Parcelable interface usage in Android

1. Parcelable interfaceInterface for classes whose instances can is written to and restored from a Parcel. Classes implementing the Parcelable interface must also has a static field called CREATOR, which is an object Implementin G The

Some characters cannot be mapped using Iso-8859-1 character encoding

Some characters cannot be mapped using Iso-8859-1 character encodingcreate a new. properties file in Eclipse and prompt for errors if you enter Chinese save Reason:Some characters cannot be mapped using "iso-8859-1" character encoding.Either change

The path to app development in iOS


Now the mobile app is officially on the rise, but the main position is the 2 Big Mac: Google's Android and Apple's iOS system. Well, asIt is necessary for programmers to understand the development process of the app, especially the popular and hot

Processing Android API doc offline access via Python

The reason everyone should know, offline download SDK API can not be opened, in fact, mainly because these doc has to visit some of Google's websites: font, JS API and so on, so to really offline use of doc, there are two ways to achieve:1, real

Learn more about Android to confuse your app code encrypt to prevent decompile

1. See if there are any proguard.cfg in the project.2. If not, take a look at what is written in this file and copy it to your project after reading it.-optimizationpasses

Android automatically creates a model or PO file

In the development process found that the model or PO layer data is only different parameters, the others are the same, and each time the writing of the same thing will take a lot of time to write or copy. Although some can be generated quickly, but

Share 50 Android mobile app icons "Next"

In an era of popular mobile apps, the growing application economy is full of business opportunities. Anyone interested in application design will love the 50 unique Android app icons here. The icons in these examples will make the design of your

Android Surfaceview Learning (i)

First, let's take a look at the official API's introduction to Surfaceview.Surfaceview's API IntroductionProvides a dedicated drawing surface embedded inside of a view hierarchy. You can control the format of this surface and, if you like, its size;

Android Best performance Practice (iii)--high-performance coding optimization

Reprint Please specify source: the first two articles, we learned about Android memory, including how to use memory reasonably, and how to locate a problem when a memory leak occurs. So the

iOS Network protocol Chapter

iOS Development Network Chapter-HTTP Protocoldescription : Apache Tomcat server must occupy port 8080First, the URL1. Basic IntroductionThe full name of the URL is uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Resource Locator)With 1 URLs, you can find the only

Android sets the width or height of the child control to Match_parent to fill the remaining width or height in the parent control

First a few, as follows: The layout effect of the above four graphs is that if the parent control contains two child controls, the width of one of the child controls (in red button) is a fixed value, and the width of the other child control (in

IOS 8 AutoLayout with size class self-awareness [go]

Http:// and IPhone6 release has been quite a long time, the vast number of fruit powder finally ushered in the big screen iphone, no longer tangled for the big screen to buy Samsung Apple ...

PHP Development APP Interface Summary-XML encapsulation of communication interfaces

1.PHP Generating XML data① Stitching Strings② using System classes (Domdocument,xmlwriter,simplexml)Example 1 uses the DomDocument class in the PHP system class:PHP $dom New DomDocument (' 1.0 ', ' utf-8 '); $element $dom->createelement (' Test ', ' detailed

ANDROID.MK is an makefile file provided by Android that specifies such things as compiling generated so library names, referenced header file directories,. c/.cpp files that need to be compiled, and. A static library files. To master the JNI, we

Android Volley parsing (iii) file upload

Before we talked about how to achieve form submission through volley, and this article with a link is very big, if not see a blog friends, it is recommended to first look at the Android Volley parsing (ii) Form submissionBecause the file upload is

Qtandroid detailed (5): JNI calls Android system features (2)

In "Qtandroid detailed (4): JNI calls Android system features (1)" We give some simple examples of how to use the Qt JNI class library to access network status, System resource directory, current application information and so on, this time, we

IOS5 one of the basic tutorials-----How to create a Xcode project

First, the basic knowledge of iOS1. Only one application is running. On iOS, you can activate only one application and display it on the screen at any time.2. There is only one window. A window that allows application operations only.3. Access is

"Sail Plan 018" 2015 sail plan Android Apidemo Devil Step App->alarm->alarm Service

The Alarm service and Alarm Controller examples are very similar, just Alarm service is used to schedule a service, and the previous example is to schedule a broadcast.As mentioned earlier, pendingintent can be used to describe an activity,

Open source Android Watercress movie reader

Learning Andorid Development for some time, did a small application--watercress movie reader, as a summary of this stage of learning. The basic reader function is currently implemented, and more rich features are added later.Code hosted on GitHub,

Enterprise Account Update App

Enterprise Account Version Update summary reference:Http:// Packing Ipa,plistTool: Xcode6Certificate: Enterprise-Class Development certificate1.1) xcode6 Start Enterprise packaging is not

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