Android enables multi-threaded breakpoint Continuation

Foreword: The project is fast delivery stage, the customer said to change a demand, add a breakpoint continuation function. A breakpoint is added when the version is updated, the magazine is downloaded, or the video is downloaded. Due to the time

How to convert a string to MD5 by Android + some common methods of string

public class StringUtils {public static string Md5encode (String origin) {String resultstring = null;try { resultstring = new String (origin); MessageDigest MD = messagedigest.getinstance ("MD5"); resultstring = bytearraytohexstring

IOS Application Reverse engineering study notes (vi) using dumpdecrypted to smash shells

Originally intended to use Appcrackr smashed shell, the results smashed shell are failed, began to think that the encryption is too powerful app, later only to know is because appcrackr too violent, causing public outrage, the results were people

Android NDK Simple Introduction, tool installation, environment configuration

NDK Full Name: Native development Kit. 1. The NDK is a collection of tools. * The NDK provides a range of tools to help developers develop a dynamic library of C (or C + +) at a high speed, and to package the so and Java applications together as an

HTML5 Mobile Development (CSS3 Design mobile page style)

1. How to create a CSS style sheet2.CSS3 's outstanding features3. Media query based on device attribute change style4. How to create a more beautiful mobile page using attribute change meta tags Cascading style sheets are an important part of

15 Quick Start learning Apple Swift programming language tutorials

Say what the hottest programming language of the year is. Then it's not swift. Of course, the most important is the market speculation is relatively hot, coupled with the official Swift tutorial "The Swift Programming Language" in Beihang University

Unity3d Academy's iOS Advanced interface sends messages and receives UNITY3D messages

Today, we are discussing the interaction between iOS's advanced interface and the unity3d game engine , which is very important in development,Unity3d is a game engine for multi-platform, It's not all about iOS, and there's no use of controls in the

Android QR code open source project zxing use case simplification and generation of QR code, barcode

On an article: Android QR code open source project Zxing compiled, compiled out after a test program: captureactivity more complex, I just want to remove some of the unused things, with the look more convenient, QR code and barcode of the epidemic

Jenkins ios–git, Xcodebuild, TestFlight

Introduction with Jenkins IOSIf you were new to continuous integration for mobile platforms then you were in the right place. This article would explain how to setup a fully automated continuous integration environment. To does this we'll use the

IOS Resize Image


Mobile Web page front End Development summary

Mobile web in today's development speed is rapid, as a layman in the mobile field, after this time of contact, found the front-end development This piece to do a small summary.1. Four browser cores1.Trident (IE): Because in the early days IE

Thumbnail loading in Android-don't waste a bit of extra memory

1. Why do you want to load the thumbnail image?Sometimes you don't need to show the original, just show the thumbnail of the picture and save the memory. For example: NetEase news in the picture browsing, the left to show the Little lion Picture is

Android Branch and Master source code merge (patch)

Environment:android 4.4.2 Merge with Android 4.4.3 (with other vendors source code)1. Determine the version you want to merge into the other branch, and find the commit ID for the patch to the target code in the server test for the specific lable

Android-imitating Expandablelistview with a ListView

Reprint Please specify source: there are ready-made expandablelistview, why do you have to imitate one ah? Did you take off your pants and fart superfluous? Of course not.

"Original" small white learn jQuery mobile "build cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app" Serial Five (give button plus icon)

In the navigation bar used in example 5-4, the icon has been styled for the button, but there is no way to describe the button's icon at the time. The following intercepts the code in the navigation bar section of example 5-4:1"Footer">2"NavBar"Data-

Cacti+nagios Monitoring System (V): CACTI installation Plug-in

Cacti Plugin description and: Http://, settings plug-inCd/root/downloadwget Plugin:settings-v0.7-1.tgz settings-v0.7-1.tgzTar zxvf

Cacti+nagios Monitoring System (VI): CACTI integration ntop

N Top is a monitoring network traffic tool First, installation environmentCd/root/downloadYum install Libtool libpcap libpcap-devel gdbm gdbm-devel zlib zlib-develwget

One of the ways Android communicates with the server (TCP) high efficiency and security

Before always use sockets to achieve emulator and PC communication, card for a few days, finally ask other people finally can connect.The cause of the error is the IP and port, IP to use the native IP (in cmd input ipconfig, note: Each boot native

Brightness adjustment for display settings in Android system settings

In the previous blog, we learned the basics of the Hibernate settings and screensaver settings in the display settings. In this article, we learn the adjustment of the brightness of the device, first of all, or learn to add an option called

Ios_14_tableviewcontroller_xib Creating and encapsulating custom cells

Eventually:xib+ Custom cell packaging Standard steps :( by this step , with less effort )xib+ custom Cell Packaging standard steps: (By this step, with less effort) 1, create a new girlcell.xib, drag a Tableviewcell inside the cell, drag the various

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