iOS Development OC Basics: Common English summary in Xcode, OC common mistakes in English

In the process of development will inevitably encounter a lot of errors, but when you see the system given in English, do not know what the meaning. So this article summarizes some of the common English words and phrases in Xcode that can help

Android JNI Programming Demo with Eclipse

Use Eclipse to create a JNI case that shows how to adjust the CPP function in JAVA.We're going to create a case called Jnidemo, where the main activity will adjust the function of a getversion () called's CPP function to write its return

Use try and catch to catch errors in iOS development.

This article reprinted to The code that throws the error[CPP]View Plaincopy Throws an error if the returned message is an error message if ([outparams

Native extension of air for iOS devices

Source: component In the iOS platform, the components of ANE are basically divided into the As 3.0 Extension class library and the Obj-c native Extension class library two

Android itself defines the control and enables it to define its own properties in XML

Why do you define the view yourself?The advantages of defining a view in Android development are obvious. For example, the following top navigation, which is designed for every interface of today's application, but each time the content is different.

QT Mobile Application Development (VI): QML interaction with C + +

QT Mobile Application Development (VI): QML interaction with C + +The previous article described a possible way to achieve scene switching in Qt Quick, where scene switching is a technical difficulty that must be faced in applications such as games,

Use reachability to detect networks in "development history" iOS

If you want to provide an iOS program only for use under WiFi network (Reeder), or to provide offline mode (Evernote) in the absence of network status. Then you will use the reachability to implement network detection.The purpose of writing this

Hibernate Manytoone Mappings Many-to-one association mappings

Hibernate Manytoone Mappings Many-to-one association mappingssteps to use Hibernate framework: 1. Create Hibernate configuration file (Hibernate.cfg.xml) 2. Create a persistence class, that is, the class whose instance needs to be saved

Compiling iOS version of Librtmp+openssl librtmp requires you to compile OpenSSL first, because Librtmp relies on OpenSSLFirst compile OpenSSL:Save the following as a shell script:#!/bin/shversion= "1.0.1h" #指明openssl的版本信息,

Welcome to Swift (initial translation and annotations of Apple's official Swift document 23)---154~162 page (chapter III-collection type)

Dictionaries (dictionary)A dictionary is like a container that can hold a number of values of the same type. Each value has a unique key associated with it, and the key in the dictionary acts as if it were an identity card for each value. Unlike

Welcome to Swift (Apple's official Swift document translation and annotations 20)---133~139 page (chapter II). End of this section)

Unicode (Unicode code)Unicode is a text encoding of international standards. Its standard table contains almost any character of any language and can be read and written by extension files or Web pages.In Swift, string (string) and character

chapter2--How to analyze Android program (i)

I bought the book "Android software Security and reverse analysis" a few days ago and decided to take some notes here.The first chapter describes how to set up the environment, omitted here, and chapter two begins to analyze the Android program.The

The use of Android alarm Alarmmanager

the use of Android alarm AlarmmanagerAlarmmanager Introduction  Alarmmanager This class provides access to the system alarm service.You can set a feature to wake up at some time in the future for your app.When the alarm goes off, the system actually

Install, uninstall, update upgrade for Android APK (silent installation via Eclipse)

First, through the intent message mechanism to send messages, call system application to implement APK installation/uninstallation.(1) Call the system to install the application, let the system automatically install APKString fileName =

Android WebView and js+html interact with Addjavascriptinterface and Webview.loadurl ("javascript:**");

To do a project recently, we need to display a service-supported interface with WebView. Ah, HTML, the white Snow JS is the same as nothing, I believe a lot of beginners dick silk staff like me,HTML development tools do not know how to write. Hahaha

Android permission mechanism (i) permission to apply and save

Android uses sandboxes security, and each app has a corresponding pid,uid, resources, data, and basic APIs. You need to declare permissions when the app needs additional APIs that are not available in the sandbox.In this article, we will explore how

Web Service Basics for Android notes

First, Web Service What is it? is the network service, according to the definition, webservices (Web services) is a software system that supports the interoperability of different machines between networks, a self-contained, self-describing, and

Android PBAP client Bluetooth

I. Introduction:This feature specifically uses the phone book Access profile feature after bluetoothV2.1, referred to as PBAP. Currently MTK Android only implements the server-side function, The client is not implemented. So this document gives a

Android picture rotation, scaling, displacement, tilt, symmetry complete example (i)--imageview.setimagematrix (matrix) and matrix

Mainactivity as follows:Import Android.os.bundle;import Android.view.motionevent;import Android.view.view;import Android.view.view.ontouchlistener;import Android.widget.imageview;import;import;/** * Demo

Android Implementation Push mode solution

Android Implementation Push mode solutionThis article describes the basics and related solutions for pushing in Android. Push function in the mobile phone development of the application of the scene is the more come up, do not say anything else, on

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