Android app power consumption statistics in layman's

ObjectiveIn Android Statistics app power consumption is more troublesome, until Android 4.4, it still does not disclose "battery statistics" API or document ... Well, yes, it's not public, it's not. Data you see on your phone's "set-Charge"is the

Android NDK Development Swig compiling JNI interface configuration file (ii)

Previously wrote an Android NDK development Swig compiled JNI interface. Look at this article do not understand, look to see. C + + and Java Some language structure still have a certain difference, for example, C + + structure, some function return

Android Basics with Eclipse build Android development environment and create first Android project (Windows platform)

First, build the Android development environmentGetting ready: Download Eclipse, JDK, Android SDK, ADT Plugin: eclipse:

Android NDK Development

I do not have any basis for the C + +, although the University Middle School a semester of C but all return to the teacher. This article is I do an NDK project accumulated knowledge, can be said to be a small white hands-on articles, so master

"We all love Paul Hegarty" Stanford IOS8 public class personal note drawing drawing, Uicolor color, fonts font

The last word describes some of the basic principles of view drawing, which continues to unfold. Uibezierpath can draw lots of interesting graphics.Using different constructors, such as Roundedrect, are four rounded rectangles, or simply ellipses

Start another app with the app's activity name

Use the App name opener (activity) and then use the intent action to open an app.Idea: Prime Minister get a list of app apps installed on your phone, then select one of the apps and use intent to open it.The source code is as follows:

IOS Hex Configuration Background color

Write an extension to Uicolor:#import @interface Uicolor (color)+ (uicolor*) colorwithhexstring: (nsstring*) hex;+ (uicolor*) colorwithhexstring: (nsstring*) hex Withalpha: (cgfloat) Alpha;@endCreated by Dubai on 15/4/16.Copyright (c) year Dubai.

ios--Common Mathematical functions

1. Trigonometric FunctionsDouble sin (double); sineDouble cos (double); cosineDouble tan (double); tangent2, Inverse trigonometric functionDouble asin (double); Results between [-PI/2, PI/2]Double ACOs (double); Results between [0, PI]Double Atan

Shader Renderer for Android

The use of the renderer inside Android is mainly shader subclasses, shader inherits from object, and his subclasses are:1, Bitmapshader:bitmapshader is bitmap renderer, look at the name will know,Bitmapshader is a subclass of Shader that can be set

Apple Watch App Development 2

Turn from a very good person to write, turn around and continue to followMain class Wkinterfacecontroller and life cycleWKInterfaceControllerIs the same as in WatchKit, and it UIViewController will be the

Manage SMS in Android

In order to see the code convenient, while on the internet Google data, while looking at the Android Java source code.Accidentally found a class, originally Android will all the text messages are stored in the

AES encryption for iOS client learning

Data encryption plays an important role in the software development process, and some companies may have their own internal design algorithms when encrypting, and in this regard do not want to waste too much effort to consider using third-party

Fix invalid host file modification in Android emulator

The current online tutorials are as follows three articles:1. Start the simulator with EMULATOR-AVD avdname-partition-size size2. Gain root privileges through the ADB root and adb remount commands.3. Transfer the Hosts file to the PC via the ADB

(57) Android Parsing XML summary (SAX, pull, Dom three ways)

A comparison of SAX, DOM, and pullSAX, DOM, pull each have their own characteristics, the specific operation of XML when the choice?1. Memory consumptionThis is a fundamental issue. Because Android phone performance relative to the current

Official Apple Document translation: URL Loading System Programming Guide

URL Loading System Programming Guide(This article is a summary description, some limitations)Original linkAboutThis guide describes the related classes that use standard Internet protocols to handle URLs, communicate with servers.The URL Loading

iOS various debugs

DirectoryObjectiveForced chickenThe enemy BaizhanbudaiKnife Cut BugNormal operationGlobal Breakpoint (Globals breakpoint)Conditional breakpoint (condational breakpoints)The Art of printingNSLogTurn on Zombie object (enable Nszombie Objects)Attack on

Android Selector detailed (background selector)

Definition: A drawable object defined in XML that can change different pictures for the same shape depending on the state. For example, there can be several different states (pressed,focused or other) for a button control, and you can use the state

Android byte[] short[] int[] long[] Array Data Conversion

Import Java.nio.byteorder;public class Bytestransutils {private String TAG = "bytestransutils"; private static Bytestrans Utils instance = null; Private Bytestransutils () {//log.i (TAG, "instance bytestransutils");} public static bytestransutils

When will IOS layoutsubviews be called?

Original: when does layoutsubviews get called?It ' s important to optimize any UIView Layoutsubviews method you create, as it can be frequently called, and have the potent Ial for creating recursion (triggering a setneedslayout from Layoutsubviews

Implementation of simple push notifications (push Notification) on iOS of simple push notifications (push Notification) on iOSAccording to this very good tutorial (

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