Software prerequisites on the ios-engineer Mac

ObjectiveiOS engineers have always been so high-cornered, using a Mac computer, playing the iphone, wow click ~ ~However, as an iOS development engineer, we must be all-powerful except for the high-force. You do not point UI design, do not point the

"Share" performance "1" for Android video recording editing effect

ObjectiveI have limited time to contact Android, if you have a better solution, welcome to The Spit Groove.As we all know, Android platform development is divided into Java layer and C + + layer, namely Android SDK and Android NDK. General product

iOS Judge object Equality rewrite isequal, Isequaltoclass, hash

The concept of equality is to explore the core of philosophy and mathematics, and has a profound influence on the problems of morality, justice and public policy.From an empirical point of view, two objects cannot be distinguished by some

Avcapturedevice iOS Camera properties

AVCaptureDevice.h, mainly used to get the iphone some properties about camera devices. AVCaptureDevice.h, the Avfoundation.framework package must be introduced. 1. Front-and rear-facing camerasEnum {avcapturedevicepositionback =

Using the Jquery-photoclip plug-in to achieve mobile-trimmed functionality and upload as BLOB objects

Recently, the customer requested to implement the forum post attachment clipping function, did not consider JS and iOS, Android container interaction solution, simply use JS to achieve it. Due to the original attachment upload with the

Android Multimedia Framework Summary (iv) MediaPlayer from Java layer to C + + layer class relationship and prepare and other processes

Reprint please the head source link and the tail two-dimensional code reproduced together, this article from: the previous chapter, the paper analyzes the process of MediaPlayer from creation

Enable custom XMPP message packet transceiver in Android

In the Android platform to implement XMPP im mainly using Asmack this package, Asmack is the implementation of the XMPP protocol. But Asmack can only help us to implement some basic message packet transceiver, if we need to implement a specific

IOS 2D Game Development Framework spritekit--> (perfect role function)

I. DescriptionToday, the character wizard adds a bullet launch function, which increases the collision detection between the bullet and the hostile elf, which disappears from the screen when the character sprite bullets collide with the opposing

Android System Partition detailed

Android usually has the following partitions:System partition: The partition where we brush the ROMData Partition: partition is the partition where we install APKCatch partition: is a cache partitionSDcard partition: Is the mounted SD card.You can

iOS Code signing comprehension

PrefaceFor a few years iOS app coder, for the certificate generation, the use of the process of heart, but the principle of this mechanism has been not very understanding. Recently, due to the work needs to be carefully studied, the special study of

Android Application Performance Optimization Series View--annoying split line left white solution

It is believed that many of the first-line developers have encountered split lines, one of the most common elements of visual design, although simple and easy to draw, but in layout and typesetting often affect the view hierarchy of the important

iOS Regular Expression nsregularexpression

Sometimes we may want to extract the data we want from our web pages, and we can usually use regular expressions (nsregularexpression), Scanners (Nsscanner) to parse them.When using regular expressions, if you need to parse the HTML Web page source

JavaScript function bind call Apply Difference

1. Apply Calll  In JavaScript, call and apply are meant to change the runtime context of a function, in other words, to change the direction of this within the function.  Here we have a new object banana object But without say method we can use the

Imag.js| teaches you how to be a native app

Cell Phone calculator is very familiar with our daily and very simple application, such an application in the love of the Gothic platform, how to develop it?There are roughly two ways to solve the existing layout controls combined with this

BackTrace, Backtrace_symbols, Backtrace_symbols_fd-support for application self-debugging

BackTrace is an applied self-debugging function introduced by library functions.The three functions in the series can buffer or output a stack frame.#include int backtrace (void **buffer, int size);Char **backtrace_symbols (void *const *buffer, int

How Tomcat works-VII, Tomcat release WebApp

Directory What do you call publishing WebApp Release method Reload Summarize What do you call publishingThe release is to let Tomcat know where our program is and create a context based on our configuration to initialize

Android jni:android Studio uses ANDROID.MK to compile the C + + source code

1. Generate the. h header file, configure the. C file (see Android jni:android Studio using Gradle to compile A/C + + source code) 2. Writing Introduction Reference link:

Android source directory structure detailed (reprint)

Transferred from: the process of learning Android, learning to write the application is OK, at first without too much code, call the function directly, but the work needs to be modified to the

Azure Official Phone Management app: Control the Cloud room anywhere, anytime

the use of public cloud services has been so large that enterprises IT automates and runs efficiently, reducing our maintenance of servers, storage, networks and other infrastructure. Before our server is in the Enterprise room, we will install

Archive files for iOS

The previous articles talked about the foundation framework in OC:, let's take a look at an important point in OC: ArchiveThe archive in OC is to write the object to a file,

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