Android HTTP Session && Cookie

HTTP protocol and status holdThe HTTP protocol itself is stateless, which is consistent with the HTTP protocol's original purpose, the client simply needs to request to the server to download some files, both the client and the server do not need to

Android Environment Installation and configuration

Download the JDK for your current system directly from the Web (eclipse requires an environment for a Java virtual device)Download the latest (integrated eclipse plus ADT Plus SDK) directly from AndroidStarted the

The adoption of design patterns in ANDROID--Create-mode

A pattern is a fixed solution that solves a problem in a situation.All creation patterns are used as a solution for creating or instantiating objects.1 Simple Factory mode The simplest way to create an object is to use new to create an

Ubuntu 32 Android Ndk+neon configuration process and simple use example

1. Using VMware to install Ubuntu13.10 32-bit virtual machine under Windows7 64-bit;2. Download android-ndk32-r10-linux-x86.tar.bz2 from ;3, copy the android-ndk32-r10-linux-x86.tar.bz2 to

Publish the iOS app to the Apple App Store complete process

Reference: (Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submission review))Http:// to publish an iOS app to

Tween animation of "Android animation" (Gradient, zoom, shift, rotate)

The Android platform offers two types of animations. One is the tween animation, that is, the object in the scene constantly changing the image to produce animation effects (rotation, translation, indentation and gradient).The second type is frame

2014 Sinsing starphp first section set up portal files and app classes

This section targets ****************1. First of all we have a framework for the general layout, we are about to write this framework, its import files unified for star.php, it needs to do some things, such as loading configuration items, log files

-aidl Introduction and example analysis of IPC interprocess communication between Android development

I. Communication between IPC processesIPC is an inter-process communication method, the Linux IPC includes the following methods, what is the main use of Android interprocess communication methods?1. Piping (pipe) and famous pipes (named pipe):

Compare Android Intent with IOS StoryBoard segue-intent If you can add a Prepareforsegue callback.

Compare Android Intent with IOS StoryBoard Segue-Intent If you can add a Prepareforsegue callback.The beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public

The service of Android development four components

Four components of Android development--serviceFirst, Service IntroductionService is one of the four components of the Android system (activity, Service, Broadcastreceiver, ContentProvider), which is similar to the level of activity, The

Android Implementation Calculator function


Design a simple calculator.The first Activity interface. The second Activity shows the calculation and the results of calculations. First Activity code:Import;import android.content.intent;import Android.os.bundle;import Android.

How to preset Android phone APK

There are 4 types of pre-fabricated apk:1, how to put the source APK preset into the system?2, how to put the non-source APK preset into the system?3, how to preset apk so that users can uninstall, restore factory settings can not be restored?4, how


Before the configuration eclipse+android always trouble, plus no time to work, so before is not configured well.This period of time work is not busy, have free time, look at Android.The environment seems much simpler than it was before.A, first or

Ios-plist file des encryption

Reprint please indicate source:, thank you.These days have been doing a knowledge question and answer project, because the preliminary project topic is relatively small, so the title is written in the

Implement non-root Traceroute on Android--porting executable binaries script files with non-root permissions

author : Wan Jing, the absolute dustReprint Please famous source : code Download :-- CSDN :;-- GitHub :

Go Android 50-side Test paper summary (let's see)

1. What is the difference between a method overload and an overlay? (The difference between overload and override)2. The difference between String and StringBuffer3, the string "ABCDE" by writing a function not to call a third-party string,

Welcome to Swift (Apple's official Swift document translation and annotations 33)---235~240 page (fifth-function)

Default Parameter values ( parameter defaults )When defining a function, you can define a default value for any parameter, and if you define a default value, you can ignore this parameter when calling the function.Attention:When setting the default

Android Basics with Eclipse build Android development environment and create first Android project (Windows platform)

Original address:, build the Android development environmentGetting ready: Download Eclipse, JDK, Android SDK, ADT Plugin: eclipse:

Welcome to Swift (initial translation and annotations of Apple's official Swift document 30)---219~224 page (fourth--process Control)

Labeled Statements (Label statement)Loops or switch statements can nest other loops or switch so that a complex process control structure can be created in Swift. A loop or switch statement can be permanently terminated by a break statement, so it

Android monitor Android monitor system network connection open or close implementation code

This article introduces the implementation of the network connection open or close of the listening system in Android. Need a friend to reference underVery simple, so look directly at the codeCopy CodeThe code is as follows:Package xxx;Import

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