iOS defensive programming

Defensive programming is a careful, discreet way of programming. To develop reliable software, we design each component in the system so that it "protects" itself as much as possible. We have broken down the ideas that were not recorded by

Introduction to the Top 100 IOS open source libraries on GitHub

A brief introduction to the current GitHub Top 100 project makes it easy for beginners to quickly learn about the current objective-c on GitHub. Project Name Project Information 1. afnetworking The

Deep copy and shallow copy of IOS collection

Deep copy and shallow copy of IOS collectionArchivesiOSConceptThere are two ways to copy objects: Shallow copy and deep copy. As the name implies, shallow copy, not copy the object itself, just copy the pointer to the object; Deep copy copies the

Writing iOS apps with Xamarin and Visual Studio

Original: Building IOS Apps with Xamarin and Visual Studio(Bill Morefield] (Https:// Kmyhy If you develop an IOS app, you'll immediately think of Apple's development language Objective C/swift and

First day Linux command LS and delete folder command RM copy and move rename

Linux commandsLS---list files and foldersLs-l---The field meaning of the output resultLs-l uer---Specify the file with parameter informationDRWXRWXRWX---The first field with the table file type (-: file, D: folder), the last 9 bits represents the

Android Project-use SQLite database to develop news release system

This tutorial is dedicated to programmers who can quickly learn Android mobile phone development.Suitable for colleagues who have acquired a programming language.More like-minded, want to learn more programming technology of the Great Gods.My little

Analysis of TCP/IP protocol family for iOS &&socket

Original article, copyright notice: Free Reprint-Non-commercial-non-derivative-retain attribution | Creative Commons by-nc-nd 3.0 Brief introductionThis article mainly reviews the TCP/UDP, HTTP, and sockets in the--TCP/IP protocol family.

iOS development-related handling of oc-duplicate symbol _objc/undefind symbol errors

Objective:As an iOS development, I believe we will encounter similar to the "Duplicate symbol" program error. For many novice, may be a bit unprepared, because this type of error is generally not a code logic error, most of the time in the

77.Android Code Obfuscation

reprint: introductionAs an Android developer, if you don't want to open up your app, you'll need to obfuscate the code before the app is released, making our code hard to read, even if it's deserialized.

30 days react native from zero to ios/android dual platform release summary

PrefaceI have nearly a decade of technical background, in addition to app development on the back end, the front end, etc. are familiar with, recently do an app project requires iOS, Android two platforms are required, can only bite the bullet. In

Win10 Android Simulator Visual Studio Emulator for Android use introduction

Visual Studio Emulator for Android is Microsoft's official release of the standalone Android simulator, which makes it easier for Android app developers to write Android apps in Visual Studio, which is said to be Visual Studio Emulator for Android

App enters backstage 10 minutes active Time-B

There are 7 ways iOS allows you to run in the background for a long time:AudioVoipGpsDownload NewsWhen communicating with other accessory hardwareWhen using Bluetooth for communicationWhen using Bluetooth to share dataIn addition to the above, the

The binary conversion in iOS bluetooth

Bluetooth4.0.jpgRecently busy a Bluetooth project, in the processing of Bluetooth data, often encountered between the conversion between the system, Bluetooth processing is 16 binary (NSData), and we used to count the way is 10, in order to save

Jspatch to update bugs appearing in apps that are already online (super verbose)

Jspatch to update bugs appearing in apps that are already online (super verbose)words 2858 Read 422 comments What is the role of Jspatch? In a nutshell: (There are specific steps and errors that occur during the operation) the 1.iOS app shelves

The SHA secure hashing algorithm for Android data encryption

Objective:For the SHA Secure Hash algorithm, not used before, just stay in the heard of the stage, today in the picture cache frame Glide source found that its cache key is not MD5 encryption algorithm, but SHA-256 encryption algorithm, this just

"IOS" UITableView cell top blank n method of setting

I know that no one will take the initiative to set up this thing, but everyone must have encountered this problem, the following summary of what may be the situation:1, self.automaticallyadjustsscrollviewinsets = NO;This should be the most common

Adaptation issues with IOS 10

With IOS10 released near, everyone's app needs to fit iOS10, here are some of my summary of iOS10 adaptation aspects, if there are errors, welcome to point out.1. System Judgment Method Failure:In your project, when you need to determine the system

iOS Development Runtime Learning: First: Runtime introduction and runtime message mechanism

A: Runtime introduction: Also the interview must answer the partTwo: The message mechanism of runtime#import "ViewController.h"#import#import "Person.h"/* Summary: 1:runtime: The header file must be imported This header file has been introduced

Software prerequisites on the ios-engineer Mac

ObjectiveiOS engineers have always been so high-cornered, using a Mac computer, playing the iphone, wow click ~ ~However, as an iOS development engineer, we must be all-powerful except for the high-force. You do not point UI design, do not point the

"Share" performance "1" for Android video recording editing effect

ObjectiveI have limited time to contact Android, if you have a better solution, welcome to The Spit Groove.As we all know, Android platform development is divided into Java layer and C + + layer, namely Android SDK and Android NDK. General product

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