AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. "Abnormal recurrence

Ⅰ. Problems ariseDuring the National Day holiday----October 5-------------found ", by parsing the exception stack information, the code appears in the Qrcodeservice Getqrcode method as follows the 8th line of code:1 /// 2 ///Scan code payment to get

Mac under Android Draw point 9 format PNG as well as resolve Illegalargumentexception:unknown image type 0 error

In Androidstudio under Mac, the right-click PNG image selects "Create 9-patch-file" error: Illegalargumentexception:unknown image type 0, the picture in point 9 format is not created.What do we do? Very simple, you can create it manually.Copy the

The Ndoutils plugin under Nagios

The Ndoutils plug-in is used for events in Nagios and the configuration information data Import database is used to record its associated relationships in the database, previously with the use of Nagiosql ( 197039

PHP content-type for "Application/json" post data $_post not accept the problem

Ajax is submitted by default in application/x-www-form-urlencoded mode. This is the common form submission method. Using the $_post method in PHP is easy to get.However, if you force the AJAX request header to be Application/json, your $_post will

Mobile Side FAQs and Solutions

With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile development has become an important direction, but because the device is not unified will cause some compatibility problems,1, Android browser to see the background picture, some devices will be

Start building your portable system---load Linux into a mobile hard drive

Install a Linux system such as Ubuntu to a mobile hard drive-the operating system carries the preamble just contact Ubuntu, I heard that the Linux system can be installed on the mobile hard disk, so the last week in the attempt to install Ubuntu on

Some common compatibility issues on the mobile side

First, meta-basic knowledge H5 page window automatically adjusts to device width and disables user Zoom page meta name="viewport" content= " width=device-width,initial-scale= 1.0,minimum-scale=1.0, Maximum-scale=1.0,user-scalable=no " />

2017.10.9 Response object, Application object, Session object difference

1.response objectsThe response object corresponds to the Request object, and the server outputs information to the client. When the server transmits data to the client,The JSP container automatically creates the response object and encapsulates the

High-performance front-end frame-mui closest to native app experience

Objective Lightweight, native UI, fluent experience, is the three characteristics of MUI. 1. Beginner's Guide Fast experience 1. Download the Hello MUI AppDownload the packaged Hello MUI app, control UI and

Cool broadcast V4 updated, support PC-side and mobile video preview function (charge preview video function)

It feels like the weather is going to be overcast. Long Time no rain ...[Cool broadcast V4] Perpetual free V4, updated the priority options for HTML5 and flash players, effects:Effect Demo :

Common compatibility issues on the mobile side

With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile development has become an important direction, but because the device is not unified will cause some compatibility problems,1, Android browser to see the background picture, some devices will be

Full version of the car park management system source code with server + mobile Android client

The source is the car park management software with the source code Java Server +android client, is also a set of car park management vehicles in and out of the management of soft, like friends can see it.The main features of the app's background

A large number of random spheres move in random direction, native JS

balls motions Random direction of random ball movement, native JS

Xamarin University Seminar Record | Build your first Android app with Visual Studio Xamarin

This webinar is over and you can find all of the conference content from the Xamarin University webinar series here . If you want to enroll at Xamarin University, or sign up for a 30-day trial membership, you can do this by clicking here .Around the

Installation of Pnp4nagios

There are a number of solutions in Nagios, such as the one that Nagiosgraph once said, and the need to see: 1956268, and here's the other more commonly used Nagios charting solutions, and here we have to say

Java Eclipse Android Environment configuration

ADT My Yunan to learn JavaHttps:// beginners of the Android development system are now encountering ADT installation

C # WEBAPI----H5_app Background production (1)--Certification

1, recently received a H5, the app backstage project, want to use WEBAPI do backstage encountered some problems,(1) Question one: The user's authentication method,First, why need identity authenticationIn the preface, we have said that if

IOS 11 Series-Xcode 9 new features

Xcode 9 has just recently been released, bringing a number of new features that will help developers get the job done.Xcode Runtime ToolThere are many runtime tool in Xcode 9 that can help developers find code errors, including the following:

JS's let statement on the Android phone side of the QQ browser error problem

about the Let in JavaScript,The Let statement can declare a local variable of a block-level scope and optionally initialize it to a value. id= "List">ul>var list = document.getElementById ("list"); for (var i = 1; I ) { var item =

iOS development-afnetworking parameters and multiple files simultaneously upload "multi-File Upload"

1. Prefacein the project development, we often need to upload files, such as: Upload images, upload various files, and sometimes need to upload parameters and several files together, do not know that the project encountered no, I in the recent

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