------------------------

Use of catlfilemapping shared memory on windows and internal mechanisms

Preface:When using CEF to load Web pages, to do JS and C + + interaction, you need to send some messages to the main window to notify the interface to do the appropriate processing. However, because CEF uses the chrome kernel as a multi-process

Android (Runnable)

Runnable does not necessarily open a new thread, such as the following method of invocation is run in the main thread of the UI:Handler mhandler=new Handler (); (New Runnable () {@Override public void run () {//TODO auto-generated

"Ice hockey crash" Android casual table ball game is now an interview, download it now!

"ice hockey crash" Android casual table Ball Game is now complete and ready to download! "Ice hockey Crash" is an Android billiard game that is similar to a shooting machine, in which you need to click on the screen,

WEBRTC iOS Framework Compilation

Selection of iOS framework for 1.WebRTCCurrently two more active open source WEBRTC implementations. Google WebRTC: Project address is: Ericsson OPENWEBRTC: Project address is:

A detailed description of bind, call, and apply functions in JavaScript

In the other program for our project to introduce JS, I prepared a lot of content, but it does not seem to be very effective, really light or not, it must be hands-on. A few days ago someone asked me about the use of the call () function in the code,

Slime: Learning Nagios (ii): Nagios configuration

This article consists of Su Yi Lin Feng provide sponsorship, starting in Slime Line the world Once the Nagios installation is complete, we'll configure Nagios now. For Nagios installation, refer to the article "Slime: Learning Nagios (i): Nagios

Android Sub-thread refreshes the main thread in view

Recently encountered a problem, the ListView item loads multiple pictures, and the picture is loaded asynchronously through a child thread in the adapter GetView method.This time involves the child thread refreshes the main thread in the view

Android various Resources detailed

1, character arrayThe string array resource is defined by the tag, and several tags contained in the tag represent the array elements.For exampleMercuryValuesEarthMarsThe code that references the string array is as follows:String[]

Android Basic Notes (vii)-page jump and data transfer

Activity profile Simple use of activity Jumps between the activity Intent to pass data Create activity get Return data How to call the system send SMS page How to send a text message Activity profileActivity is one of

Overview of the iOS Development learning phase process

Here's a quick introduction to my iOS development experience and an architecture for learning iOS development.1 iOS development environment1.1 Development environmentThe standard configuration is Mac OS X + Xcode.MacOSX words of choice with the

"Go" Android compilation system details (iii)--the compilation process

Original URL: original author of this article: Cloud Chou. Welcome reprint, please indicate the source and this article link 1. OverviewThe third step in compiling Android is to compile with the MKA

Bubble Android Notes

Android NoteWritten by Mr.bubbles The first thing to configure JDK Eclispe is not to say much. Eclispe is mainly used in XML and Java two languages, XML processing presentation layer, is the ability to layout a page, add elements, is to

The essential difference between Android get and post

1. Get is the data that is fetched from the server and post is the data sent to the server.2. Get is the URL where the parameter data queue is added to the Action property of the submission form, and the value corresponds to the field one by one in

Android Development free class library and tools collection

Android Development free class library and tools collection-OPEN development experience Library A collection of free class libraries and tools for Android development, categorized by directory. Action Bars Actionbarsherlock

android-Data Persistence Store 2

1.SQLiteAndroid built-in SQLite database, which is a lightweight embedded database, created by default for each appDatabase is private, its name is unique, and the individual apps cannot access the other's database. Generated by each applicationThe

[Turn] Gradle: There should be no androidandroid-studiosdk oolslib\find_java.exe at this time. Workaround

The above problem is mainly the Java path problem, here is the main solution, as for why so solve, you can learn the bat language. If you want to ask me, you can leave a message.Dx.bat according to the installation directory, my is D:\Program Files (

Pop-up mobile phone reading application innovation or die?

650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-5139 "alt=" Picture 1 "src=" Uploads/2015/03/%e5%9b%be%e7%89%8714.jpg "width=" 329 "height=" 228 "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle;

Go--android How to set margin in Java code

Http:// and Black Alliance:Used to set the margin directly in the XML (the distance is around 10dip), such as:In some cases, it is necessary to write in Java code.API, Android.view.ViewGroup.MarginLayoutParams

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