If I can re-learn iOS development

In the past few months, I've been learning to write iOS apps with objective-c, and I finally started to sort out my thoughts. It was a lot harder than I thought, and it took a long time.I often have difficulties and frustration, and it takes too

Android hardware Accelerator and its issues summary GIF does not show

Find a screen on your phone, some control backgrounds are stretched too much to cover the other controls, it is difficult to see. The phenomenon of high probability, analysis of the next discovery: Once this phenomenon occurs, will inevitably print

iOS summary static variable static, global variable extern, local variable, instance variable

1. Static variable staticsWhat is a static variable: triggered from an object-oriented angle, when a data object is required to serve an entire class rather than an object, and there is a need to not break the encapsulation of the class, it requires

Android-init process (1)

The init process is the first process that Android starts with a process PID of 1. It mainly does the following several things:* Parse configuration file* Operation according to the configuration file early_init init early_boot boot* Set Property

Android Brush Machine Script--updater-script

Foreword Updater-script is the script file that the Android phone brushes into the system, it decides which content the Android system needs to brush into, how to brush in.Syntax 1. Mount Syntax: Mount (Fs_type, Partition_type, location, Mount_point)

PHP Development for Android Server use create dynamic cache

Why you should have a cache: reduce database server stress.A. Static cache:Static files saved on the server disk, with PHP generated data in a static filePHP Operation Cache:1. Generating the cache2. Get the cache3. Delete CacheTo generate a cache

Using Libcurl third-party libraries for Android asynchronous tasks

This article takes the Cocos2d-x Libcurl from the previous blog to be packaged separately to AndroidOn this basis, further use has been made:1) Add Libcurl Async method2) Implement Android asynchronous taskDirectly below the code:1 "jni

Android network communication Socket Tutorial instance Summary

first, Socket Foundation1.socket communication mechanism (verbose), how to connect the socket to the client and the serverHttp://www.eoeandroid.com/thread-61727-1-1.html2. HTTP and Socket DifferencesHttp://www.eoeandroid.com/thread-96927-1-1.htmlii.

"Network" http-explanation of application/x-www-form-urlencoded and other character encodings

In the syntax of the form element, Enctype indicates that the format for submitting data uses the Enctype property to specify the type of encoding the browser will use when sending data back to the server. Below is the description: application/x-www-

Four ways to make a mobile site look like a native application

Building well-designed websites on mobile devices is becoming easier. No matter what method you use (responsive design, adaptive, etc.), if you know what you're doing, creating an aesthetically pleasing website is not an issue.However, your users

wp8.1 Study11:app File read-write and use XML and JSON serialization

I. File reading and writing1. Basic operation (using FileIO API)This method has been learned in the previous Stduy, then post it to review, the code is as follows:Private Async voidWritetexttolocalstoragefile (stringFileNamestringtext) {

[Android] The implementation principle and the enhanced version of switching from a child thread to the main thread at any time

========================================================QiujuerBlog:blog.csdn.net/qiujuerwebsite:www.qiujuer.netOpen Source Library: Genius-androidReprint Please specify Source:http://blog.csdn.net/qiujuer/article/details/41900879====================

"Foreign language" advanced XSS Tutorials for WEB application Pen testing

Original http://alihassanpenetrationtester.blogspot.com/2013/01/bypassing-xss-filters-advanced-xss.htmlHi friends, last time, I explained what's XSS and how a attacker can inject malicious script in your site. As I promised earlier, I am writing

Android Studio 1.0 Stable release (with download links and tutorial)

This article has been synced to your personal blog: liyuyu.cnAfter two years of development, Google released today the first stable version of Android Studio 1.0--for the Android Developer Integrated Development Environment (IDE).Android Studio has

Android Learning Properties Animation <property animation>

The property animation system is a fairly robust framework that can animate almost any object. You can define an animation to periodically change the property value of any object, whether or not the object is displayed on the screen. Property

Android four components of the ContentProvider

This article will comprehensively introduce ContentProvider, from the most basic knowledge of the most important, the core of knowledge, we can read according to the catalogue, God forgive me. The following design SQLite operation, no detailed

Android SDK Offline installation method (accelerated installation) go

Androidsdk in the domestic download has been very slow · Sometimes all night can not be a little bit, finally only choose offline installation, now issued offline installation address and method, I hope to help everyone!Offline installation package:

[Android] Developing a piece of software what do I know?

Confucius said: Learning and time to learn, not to mention is ah, learning to often study to do, especially remember the freshman year when he fell in love with programming; At that time I bought an ASP dynamic website programming, still remember

Android handles uncaught exceptions (applying global exceptions)

public class Crashhandler implements uncaughtexceptionhandler{private static Crashhandler instance; public static Final string TAG = "Crashhandler";  private static final String version_name = "Versionname";  private static FINA L String

Android System build Php+mysql environment, support Sqllite, perfect run ecshop, Phpcms, discuz_x3 and other open source programs

I have been engaged in web development for more than 1 years, in this period of time has been studying new technologies, from now on will be home, and many web development enthusiasts to communicate and learn. In the future, I will continue to end

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