Mobile flexible set (not to be continued)

1. Ideas1) Select a dimension as the design and development benchmark2) define a set of adaptation rules, automatically adapt to the remaining two sizes, in fact, more than two3) Special adaptation effect gives2. Basic Concepts1) Physical pixels2)

iOS Performance Tuning series (full)

Summary:Three types of tools The base tool (NSLog) records the run time. Performance tools. Detect performance of individual parts and identify performance bottlenecks Memory tools. Check memory correctness and memory usage

Android OTA upgrade package maker

0. SignatureJava-xmx2048m-jar out/host/linux-x86/framework/signapk.jar-w BUILD/TARGET/PRODUCT/SECURITY/TESTKEY.X509.PEM Build /target/product/security/testkey.pk8This key is the auto-generated key in debug mode.You can also create your own private

iOS development-The simple use of data persistence realm

Realm is used for data storage just like SQLite, but it has several features that are more useful than other databases:1. Cross-platform : The vast majority of application development is now developed not only on IOS platforms, but also on the

Follow me to learn Android 9th time component

Chapter Content Section 1th AnalogClock and DigitalClock2nd Section CalendarViewSection 3rd DatePicker and Timerpicker4th Section Chronometer5th Section Timer class This chapter aims Master the use of graphics clocks and

Unity shader problem on Xiaomi 2s

A very simple effect of clipping a picture with mask:mark[The picture is cropped:The correct effect:On the millet 2s test, one of the millet 2s appeared flower screen:Phone Model:Shader as follows:Shader "Ui/transparent Masked"{Properties{_maintex ("

Git mv command to move or rename

The most basic code:git mv File_old file_newManual:NAMEGit-mv-move or rename a file, a directory, or a symlinkSynopsisgit mv , ...? , ...?DESCRIPTIONMove or rename a file, directory or symlink.git mv [-v] [-f] [-n] [-K] git MV [-v] [-f] [-n] [-K] .

To invoke an instance of a Web service operation through Ksoap2-android

Import;Import Org.ksoap2.SoapEnvelope;Import Org.ksoap2.serialization.SoapObject;Import Org.ksoap2.serialization.SoapSerializationEnvelope;Import Org.ksoap2.transport.HttpTransportSE;Import

Android 5.0 Create multi-user open multi-open applications (2)

The last one tells you how to create a userAndroid 5.0 Create multi-user open multi-open applications (1)Why create a user such as Window system creates a user that operates under the current user, and the Android multiuser system is like a window

Android Bitmap Cache Policy

The most commonly used cache in Android is the picture, which can improve the efficiency of the application and save the user's traffic.The cache of pictures can be divided into SD card cache and memory cache, and can be used together.the strategy

Android Process Grooming

First, summarizeSystem Boot Architecture diagram:In the Android system-the beginning of the explanation, from the point of view of the Android system boot, this article is from the process/threading perspective to analyze the problem.1.1 Parent

IOS 13 Learning Series: How to download Open source projects on GitHub to a local

First, the problem descriptionTake the Coding IOS Client As an example of how to download an open source project on GitHub to a localGitHub Address:Https://, the problem analysisDepending on whether the project's

Android Product Development (15)--Memory object serialization

Reprint please indicate the source: a column of Maple Leaf In the previous article we explained the Android app upgrade update operation, the app upgrade update operation is the standard of the app, upgrade is to get the app upgrade information,

Seven APPIUM Android targeting mode

1. Positioning element Application Element1.1 Locating elements by IDThe ID in Android is usually Resrouce-id: The code can write this: webelement element = Driver.findelement ( (""));Or: Driver.findelementbyid

Two points to note about Android loading Assetbundle in Unity

1, packaging needs to use the path of Android packagingUsing Unityengine;Using System.Collections;Using Unityeditor;public class Test:editor{[MenuItem ("Custom editor/create assetbunldes Main")]static void Createassetbunldesmain (){Get all the game

After upgrading the Ionic version, create a new project report error Initializing app bug fix

command line, after entering the project path, runIonic start myApp--v2After the command is executed, the following error is reportedInstalling NPM packages ...Error with start undefinedError Initializing App:there was a error with the spawned

Qt for Android encounters several bug fixes [Win7 + Qt5.6 +JDK 8u91]

"1" SDK Manager cannot updateThe Android SDK installs after installing the SDK Manager download installation package, which is downloaded by default from Google website, but is GWF harmonious, thanks to a user to provide the mirror site. The steps

Li Hongqiang Actual network connection status detection under iOS


Actual network connection status detection under iOS PrefaceNetwork connectivity Status detection is a very common requirement for our iOS app development. For a better user experience, we will show local or cached content when there is no

iOS face question 6.30 summary

More and more people are investing in the iOS industry, but as a student who just graduated from school, we have no experience. or little experience. But it doesn't stop us from being enthusiastic about Apple and wants to put it into the development

iOS Development Multithreaded Article 09-nsoperation Brief introduction

iOS Development Multithreaded Article-nsoperation Brief introductionI. Introduction of Nsoperation1. Brief descriptionNsoperation?: Multi-threaded programming with nsoperation and NsoperationqueueNsoperation and nsoperationqueue The specific steps

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