Start the local server with sublime server (Mobile Access to PC page)

Install Sublime server plug-in pack 1.Ctrl + SHIFT + P Install package Sublimeserver 2.git CD to your Sublime packages folder, don ' t know where is it? Open Sublime and choose Preferences-Browser Packages, yeah, here is it!

UIWindow in iOS

The role of UIWindowUIWindow has two main functions:1 as the topmost container of the UIView view, containing all the UIView to be displayed2 pass-through touch, non-touch, keyboard event, when passing non-touch and keyboard events, UIWindow must be

"iOS Development" Nsoperation Brief introduction

iOS Development Multithreaded Article-nsoperation Brief introductionI. Introduction of Nsoperation1. Brief descriptionNsoperation?: Multi-threaded programming with nsoperation and NsoperationqueueNsoperation and nsoperationqueue The specific steps

"IOS" WebView load HTML picture size adaptive with article wrapping

WebView is used in many apps, especially when loading data in the form of articles such as news content. editing and displaying in iOS is a big problem because of the graphics and text blend and the display of different font formats (of course,

Android EditText Multi-line display and all properties


IOS: Instant Messaging < Learn Socket>

What is a socket?The terminology of computer science is:The two programs on the network realize the exchange of data through a two-way communication connection, one end of this connection is called a socket. The English literal of the socket is

"Reprint" app black box test-some things you can try

I. multiple quick clicks on a function entry:The app test method can be used in some applications to open the two-time target interface, to give some specific examples:1. For example, many applications need to log in, if you open the login page, it

Using the blur effect in IOS 8

In IOS 7 comes a blurred background effect, and Apple's official sample code provides an effect on how to use Vimage, Quartz. Then, after IOS 8 comes out, it provides a UIVisualEffectView objects that can be stacked on the inheriting class, which,

App Test Tool TraceView-Carlo inspection

TraceView-Carlo InspectionTraceView is an Android platform-specific data acquisition and analysis tool, integrated in the Ddms tool, you can collect methods in the program execution time, call relationship, number of calls and resource consumption.I.

Android Development Notes (117) app power saving strategy

Power Management Powermanagerpowermanager is a power management class for Android that manages power operations such as sleep, wake, restart, and adjust screen brightness.The PowerManager object is obtained from the system service Power_service, and

Online collection and self-summarizing iOS development tips

Objective-c1. Let Xcode's console support lldb type of printingWhat's the use of this?How to say, I think this is still more useful drops, why the use of Nikki?Because when the Xcode breakpoint debugging, the console input PO self.view.frame or PO

IOS: Show translucent Novice guidelines when using the app for the first time

In a lot of apps, we will find such a function: that is, when the app launches into the main interface, there will be a translucent guide map, it will prompt the user how to operate, quickly familiar with the use of the app rules, greatly facilitate

iOS Memory Management Learning notes

Memory management is a very important part of iOS, and every iOS developer should have an in-depth understanding of iOS memory management and have recently sorted out some of the knowledge points in learning iOS, starting with the MRC.1. When an

Bulk: null strong turn and IOS null crash

Question 1Look at springmvc source Profiling (v)-Message converter Httpmessageconverter , in the See the following code in Org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation.AbstractMessageConverterMethodProcessor:protected

Append () Common errors

Example 1empty = []Print Empty.append ("Hi")Output NonePrint emptyOutput ["Hi"]Error: Direct print variable with append ()----------------------------------------------------------------------Example 2Print [].append ("Hi")Output NoneError: Direct

iOS Regular expression

Problem Introduction1. To verify that the password length entered by the user satisfies the length of the 6~18 bit^. {6,18}$2. Fixed phones are 0 area code-eight-digit format, then the regular expression matches the following^0\\d{2}\-?\\d{8}$3.

iOS Development UI chapter-a simple Browser viewer program

iOS Development UI chapter-a simple Browser viewer programFirst, the implementation requirements of the program1. Requirements2. Interface Analysis(1) controls that need to read or modify properties need to set propertiesOrdinal labelImagePicture

IIS7.0 Appcmd command Detailed and timed restart of application pool and site Settings

IIS7.0 Appcmd Command ExplanationDon't talk nonsense! Although there is a configuration Interface manager! But command creation is essential when installing packages! Recently used NSIs to make the installation package carefully studied the Appcmd

i.mx6 Android shutdown Shell command

/******************************************************************************* * I.MX6 Android shutdo WN Shell Command * Description: * Want to execute Shell shutdown command on i.mx6, but the effect seems to be not very good, the key to open more

Custom combo controls for Android custom Controls (iii)

Objective:The first two articles describe the basics of custom controls Basic principles of Android custom Controls (i), custom properties for custom attributes of the Android custom Control (ii). Focus today on how to improve layout reuse, reduce

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